Trump bans New Yorkers from global entry program

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  1. There's people born in America who have a hard time getting a driver's license. Yet you want to give illegals one? 🤔

  2. Trump didn't ban anyone the Governor banned them all himself but as usual they blame everyone else for their actions.

  3. The law is unconstitutional. In what world is issuing a legal document of residency to someone who isn't a legal resident ok? New York Dems trying to bolster their voter base.

  4. Even Fox picked this up as Trump's fault. Same thing happened in CA. You can't even fly on a plane starting in October if you don't have a CA Real ID. This is because CA passed similar laws that devalued the identification so it no longer meats federal standards. In essence CA Real ID will identify who is a citizen and who is not ultimately.

  5. Cuomo and Warner Wilhelm, Jr. should be dropped into Wuhan as part of a new "global entry" program… Breath all that fresh, decontaminated Wuhan air….

  6. DHS can't take a chance on another terror attack just because of a NY State law from Gov. Cuomo's loopy liberal law. National security is way more important than N.Y. State law of stupidity. America doesn't care about N.Y. anymore. Creeps.

  7. If you don't like new laws to keep America safe, maybe don't vote liberal in-American people in the pass stupid local laws that weaken our borders.

  8. Ban NY people, California, and Illinois people from the rest of the country, we all see they aren’t the smartest, they keep voting democrats in, as their state and cities decay.

  9. if the people of new york don't like it then vote for different leadership, the kind that doesn't give a drivers license to anyone with a pulse no questions asked, which is really dangerous, and what's their other brain storm release criminals to the public without bail needed again very dangerous to the public. i wonder how many will commit more crimes before their court dates. and who do you think those crimes are going to be against. new yorker's are just as stupid as the people they elect. aoc, didn't know the three branches of government, yet she is in one, guess that's what happens when you elect a barmaid to office.

  10. Its daballlazlow wtf his name is fault for not reporting dot id information with the dhs wtf new york your not above our government

  11. Not everyone in NY has a driver's license? There are other airports, like Newark that have a Global Entry registration program. You do most of the work online. The meeting at the airport is for finger prints. You don't need a drivers license, you need two forms of ID. I used my passport and TWIC card to get mine.

  12. "THE GREEN LIGHT LAW"– HMMM sounds like what a mob boss would say to a hitman. 😒 yup that sounds about right…smfh

  13. They can just stand in line. Anyway, New Yorker's get compensating benefits with the green light law that aren't available to the rest of the country.

  14. This is hilariously illegal. Trump is going to waste so much taxpayer money trying to defend this illegal ban that he could actually pay to put up a wall.

  15. Well, stop giving u documented immigrants aka illegal immigrants drivers licenses. They’re not American Citizens and driving is a privilege not a right.

  16. Classic revenge from that sucker. New Yorkers know what kind of inhuman are Trunk that's the reason was kick out of the city.

  17. And fox news loves this dictator so much they rented his entire section of small colon for the next 10 years where they will be conducting all business and news episodes.

  18. Of course it is retaliation, just like Vindman,his brother and Sondland. People who support President Dump have to be blind, deaf and dumb or they just don't care about the Country.

  19. Anything coming out of fox is not news. It is simply entertainment. Nothing more than the National Enquirer. these people watching this rediculous SMUT ENTERTAINMENT actually believe this junk…its hilarious. These are true Kool-Aid drinking 100% pure sheep with absolutely no brains what so ever. The stupid watch fox news, the STUPID!!!!!!!!

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