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Here we are at Pace University’s New
York City Campus, located in the heart of downtown Manhattan, near the Brooklyn
Bridge, bustling Wall Street, and the lovely Freedom Tower. This is our home-base for studying living and working in the most dynamic city in the US. I’ll
spend a day in one of Pace’s student lounges or hop on a train with some
friends to anywhere in the city. With the subway station right at your front door,
the entire city’s at your fingertips. Whether be going to see a Broadway show
with friends, participating in intramural sports, or just walking the busy streets
of New York, this campus offers endless opportunities for students. We love this
city and we love this campus, so we’ve asked some of our friends to show you
around. Hey! Welcome to our main dining hall on
campus, or as we like to call it: Cafe 101. This is where we come to grab a bite to eat. They have large varieties of food to
choose from, or you might find yourself stopping by Starbucks every morning on
your way to class. This is a great place for students to socialize or hang out, in-between classes. The Henry Birnbaum Library is a perfect place to
study as a Pace student. You have silent study lounges and a collaborative
learning room which is perfect for group projects. And the fishbowl
downstairs is where you go to eat, sleep, and study all at the same time, so
whatever you’re studying style you’re going to be comfortable. One of the greatest things about being a
Pace Performing Arts student is being given the opportunity to perform on this
very stage and watch all the different shows that the Michael Schimmel Theatre
has to offer. With all the amazing performers that have stood on that stage,
it isn’t difficult to imagine yourself performing alongside them. This is the Lubin School of Business G-Pack Room. G-pack Room stands for the global
portfolio analysis center. This Wall Street ticker is only ten minutes
off of Wall Street, whereas the one in Times Square is around 15 minutes off. We
also have Bloomberg technology computers. You can look up anything on these
computers from Zagat-rated restaurants to financial analytics. The best part is
whether you want to open your own bakery, like I do, or run a multinational firm, Pace will help get you there. The Entrepreneurship Lab offers students
the resources to create innovative startups like ours. I run a software
company that’s developing a point-of-sale system for small
businesses. And I run a startup that’s tailored towards hedge funds; we provide
news and analysis services. Entrepreneurship Lab provides us the
opportunity to grow our ideas. It also provides us the opportunity to present
our ideas to future investors. Right now in the robotics laboratory of the
Seidenberg Computer Science School, we’re they’re working on some really cool
projects. Over here is a quadcopter, which is designed to both fly and film. And
this is Julie! Tell us what you’re working on. Right now, I’m working on an
iPhone app for Seidenberg Creative Labs. Seidenberg Creative Labs is a mobile and
web development group within the computer science school. We’re very
excited to welcome you into our brand new building and as a BFA Commercial
Dance major, this dance studio is my main home here at Pace. Welcome to our brand
new sound stage and it is the home of our BFA in Acting for Film, TV,
Voice-over, and Commercial work. If you have an interest in designing or making
costumes this is where you’ll be and if you happen to be performing in one of
our school shows then this is where you come to get beautiful. Here I am on Wall Street one of the most
important centers of finance in the world, just a short walk away from Pace
University. Wall Street, to me, is a place where I want to work. It invigorates me
as a student to do my best and to potentially work here. I’m currently
interning for Goldman Sachs as a financial planning intern. It’s allowed
me to kind of get a holistic view of the business world and Pace’s connections
with many different financial institutions in New York City we’re able
to kind of get more experience and more exposure than just learning in a
classroom. We’re here! We’re in the middle of Wall Street! You can’t get any better
than that! 41 Park Row is located directly
across from One Pace Plaza and full of helpful resources. Also located here is
Career Services, offering the largest internship placement program in the New
York City metro area. This is where I came to meet with an expert to go over
my resume and brush up on some interview skills before meeting with a potential
employer. Right now we’re standing here at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge right
across from One Pace Plaza. This here is the gateway to downtown Manhattan and it’s
one of my favorite places to come on a walk after class. It basically becomes your
center of the universe. You take the train you’re somewhere totally different. As for me, I really like to head over to Chinatown or Little Italy to grab a bite
to eat before heading over to 42nd Street to see some of my teachers do
their thing on Broadway. Here at our Pace downtown campus, there are many resident
hall options for students to come and live in the greatest city in the world. Just a quick five-minute walk from the main campus building we have 182 Broadway, which is one of our newer residence halls. A few perks of living
here are private bathrooms, private fitness center, and a community lounge
where students can come together to watch TV or play foosball. All of our residence
halls consists of 24/7 security, a cable TV provided in each room, Wi-Fi a
kitchen, and free laundry facilities. Living at Pace just got easier. Now we
have smart lockers in which students can just run downstairs grab their textbooks
and packages. Now, coming back to the main campus
building, we have Maria’s Tower, which is an all exclusive freshman residence
halls. It is just a quick elevator ride down to your classes, the library, and the
cafeteria. There are just so many exciting options for students to come
and live at Pace University. As an upperclassmen you will either reside in
55 John Street or 33 Beekman. Fun fact: 33 Beekman is the tallest
residence hall in New York City. Balancing your social and academic lives,
while also staying physically healthy, isn’t always the easiest in college. With
Pace’s gym facilities located directly below One Pace Plaza, that
early-morning wake-up for your pre-class workouts just got a little bit easier.
The gym is also great place to meet new people. You can find them in a fitness
class like yoga, Zumba, or Taekwondo. Right now, we’re sitting here in front of One Pace Plaza in City Hall Park. This is a great place to come to get a taste of
nature in this big city. We’re right in front of the mayor’s office and
surrounded by all these trees. It’s a great place to come to study hang out in
between classes. I do love Pace’s downtown location–it’s kind of quiet
around here, but we can easily hop on a train and go wherever we want. There are
always exciting things happening at Pace. We just launched a major project to
create new, expanded student-centered spaces on our New York City Campus. There
will be a brand new entrance and Student Union. Lots of collaborative learning
spaces, a tech bar, art gallery, and much more! Best of all, the work will be
completed in fall 2018 for all of our students to enjoy. It’s really an
incredible time to be apart of Pace’s New York City Campus. Thanks for taking a look at Pace with us. Come visit–we’d love to show you around!


  1. i thought marymount manhattans 55th st residence hall is the tallest in the country at 32 stories but i could be wrong

  2. pace alumni here. you get more bang for your bucks vs nyu. and they got a great coop program with employer from wall st. when my kids is ready for college. pace will be one of their top choice.

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