Trump Is Building Tent Courts Along The Border. Here’s What They Look Like. | Visual Investigations

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More than a dozen new
tents have popped up at two locations along
the U.S. border with Mexico. These are temporary
courtrooms for migrants who are claiming asylum. They offer a glimpse into how
the Trump administration’s unprecedented crackdown
on immigration is playing out with judges
deciding the fate of hundreds of asylum seekers via video,
and in makeshift facilities. We pinpointed their locations
and satellite imagery and tracked their
expansion over a month. We can see them here, along
the border in Laredo, Tex. There are several
long tents, subdivided into courts, where 420 asylum
hearings are planned each day. And in Brownsville, Tex., another set of
tent courthouses. This one, for more
than 700 cases a day. Judges will handle
cases via video. A top immigration
official spoke recently, praising
the technology. “Spectacular video-conferencing
facility, the mechanics of that will be
used for hearings.” But some advocates have said
that this will worsen already limited due process
for asylum seekers. And a 2017
Justice Department study also raised additional
concerns about video and the difficulty
for judges to analyze eye contact, nonverbal forms
of communication and body language. These courtroom tents
are part of the so-called Remain in Mexico policy,
which is formally known as the
Migrant Protection Protocols. It was implemented
in January and aimed at limiting the number of
asylum seekers arriving in the U.S. “They will have
to wait for approval to come into the United States:
If they are granted asylum by a U.S. judge, they will be welcomed
into America, if they are not, they will be removed to
their home countries.” Typically, people
seeking asylum were allowed to remain
in the United States while their cases went through
courts around the country, due to the danger they would face at home. Putting these
tent courts along the border allows the U.S. to send
asylum seekers to Mexico until it’s time
for their hearings. But this could also put
people in harm’s way. The location of
these tent courts means some
asylum seekers will be forced to await
their trials in some of the most dangerous cities
along the border in Mexico. Brownsville and Laredo border the Mexican state of Tamaulipas,
where the U.S. State Department has issued a travel advisory
to the same degree as for Syria and Afghanistan. American citizens are told not
to travel here due to crime and kidnapping, and
human rights groups have documented cases of
rape, abduction and murder of migrants. Meanwhile, U.S.
immigration authorities are considering additional
locations for tent courts. But by forcing asylum seekers
to wait in high-risk areas, some migrants may
never be able to return for their day in court.


  1. It's the duty of the court to provide protection to the immigrants. Whereas they need to provide asylum to the immigrants.

  2. America isn’t exactly the safe haven it used to be. Asylum seekers densely congregating on the US side poses a serious risk of an attack by domestic right wing terrorists.

  3. NYT I call you out on another one of your hidden opt ed pieces. First question, how many federal immigration judges did Obama hire? How many federal immigration judges did Trump hire? Fact is Trump hired twice the amount as Obama, in an effort to speed up the asylum process. So those migrants truly in need of asylum were given a speedy trial. Next question, do migrants still in Mexico entitled to due process? What does SCOUTUS say on that topic? Even in one of your own articles you stated migrants in Mexico ARE NOT entitled to due process, only those migrants on American soil are entitled to due process. Your next comment was how video conference hearings are intangible and do not afford judges to see the same as they would in person. So why is it that the majority of American cities use some type of video conference for criminal hearings? One, SCOTUS has yet to hear a case that would label video conference trials as unconstitutional. Two, migrants awaiting asylum hearings in Mexico, again are not entitled to due process, so the topic is void. With asylum cases growing more daily then the courts can hear cases, the amount of immigration judges now hearing cases, there is no other viable option but video conference's. The cost to relocate hundreds of judges to the proper places along the border with the appropriate facilities is not an affordable option, especially considering the majority of asylum cases are denied. So your entire video here is debunked and with your own articles, stop spreading your false biased narrative, that is what is responsible for the divide in this country.

  4. Are the judges physically present or do they just do a video call? Video wasn’t clear. It said it’s hard for judges to see nonverbal cues

  5. The only family that should be separated is the #TrumpCrimeFamily and put in separate cells/cages! Trump is a nazi.

  6. Mind you that with Climate Change and instability in those countries, people will continue to come. It happened during the potato famine in Ireland and Scotland. Also, almost every Europeans country is represented here bc their ancestors were poor deprived of their rights in their countries of origin and the only thing left to do to feed their families and get out of the social hierarchy in Europe was to move to the USA. They also fled wars and corruption. Same thing, different color people. That's why it might bother a lot of people in the US.

  7. Correction, the US is building tent courthouses. All Americans need to get behind these efforts to secure our border regardless whether they like President Trump or not. No borders, no country.

  8. Those is just child death camps, pay no…oh look he's an racist on Twitter again lol, make a Closer Look about that

  9. Abduction and extortion is true for visiting Americans in Brownsville too. Just give the cop a $20 and he will happily hand back your ID he took from you.

  10. Carlos Slim becomes top New York Times shareholder. (Reuters) – Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim has become the largest shareholder of New York Times Co,,WHY DOESN'T HE TAKE CARE OF HIS PEOPLE INSTEAD OF PUTTING DOWN AMERICANS FOR NOT TAKING IN ALL HIS PEOPLE???HE IS MAKING HIS MONEY HERE IN AMERICA TOO!!

  11. Democrats opposed the CBP chief new plan with having kids and parents together in family holding centers. There’s one like this in Texas.

  12. I’m shocked with how unbelievably unselfaware you guys are. “Send back to Mexico until their hearings?” “How dangerous these border towns are?” They’re already in Mexico, every single person seeking entrance will seek asylum, there’s not another way they will seek entrance and we make are own murderers wait in prison when seeking parole and why would we simply give access to persons seeking entrance trying to enter illegally while they wait for their hearings?? Even the best illegal immigrants would likely split to somewhere half across the country and never show up for their scheduled hearings and never look back. This is so tone deaf!

  13. Do u think that USA shud
    A) compel Mexico to curb its population as well as enhance Mexicos education, via the usual bullying blackmailing and incentivising schemes used by both USA and UN
    B) help grow Mexicos economy in order to curb migration and also benefit as a trading partner
    C) = BOTH A and B
    D) YouTube commentator shud quit those sugar laced pot brownies and these suggestions will die its natural death.

  14. You can govern small populations. Yet, small populations are a thing of the past. More nation states? Anarchy? Or we continue to watch entropy consume us all? The closer you look at these situations, the more you see how far behind we are in dealing with them. Good night, and good luck.

  15. Yes, 100% this is the system that in southeast Asia… I lived it, I know, to be honest… the U.S. just dose what others do

  16. Ever since I learned to read, when watching television, if
    text appears on the screen, I could not, not read it, reading is a hardwired uncontrollable
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    ‘didn’t have a problem with them as long as it remain a logo, like the CBS Eye,
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  17. Yes keep the border open!! Let all those Congolese men through who may or may not be carrying Ebola…they are currently with the Mexicans and Venezuelan people fighting at your border. 21 day incubation period imagine how quickly that's going to spread in America. You Americans have to be the dumbest people on earth. Rather than agree with Trump you are willing to put the whole country and your innocent children in grave danger. Good luck America you need it ?

  18. I hate when people think the grass is greener. It tears up the grass when everyone shows up. Anyone want to take our guns and move to Mexico?

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