Top 5 Pickups You Can’t Buy In The United States

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it
again. Trucks are an american tradition. They’re as american as baseball, and apple pie. But it’s 2016 and we live in a connected
world where It’s easy to find out what’s for sale anywhere across the globe. That’s why today we’re giving you the
top 5 pickups that you can’t buy in the United States. Hi guys, it’s Ken here with 4WheelOnline. First up is the Chevy Tornado, AKA the Chevy
Montana. AKA Chevy Utility. Sold in Latin America and emerging markets
like South Africa, the Tornado is a type of vehicle you don’t see too often in the States,
but seems to be much more common in other countries. It’s a car based pickup, also called a “ute”
which is an Australian term that’s short for Utility. It was first released in 2003, and then was
updated to the second generation in 2010. The Tornado can be bought for just over Ten
Thousand dollars in Mexico. Next is the Ram 700, previously known as the
Fiat Strada. The Strada was launched in 1996 and was rebadged
as the Ram 700 in 2015 for the Mexican market. Like the Tornado, the Ram 700 is also a car
based pickup. It may be small, but it boasts a 1,500 pound
payload capacity. Available models include single cab and extended cab options starting
at $14,000. There has also been rumors of the Ram 700
being brought to the United States, but so far nothing has panned out. Coming from the birthplace of the term is
the Holden Ute. Yeah, you heard right. Naming this vehicle
the Holden Ute is like taking the Ford F-150 naming it the Ford Truck. That’s just redundant. A sedan version of the Ute is available in
the US as the Chevy SS, but a sedan’s not nearly as fun The Ute is marketed as a performance vehicle
and is available with a 6.2L 407 horsepower V8 The base model comes in at $26,000. Now the first real truck in our list is the
Toyota Hilux. The Hilux was sold in the United states until
1975 when Toyota decided to rename it the “pickup” just the Toyota Pickup, which
is also redundant. And finally replaced in 1996 when the Tacoma
was released. The Tacoma may be more well known in the US,
but to the rest of the world the king of Toyota truck is the Hilux. Coming in at 7700lb maximum towing capacity,
the Hilux can hold it’s own. The current eighth generation workmate models
start at about $14,000, with pickup models starting at $22,000. You’ve probably already guessed our final
choice for the best pickup you can’t buy in the United States. That’s right, it’s the Ford Ranger. Weird. That’s an American car! It’s the Ranger.
Ford Ranger. Despite rumors that the Ranger is coming back
to the America in 2018, it’s STILL not here, which means we get to place it at the top
of our list. Matching the Hilux, the Ranger has a 7700lb
maximum towing capacity. The interior is pretty standard, but, like
any truck when you start to add in those extra features it gets pricey. Base models start at $20,000 and the top of
the line model reaches a staggering $44,000. Now that you’ve seen our top pickups you
can’t buy in the United States, which one would you want to see brought over? You can vote right here in our poll. You can continue the conversation in the comments,
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