Top 10 Worst airports outside the United States. Russia, South Sudan and Paris are all on here.

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what is going on everyone how’s your
2019 going I hope good we’re only three days into it how bad gonna be like I had
promised in 2019 we would start doing some international videos today we’re
gonna go with their reports again International Airport’s to be more
specific on some of these international videos this year I’ll be getting help
from my oldest son Thor especially when we’re talking about Europe he spent the
last three years traveling and living in Europe so he’s definitely better tour
guide than I could ever be when I was younger Europe never was something I was
interested in so I never really went I know I missed out on a lot now that I’m
older and know more about it but I probably should have gone probably still
should I spent most my time in Central and South American I really enjoyed it
what I never really enjoyed was landing in some of the airports in some of these
countries if you’ve ever flown to another country like a third-world
country I’m sure you’ve seen some like I have that are a little rough around the
edges and that’s a mild description for some of the things we’ve all seen this
list is going to be some that I’ve experienced and some that I’ve heard
about and did the research on if that’s not scientific enough for you I’m sorry
stop typing make your own channel and your own lists I’ll subscribe I promise
that being said why don’t you have fasten your seat belt have a mouthful of
diet soda a small bag of pretzels and watch my top 10 worst airports outside
the United States number ten tgu Honduras Tonkin Teen
Airport is scary now I was on a flight to Honduras in
1999 I remember the year because the whole time during the approach the
airport I was thinking damn I’m going to die in it’s 1999 I almost made it to the
turn of the century the Tontine Airport is nuts it has mountains all around it
it’s very populated around the airport at least for a hunter in standards and
there’s some serious piloting going on when you’re trying to land most airports
have nice long approach to the landing nice safe gentle approach not tonkin
teen as you’re coming in to land you feel like you’re twenty or thirty feet
above the houses all of a sudden you make this hard left as you’re just
straightening out from that hard left you realize you’re seconds away from
landing the airstrip is short so you heartbreak it as soon as you touch down
we had to go around and try it a second time when I went there 99 the only
flight I’ve ever been on where people were screaming like it was a roller
coaster as we landed people were hugging each other and crying when we finally
stopped it was weird number nine CIA Italy Rome Ciampino
International Airport is the city’s secondary airport this is where you land
if you took a budget flight to Rome and if you don’t know if you took a budget
flight or not you’ll know when you get into the airport terminal like a bus
station and Modesto here everyone says don’t try and walk to the train station
from the airport it’s less than a mile away but it’s not in a good neighborhood
take the shuttle to Rome it’s about a 30 to 60 minutes shuttle depending on
traffic also people at this Airport have lost
the mental ability to get in line and wait their turn they don’t know how to
queue now if you’re gonna fly out of CIA this Airport closes overnight unlike
most airports around the world many people have been in for a rude awakening
when they’re forced to sleep outside after decided to sleep in the terminal
while waiting for their early morning flight
not good number eight ltn London London Luton
International Airport seems to have always been under renovation something’s
always broken here it may be good just to avoid this place altogether
lines are long there’s no seating areas and everything is expensive and you get
the feeling behind the scenes everything’s being held together by duct
tape one passenger went as far as saying the only thing this Airport does well is
take your money number seven h er grease create her a
Cleon International Airport in Greece is extremely small for being the second
largest in the country after Athens International sorry if I mispronounced
that I tried the airport serves about seven point five million passengers
annually the airport often hits maximum capacity inside forcing passengers to
wait for their planes outside those lucky passengers who are able to stay
inside they’re really not that lucky there’s often not enough seating there’s
no air conditioning and it’s been this way for a very long time and it’s not
something they want to fix or even thinking about fixing it seems like I
read one story that there’s a herd of cats roaming around the terminal like
house cats in herds I’m pretty sure that’s a sign of something maybe the
next apocalypse or something wait have we had an apocalypse before maybe when
the dinosaur era moving on number six Jub South Sudan Juba
International Airport in South Sudan is arguably the worst Airport ever the
airport consists of tents with rotting plywood floors and they’ve had reports
of passengers falling through and no one really come in to help them there’s no
air conditioning or any circulating air for that matter leaving the entire place
very hot and it stinks if you ever have to go through customs in South Sudan
they ask you why you’ve come to South Sudan and the most common answer is I’m
not a good decision maker you know it’s not a great Airport or city when 80% of
the flights are UN flights number-5 DME Moscow Moscow DME airport
I’d like to pronounce the real Russian term but I’ve tried and I can’t
but it’s the airport it’s one of three airports in Moscow and is about an hour
train ride from the city centre the airport has an average of 30 million
passengers annually which according to some passengers the airport is in very
poor condition needing a serious remodeling and expansion to keep up with
the amount of passengers one estimate is this Airport should only be seen about
ten million a year it’s way beyond capacity and the architecture here it’s
almost like they’re trying to hold on to that old Soviet gulag thing once you get
outside to the main part it’s really nice but where you’re loading up to the
plane it’s very Soviet Union stuff this place is just way too crowded and
another thing one visitor said the security was probably the most
intimidating thing he’s ever been through in his life well I guess that’s
Russia for you number four KRK Poland Krakow John Paul
International Airport is located in south Poland and sees about six million
passengers every year this is another one that they estimate should really
only be seen about three to four million people a year but they’re pushing at six
most people suggest you avoid this Airport at all costs do the lack of
cleanliness and rude customer service one passenger even claimed airport staff
went out of their way to humiliate their family there are many reports of
customer service people earlene insults at guests at what point
do you realize the hospitality industry may not be for you after four five
f-bombs yelled at a customer or is it closer to ten or eleven not sure that’s
how they do it in Poland number three a RN Sweden Stockholm
Arlanda International Airport is the largest airport in Stockholm seen about
25 million passengers annually again another place that’s way too crowded the
first thing you’ll have to do after security is find a place to buy bottled
water even if you’re not thirsty buy bottled water this is because nowhere in
the airport is a drinking fountain of any kind
this often isn’t one of the first things you think of especially if you’re not
local I guess Swedes don’t get thirsty this famous airport always gets dinged
for its moody personnel constant flight delays and lack of toilets in most gate
areas I guess when you’re not drinking water you don’t need restrooms either in
Stockholm number two yeah an Netherlands I know of
an airport in the Netherlands operates as both a public and a military airport
most people feel this place isn’t big enough for the traffic it receives not
overly crowded just not big enough for what it’s getting the main complaint
about this Airport seems to be only about the staff all the employees seem
to be very relaxed and laid-back which is better than having a rude employee I
guess however it becomes a problem when they don’t do their job properly
this place has a serious issue with losing luggage as well there’s been
flights whole flights that have just lost all their luggage if you read their
yelp review it’s all the same thing people not doing their job or doing it
half-assed it’s even on their Facebook page it was the same stuff one person
said in their review it’s like the whole airport came to work hi and number one CDG Paris Charles de
Gaulle Airport is the largest airport in France and second largest in Europe
since its opening in 1974 today the airport has a reputation for being
unorganized unsanitary and very slow with many complaints that the staff may
not be doing their job to the best of their ability or anyone’s ability
they’re not even being efficient they don’t even try and get passengers to
their planes it seems like I got the rundown in this place for my son he’d
been through there a couple times and he said the place is wildly inefficient he
said that it’s like a first grade class designed it and now manages this Airport
that bad but hey at least you’re in Paris alright so that’s my top 10 worst
airports outside of the United States I hope you guys liked it hope you got some
information out of it that’s first time doing an international one we’re gonna
do some more everybody have a great day sorry if I mispronounced anything I’m
not used to a lot of these words I’ll try to look them up but just couldn’t
get them everybody have a great day be nice to each other


  1. Charles de Gaulle is actually one of the worst ones.. confusing layout, bad organisation and people refuse to speak english! i refuse to fly through here

  2. I've never really had any bad experiences in CDG, and in fact I've enjoyed the direct connection to the TGV train line that they have there. What surprised me about your list was that Gatwick (London) wasn't on it. I once had a six-hour layover there that felt like it was 48 hours. Most boring airport I've ever experienced, anywhere.

  3. HAHAHA SO TRUE!!! CDG is like a maze of unhelpfulness! no one will help you….if you even SEEEEEEEEEE anyone who works there!!! and when you do you can ask one guy and another guy and they'll tell you to go to two completely different places. WTF CDG???! W T F!

  4. Not useful. Out of your 10, I've been to two. Stockholm and Paris. Stockholm is not bad. It's quite good. Modern/clean/not crowded with direct rail transportation to city center. I have no idea what you're talking about. Parts of Paris airport is old and some is new. Maybe not as good as Stockholm, but definitely not number 1 terrible as you say. I also don't know what you're talking about. Thumbs down for being useless.

  5. Should add Queenstown Airport, New Zealand. Great to fly into but it is starting to feel the effects of increased tourism.

  6. I have flew in and out of ATH many times and it is not as bad as you make it. I was never forced to wait outside if I was sleeping. So Plz make sure you sources are correct

  7. You must be joking…i have flown to the US several fucking times, and 3/4 of them were worst than Luton or Arlanda Stockholm? Those airports are great, i can't imagine that you ever been there..

  8. You should go (well… better no) to Simon Bolivar International Airport in Caracas Venezuela. That is the worst airport of the whole world!!!

  9. Lol I was actually planning a trip to Russia and was thinking about DME airport but now seeing it to be considered worse than South Sudan I think I’ll check out SVO instead ?

  10. I’ve been flying through Arlanda since the early 90s, at least once a year, and I’ve never had a bad experience, and never had a hard time finding a bathroom. Was honestly shocked when i saw it pop up

  11. My all-time worst airport in the world: Manchester (MAN). Very disorganized, very confusing configuration, people have to sleep on the floor waiting for their connection flights. Asking the stuff, why they do not provide benches for overnight passengers, they replied, "because we do not want them there". I could go on and on, however, get your own opinion there.

  12. No, no…. stay in your country….
    It is always funny when people talk about things they have been seen or experienced. You can research as much as you want, but if you don’t actually experience it, just shut up.

  13. I too dislike Paris airports but I'd say they're better than Juba, arguably. LOL.
    At least Arlanda is a big anomaly on this list. It's a very clean airport and one of the most pleasant in Europe. We Europeans normally don't trust tap water enough to rely on water fountains, except maybe for the very broke or very mingy.

  14. I flew out to Lomé-Tokoin airport in Togo. It was the first night of the World Cup that year. Pretty much the entire airport staff was crowded around a small tv. Needles to say, it took an absurd amount of time.

  15. All African airports should be in the top 25 worst of the worst. Kathmandu's horrid airport is first world in comparison.

  16. My problem with Krakow international is how long the wait is. i have family that lives in Nowy Sacz Poland, 2 hour drive south of Krakow closer to the Slovakian border, so i've been here many times. its so dirty in this one restroom, that i saw the exact same dirt smudge on the wall 5 years after i first saw it and it had my fingerprint still there! ( it has been cleaned last time i went in 2016).

  17. The main problem is that the management is lacking of basic principles of efficiency: I could fix any and all the airports in a matter of a month or two. But people are too stupid and keep on putting the same idiotic top management as always to match the damn curse politicians that we elect all the time.

  18. You should have seen Moscow Domodedova Airport in 1992 when it was still very much Soviet style. The new revised airport is a big improvement.

  19. I concur, Charles de Gaulle, France is the absolute worst airport in design and passenger comfortI've seen… It has a good space but not that clean… we've had to walk miles to get water (that too bottled), no water fountain. Loos were so far apart I was wondering if french don't pee. Directions to connecting terminals gates were horrible as hell. Duty free is nowhere in comparison to other International airports… absolutely nothing to do and no one knowledgeable to ask in that vast airport (airport workers were either dumb or snob though they spoke some english), it felt like a waste of space really…

  20. I’m shocked that you think Stockholm Arlanda is one of the worst. I fly to Sweden at least once a year and it’s one of the cleanest airports I’ve ever been in!!

  21. Wow, really shit on Poland. I actually quite like the country when I was there about 20 years ago. Guess things changed.

  22. I would like to know World According to Briggs, what are your basis for naming these airports as the WORST and why? You better travel to the Federated States of Micronesia in the Pacific Rim to see and know the real worst airports.

  23. CDG is a dump! Full of rude people! It was clean in parts. Finding someone to help you find out what hall to go to was a nightmare. Avoid at all cost!!!!!

  24. I went through CDG when they had a baggage handlers' strike. So… all the flights departed late; the restaurants, shops etc closed early and the passengers were left twiddling their thumbs for several hours. Definitely the absolute WORST airport that I have been through. Number one passenger-hostile airport. Avoid France.

  25. I got you a winner…

    Brandenburg International in Berlin Germany. This airport was supposed to be open in 2011, and in fact as of today it's still not open!
    8.5 billion Marks and they can't get it open.. why? Th Fire suppression doesn't work, the stores are empty as they don't have a hub airline.
    and yes it's beautiful, but it's empty.. even the schedule screens don't work.

  26. Pretty sure whoever got cussed out in KRK deserved to be taken down a notch.
    Probably some idiot passenger started out being overly disrespectful and retarded towards Polish staff.

  27. Sort of surprised none of the Berlin airports is on this. Talk about overcrowded. Both Schönefeld and Tegel have been literally put together with duct tape as a substitute for the still-not-finished BER (an organizational car crash of gigantic proportions), and I would claim that Tegel has actually gotten dangerous by this stage.

  28. What about the princess juliana airport in sint maarten? I’ve been to sint maarten and i wasnt at the same beach but there is a beach where the plane goes just feet above the beach goers I‘ve heard 2 stories about it one where a guy was at the beach and a plane landed and he could hear the plane engine the screams around him and the screaming IN THE PLANE another story is about a guy who was in one of those planes and could hear screaming outside

  29. The name de Gaulle is enough to make me want to use a different airport. Which Orly is the only option for me in Paris. Years ago I flew in from Berlin on a later flight than planned – missed my original flight out of Berlin because of a traffic jam – and missed my SuperShuttle to my hotel. After attempting to use my limited French the customer service agents at the desk switched to English quickly, were very helpful to contact SS, and gave me excellent directions to the pick up area…and some excellent advice to avoid the unauthorized cabs. A++

  30. You know the only reason it says outside the USA is because every airport on the list would consist of American airports

  31. GUA in Guatemala City sounds very similar to your experience in Nicaragua. The entire place was screaming "Jesus" the whole landing between the mountains when I was there in March. Even the locals.

  32. I've been to Hong Kong International and Suvarnabhumi couple of times and I'd would have to say it's pretty bad, bordering on getting much worst.

  33. Say it like this: "domo" — "day" — "dovo." It's not that hard, and it's not that bad; in fact, parts of the terminal are new. But can you pronounce Sheremetyevo, the "other" airport in Moscow? Save DME and CDG, these airports are largely immaterial for the average European flier. And you didn't have first-hand information about them? That's bad when one is projecting oneself as an expert. Please try a little harder, Briggs. Journalism is not quite dead yet. We're watching!

  34. I've been to HRK last year. Airport has just been renovated and was very nice and modern imo. I think your review may have been a little bit harsh

  35. CDG is too bad for domestic flights. Malpensa in Milan airport on the other hand is horrible. On top of that, if you want a cardio vascular workout, or heart attack getting through to a terminal here, then this airport is for you!

  36. Talking bout Greece Corfu Sucks I got there three hours before the plane because of insanely long lines, we barely made it on the last bus to the plane. I flew In to the Moscow airport. Thank god I flew out somewhere in St.Petersburg

  37. Where did you get your info on the Krakow airport? I'm genuinely curious. I never met people that rude when I was in Poland…. granted, I was coming back to the States with stitches on my forehead, so maybe people went out of their way to be nice. Or at least not rude. Their security is pretty lax though. I accidentally made it through security with scissors in my purse. I didn't even realize, until I made it home.

  38. Most of these are just because they are crowded. What about KEF in Iceland? Good lord. Way over capacity and the construction isn't keeping up. Also, sending you through a TINY gift shop before you can get to your gate to leave is no bueno.

  39. #10, your description sounds a lot like the approach in the old airport in Hong Kong. That screaming and pants soiling routine is pathetic. Like hitting rough turbulence in the Midwest in the summer, that gets a, “damn, I got an “e-ticket ride” for the price of one of the A’s. Cool!!!” Obviously my seat mates tend to look at me askance, after hearing my responses during those situations. (Fortunately I’ve never had the pilot sit in the cockpit sweating and sobbing on a flight, so how bad could it have been?

  40. I've seen the cats in Athens. It's true. You should avoid Athens because there is usually a Homeland Security advisory telling you to avoid it. It is the most popular airport among hijackers.

  41. CDG really does suck. Good assessment. I hate Frankfurt as well due to the lack of bathrooms. Sao Paulo is horrible as well.

  42. Only airport I can really complain about is the Heathrow, due to its long and inefficient security. Three of the nicest I've been to is Amsterdam Schipol, Munich and Vienna.

  43. Regarding ARN – Tap water is safe to drink everywhere in Sweden! Just hit the toilet (don't drink from the bowl though).

    That personality trait is typical Swedish behavior. We all look and behave as if we're on anti depressants all the time. It's not considered a diagnosis in Sweden but rather something that comes with the weather and dark winters.

  44. Didn't like the snarky comments putting down other people:
    • "Well, I guess that's Russia for ya!"
    • "That's how they do it in Poland!"
    …c'mon dude, you really sound like an ignorant American here. Also completely don't understand the comment about drinking fountains…? It's obvious you haven't traveled much mate. The vast majority of countries around the world do not have drinking fountains.

  45. This is kind of off topic, but just something to say. Beijing airport is pretty good, but the AC is weird and it’s about an average of 85 degrees and yeah.

  46. No way in hell the airport in Somalia should be that low. Def shoulda been #1, considering the fucking country has no government!!

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