Tour of the Most Iconic Foodie Spots in New York City! (Joe’s | Katz’s | Bagels)

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Yo what’s up Youtubers! Welcome to
another Glorious Gluttony production… I’m actor.marksal.. check out the Instagram handle… …and we’re here back in the city of New York City. The Big Apple …and what do yo think about when when you think about New York. Think about the staples… You think about bagels. You think about pizza. So that’s what this episode is gonna be about. So what makes the pizza and bagels here so good? Is it the flour? Is it the New York air? No man! It’s the water! The water is different out here on the east coast. That’s why we got the best
bagels and we got the best pizza. Alright! Let’s go to our first stop. Alright, we’re here at our first stop:
Best Bagel and Coffee here on 35th between 7th and 8th. Over 3000 reviews on Yelp; four and a half stars so it’s got …to be good. I mean look at this time it
has to be good… hopefully… I don’t want to wait in this line if it’s not good so… let’s go check it out! Can I get an everything bagel with lox and cream cheese? Alright. So I’m super excited! So we
ordered… this is everything bagel, smoked salmon with cream cheese capers and
onions… Let’s take a look what it looks like…
They do such a good job packing it in… I don’t even know…I don’t even want to mess it up! It’s really good! I mean the cream cheese and the lox, the capers, onions… It’s perfect! Alright… next up we got a classic breakfast sandwich …sausage egg and cheese, salt and pepper, ketchup on an everything bagel It’s really good! The eggs are so fluffy! the sausage…I mean it’s so savory… so juicy… Is Best Bagel and Coffee the best
bagel in New York? That’s questionable… but if you’re looking for a quality bagel
right next time right outside of Penn Station, I mean it’s only a five minute walk so you might as well go there and shame on you if you haven’t had a bagel
here in New York. Shame on you! Get a bagel at Best Bagel on Coffee
right before you get on Penn Station and go home. So best bagel and coffee down… Gotta go to that next spot. Let’s go! Hey! We’re here in Greenwich Village… …next to one of the most iconic pizza spots in New York. Joe’s Pizza. Been here since 1975. It doesn’t get any more New York staple, more iconic than this slice of pizza right here. Here goes the taste test…. This is so good! I mean the cheese is just… perfectly melted on that slice of pizza. The dough is crunchy yet doughy at the same time… It’s just so hard to explain… and tomato sauce… is brilliant! Oh man! I can eat this all day… All day! End of the line… and last but certainly not
least…Katz’s Deli One of the most iconic places in New York! Big Apple! Made famous by Harry and Harry Met Sally… That pastrami sandwich piled high
between two slices of bread… …your choice… whatever you want on it… everything. Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato… You gotta get that pastrami. It’s so good… so mouth-watering so tasty… I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. You can see the sweat… …not the sweat but the salivary glands in
my mouth just starting to ooze out just thinking about it. But enough talk. Let’s go in! You’re not gonna taste any better pastrami than this right here! How’s is going guys? Enjoy alright? Oh man! I’m shaking! I’m so excited! Look at this! Look at how much pastrami this is! OMG… Alright… here we go! Oh my God!! it’s so… is… I’m crying… it’s like so good! It is so good! You’re never anything more delicious…moist… It just coats your whole mouth… it just melts…like your taste buds are just on fire! I’m speechless! Even their pickles are delicious! oh my
god! it’s so refreshing… it’s tangy It’s just hitting multiple spots on my taste pallete. This is hands down the number one spot you have to go in New York. I don’t care if you get bagels in New York… I don’t care if you get pizza in New York… You gotta come here to Katz and get a pastrami sandwich… cuz if you don’t pictures of you or videos of you eating pastrami sandwich at Katz’s Can you even say you went to New York? Nah bro… you can’t say you went to New York if you don’t get one of these pastrami
sandwiches. I’m done… this is too much! That’s all the time we have. Hope you enjoyed the video… If you did, please hit that subscribe and like button down below… If you have any suggestions on what we should do next, leave it in the comments. Again.. I’m actor.marksal… Thank you very much! have a good day!


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