Train Ride from Montreal to New York City with Amtrak

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After an incredible week of exploring Montreal
it was time for us to pack our bags and board an Amtrak train bound for New York City. Given that I’ve spent nearly the past decade
traveling in some way, shape or form it is almost shocking that I’ve never spent any
time in New York City. As I leaned back in my seat I felt adrenaline
rushing through my veins as the excitement of finally visiting the Big Apple was suddenly
becoming a reality. Amtrak trains are on par with Via Rail in
terms of comfort; however, there is even more leg room and overhead storage space. In fact,
I’ve never been able to stretch out my legs on a train without touching the next seat.
The only thing that was mildly inconvenient was that the wifi was sporadic throughout
the journey. I suppose having the time to video edit and read my kindle, as opposed
to mindlessly surfing online, was a more productive use of my time when I wasn’t marveling at
the scenery outside. What impressed me about this trip was just
how scenic Upstate New York really is. I didn’t have many preconceived expectations; however,
I must admit that I didn’t expect to spend most of our journey passing through lakes,
forests and quaint little towns. As we approached New York city we started
spotting mansions that looked as though they were castles! Being treated to a sunset was
the ultimate way for us to end what was a very comfortable journey. If you are deciding between bus or train,
I would definitely go with Amtrak.


  1. In the near future I'm planing on making a lot of train videos of me seeing them pass and me riding them to a lots of places.

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