Top spots to visit with 3 days in London

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Whether in London only for three days
or you’re just feeling a bit overwhelmed with planning your first few days here,
I’m gonna tell you some of the top things to do. London classics! I think even London visitors that want to get more off the beaten path will want to at least pass by some of London’s most iconic buildings and attractions. I mean we’ve got the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Tower Bridge… There are lots that you’ve probably seen over the years, so it’s cool to at least go and like walk past them but if you’re really keen to explore more, then I would get tickets and go inside of course. Afternoon tea, I love afternoon tea! England is the birthplace of it, so it’s definitely something you should experience while you’re here. You would usually do afternoon tea between about 12:00 and 3:00 p.m. and I wouldn’t recommend having lunch before or an early dinner after because you will get really filled up. Afternoon tea consists of well: your choice of tea of course, and then you usually have three tiers of food. At the bottom you’ll have little finger sandwiches, then you’ll have scones with
cream and jam in the middle and at the top you usually have
a nice selection of cute little sweet treats. So yeah, book yourself into an afternoon tea and by the way this video is part of my
‘3 days in London’ series and this is to celebrate the launch of my
‘3 days in London’ itinerary which I will talk a little bit more about in a bit. If you’re into museums London’s got lots of them and a lot of them are free even better. If you like modern art we’ve got the Tate Modern if you’re into older art, as you could tell I’m not really good art very much, but if you like older pieces then the
National Gallery is a good option, there’s even a cartoon Museum if you’re into that stuff. London’s food markets are amazing! Of course the most famous is Borough Market,
which has been around for over 400 years, it’s still a great place to visit, we also have old Spitalfields market,
which not only has a ton of really great food options, but also lots of vendors selling londony things clothing, leather goods, antiques… The London skyline is beautiful and iconic, and I definitely think that
you should try to go get a view of it from above while you’re here in london for a few days. Of course, we have really popular options like the London Eye and the view from The Shard, or if you want something that’s cheaper or free,
but of course not as high, there’s a viewing platform at the top of the Tate Modern as well as the sky garden but it’s really hard to get reservations there
so make sure you book in advance. You should try to visit a park as well. I think when you get here you’re gonna be surprised at just how green of a city London is. A favourite of visitors is st. James’s Park because it’s near to Buckingham Palace and the Westminster area. But one that people often miss is
the Victoria Tower gardens but it’s a great place to just relax for a bit or also to get a really nice photo along the Thames and looking at the London Eye and Westminster Bridge. Shopping! If you want to pick up some bits and pieces
from London before you head back then you can go and do some shopping there are lots of options here. A personal favourite of mine
for some quirky cool London souvenirs is a shop called ‘We Built The City’ in Carnaby. Or you can visit one of the city’s most famous department stores with my favourites being: Selfridges and Fortnum and Mason’s. Okay, hopefully that was helpful, but if you’re still feeling quite overwhelmed with your planning and you’re like: “Oh my god, Jess.
Can you help me? I can’t figure this out!” Don’t worry! Check out my ‘3 day London itinerary’ it’s a flexible non overwhelming plan that will bring you to see a lot of the city’s most famous icons as well as showing you some of the best little hidden gems and also great places to eat and drink. The itinerary comes with a PDF guide, that’s fifty pages long, so there’s lots of options in it but it also comes with a digital map
that you can add to your phone so it’s really easy for you to follow
when you’re out and about in London. Someone who already has the itinerary
gave some feedback and said: “This really does read like a very personalised itinerary, your voice shines through nicely, it’s not generic like a typical travel guide,
but not overwhelming either, just the right amount of information
on each location and topic.” Thank you so much, and if you want to find out more about the itinerary please click the card that’s popping up here or the link down in the description. You can always leave me a comment if you have a question on anything and this video again is part of a four part series that will help you
with your first three days in London so you can click to watch
one of the other videos over here or over here.


  1. Jess I must say that I LOVE your channel. I looked at all your videos before traveling back to London with my daughters because I wished to take advantage of a 3 day trip. Needless to say we had an amazing time as I expected it. Took a day trip to Stratford Upon Avon, Bath and Stonehenge, did dinner at the Shard to take advantage of the view and visited all the Markets, Tate Modern, and did a Hop on Hop off day. The hotels were adorable and the people were so nice and proper. Because London is HUGE, we will just have to go back again soon. In the meantime I continue to enjoy your channel and your postings. Thank you so much for all the lovely information and the pleasure of seeing you.
    with Love and appreciation always,😍

  2. Wonderful Jess! I totally agree with your suggestions. Lots of helpful tips. Great job! Thanks! Love and cheers! 👍💗😘🇬🇧

  3. Hello Jess its me again,I wonder if you can suggest me any trustable place to find apartments and suits to rent . I check airbnb for it but specially in London I can’t find entire apartments in a convenient price but only shared rooms . Do you think if I would book a place a bit far from London ,it would be good or not ??? As I want to travel all around UK I don’t wanna stick to one area but then I think that I will pay more for transportation . What do you think ???

  4. Omg your channel is the one that ive been looking for.its so helpful!!detailed, little tips 💃🏻💃🏻 thank you!!

  5. Hello Jess , i just found your vids born and brought up in SE london very interesting , ive only had a butchers at a couple of your vids and you have had me in stitches , i think it's a terrific channel you have , like most citys when you get off the tourist trail and bimble about the real jems of architecture , restaurants cafe's and bars or shops open up . Have you been to any of the shops and restaurants on Ebury st on the corner of Orange square and just off ebury st try Elizabeth st wish is lovey i like Baker & Spice caf'e nice london pubs boutique shops also , sorry your have to take a butchers on google st view . Have a tip-top weekend treacle . Ps one of my favourute is afternoon rosie lee you just can't beat it . 😊

  6. Hi Jess, thanks a bunch for your videos. I’m so grateful for all the tips. So, I’m coming to London at the end of February with my Brother. He has been before, a year ago. Do you think your 3-day Itinerary will add value to my trip even though I’m going with someone who has been before and kind of knows his way around? Also, what’s the weather like this February? Hahah, just kidding.

  7. I will be backpacking across Europe from October 5 to January 5. I have my Eurail pass already. I have most of my time planned out; however, I have not started booking Air Bnb's. I am starting in Italy and literally traveling clockwise around the continent. It is a solo trip. There are a couple of countries that I want to stay in multiple cities, but if there is not a Eurail train to get between cities what is the cheapest way? Also, using Spain as an example, should I just stay in Madrid and then travel out to each of the other cities like Valencia and Barcelona each day or should I book an Air bnb in each city and just keep moving? Also, if you have anymore advice or do's and don't's please give them to me! lol. Thank you so much!

  8. How does someone who is going to be in london for more then 3 days follow the itinerary? Should I insert random stuff in between?

  9. I missed the afternoon tea experience last time and this next trip I'm going to make it a priority. We also never managed to catch London Walks tour so that's also a priority. I think the best time to visit a park is the afternoon you arrive. It's best to keep moving so that you don't get jet lag and a park is a nice place to stay awake but let your travel addled brain rest. Maybe that's just me.

  10. 1:30 don't forget about the free (and amazing) National History Museum which alone is worth visiting just because of the amazingly beautiful building it sits in. And there's also the National Science Museum right next to the History Museum which is both vast and incredible for anyone who's into science.

  11. Love watching travel blogs like these about Britain, makes me feel like I actually live somewhere interesting :')

  12. I was in France a few years ago and was hoping to get to London. SOOoOometime in the next year or two though, it's gonna happen!

  13. It would be great if you put the names of the things you mention on screen, you talk really quickly and I have no idea how to write some of them down to look them up.. But thanks for the tips!

  14. hi, Jess! We've already purchased your wonderful Guide. Please, advise – where could we find 3-days itinerary? Many thanks in advance! Valentina.

  15. Hey. Question.
    what are you suppose to do when you arrive at a resturant? just ask a waiter for a table?

    sorry if this is a stupid question, but i dont eat out alot, so need to know 🙂

  16. churches will let u up for a view and u donate to church (7.00£) also we ate at Harrods and bought clothes at Spitalfields to save money. avoided Knightsbridge except to walk thru to get to hyde pk

  17. Hi Jess,
    We plan on doing a one day Windsor Castle, Bath & Stonehenge Tour with Premium Tours. We have 6 full days in London, (9/5-9/10). We want to buy the tour ahead of time. Do you recommend going on a weekday or the weekend or doesn’t it matter?

  18. Hi Jesse. Thanks for all the information you provide. What’s your recommendation for a good and reliable company that provides day trips out of London?
    Love your channel 🤗

  19. Thanks Jess. I am going to purchase you 3 day guide- that’s what i will have next month. My question is- what do we do with our luggage? I arrive 11 am local time and do not have access to my. VRBO until 4 pm. 3 of us cannot sight see with all of our luggage! Suggestions?

  20. Whenever I go anywhere I also spend the first day on the hop-on-hop-off buses…I’ve done this in ny, Rome, London, Dublin, Paris, Sydney, Madrid and Berlin. You can get your bearings, get an idea of how far apart things are. You can be a ‘tick-box tourist’, and then decide where you want to go on the subsequent days—what looked interesting, what looked rubbish etc.

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