Trump’s Chicago Hotel Is Losing MILLIONS Of Dollars

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According to financial records obtained from
cook County, Illinois, Donald Trump’s Chicago hotel has seen an 89% drop in revenue from
2015 to 2018 the most recent year they were able to get those records, which basically
means that ever since Donald Trump announced that he was running for president, people
started running away from his Chicago hotel. The revenue at this hotel dropped from 16.7
million to 1.8 million. And here’s why. Well first before I tell you, here’s why. Let me tell you why. The Trump organization and the Trump family
thinks this has happening. They think it’s happening. They’re claiming it’s happening because of
all that dang violence in Chicago. Nobody wants to go there and nobody wants
to visit. That’s why we’re losing money because Chicago
is a hell hole. And if that were true, then you would see
hotels across the board losing money, not just the trumps. It would be an over all city wide effect. That isn’t happening. Most hotels in the city of Chicago are either
staying steady over that same time period or they’ve seen their profits increase. So their talking point is a lie, which is
not surprising. Here’s what’s really happening. People don’t want to be associated with Donald
Trump. The wealthy elite in this country have always
viewed Donald Trump has a bit of a fraud. He was an outsider. He didn’t quite fit in. They didn’t believe he was who he said he
was and they were correct about it, but they would occasionally hob knob and hang out with
them because they knew he did have a little bit of influence. Even if he didn’t have as much money as he
always claimed to have, but they never quite took him seriously. So they’re not really using his hotels because
they think it’s gaudy. They think it’s tacky and they understand
that much like him. It’s all fake. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s supporters, the
average person in this country who supports Donald Trump, they can’t actually afford to
go to Donald Trump hotels, and I’m not knocking them saying, you’re dirt poor. It’s that these are overpriced ritzy hotels
and the average tourist simply can’t afford that much when going on vacation. and this
isn’t just happening in Chicago, we’ve talked about in the past, it’s happening is, has
at his Doral, a golf course down in Southern Florida. They’ve lost almost 70% of their revenue since
Trump announced that he was running for president. And again, it’s because the wealthy elite
don’t take him seriously and his actual supporters can’t plop down that kind of money just to
play a round of golf. And people in the middle who could maybe afford
that don’t want to be associated with his name. In fact, even the Trump organization at this
point doesn’t always want to be associated with his name. We’ve seen them take the Trump name off several
things that they still own because they recognize that it is hurting their business. Donald Trump is toxic for the Trump organization
and the other people inside it that aren’t related to Donald Trump. They understand that, they recognize it, but
to their credit, both Donnie jr and Eric also recognize that the people who actually support
Donald Trump can’t afford it. Because earlier this year, they actually,
uh, tossed out the idea of starting a budget hotel chain that the average Trump supporter
could afford. So before you think I’m making fun of these
people, please know that Eric and Donald jr are the ones who acknowledged that the average
Trump supporter can afford his hotels. And those who can don’t want to. My hope is that this is a trend that continues
long after Donald Trump leaves office, because as cool as it would be to see this guy go
to jail for some of the crimes he’s committed, it would be even more awesome to watch this
man live the rest of his life as a free man, but without a penny to his name. That would be the thing that would bother
Trump more than any prison sentence ever could.


  1. so why do I get the feeling trump will find a way to use taxpayer money to save his fleabag motel or require members in the house and senate stay and pay as a sign of loyalty…

  2. What about the way Rental Apartment or home up from 500.00 or 600.00 hundred dollars and is raised any all rents 20 % and up to 100.00% tp 300.00%. people like us have a chance to make it.
    We are being shoved downs flght stairs to or doom,

  3. that's what he's BEST at, losing money! Which is why he's milking taxpayers for all their worth, booking his properties for "gov functions" – including his golf games.

  4. totally disagree: he's broken many, many laws with arrogance and full knowledge. No, he NEEDS to go to jail. This ain't about what tRump hates the most, it's about upholding our laws and our constitution.


  6. Donald Crump. You are a disgrace to this country. Your time is up Americans have spoken. And I truly hope Justice is served. Trump legacy is over!

  7. donny Went to hospital? Oh baby, join the club!! All over the world we r anxious, worried, afraid=headache, ulcers, pain/muscle, back, chest. Stress, unrest, irritability. THANK YOU, Prez Trump!!?????️??✋?(yes, this is immature, childish. ??)

  8. Who cares, he’s over $5BN in debt right now from his past real estate investments. He recently missed a $16.8M minimum payment to his creditors with no payment in sight. Welcome to America, where the rich stay rich even when they’re broke.

  9. I think dough boy should have to pay back America for the 40 plus stays that has been used on his Resorts. I never believed he was a billion aire..Now I do..Him raping America daily has given him lots of money..

  10. LOL!::::
    That's so funny!!::
    Brainwashing is a dangerous weapon!!::LOL

    Chicago was a fool to let trumpet put anything in Illinois!!!
    Now, Illinois has to pay for this white nationalist s"""?

    So simple to see that the white nationalist can not obey their own LAWS and CONSTITUTION of the USA!::)Lol

  11. Elizabeth Taylor: I remember seeing years ago an ad in the obituary section of the new york times: What is worse than dying??? Answer: losing all your money.

  12. He will not die penniless. His supporters are so rabid and gullible that they will pony up for any scheme or plea he comes up with. Particularly since so many of his followers are evangelicals and are used to the same appeals from televangelists.

  13. Not, True They Don't Wanna Sleep With Bed Bugs ?? Pay Big Bucks For Crap. Yes, they are Taking all His Name Off Their Building .?? Trump Needs Prision & To Be Broke…?

  14. Worked in the travel business in the past. Trump properties, just like Leonia Hemsley properties, were known as "high priced dumps" by travel tour companies. I was told, personally, that I could "get better property at a much lower price and in a better location for my client" going to NYC.

  15. Hey , my buddy went to meet friends at trump hotel in chicago. $18 bucks for a Bud!!! He said never again!! They could call trump budget hotels dumps!!

  16. Sir, I said the same thing. If the Government charges him with RICO and take everything he owns and make him poor that would devastate him and his family too

  17. Thats easy, peoples dont want to give there money to a president who is a liar and corrupt .he treat peoples in another countrys better than he treat the peoples here and peoples are watching that.

  18. And he ships all foreign diplomats and others foreigner to his own hotels.
    This man is the biggest crook who ever served as a president.
    But I'm sure they got a view on this issue and they will go after him after his presidency is over

  19. So your point is even worst in fact. He can't satisfy the rich people(THE DEMOCRATS) in America so they pretty much no longer support him. If you people think him not making money is worth getting excited about you are crazy. He own the property and can sell it for millions.

  20. ??????????????. Little boy trump is just a loser. I can’t understand why the loser hasn’t committed suicide yet but all of his businesses have already committed suicide.

  21. DJT is moving Florida, so the tax papers can pay for lodging to help with that sagging debt at the Florida property. He probably owe taxes in New York anyway

  22. Could not think of a better more deserving person to be on the losing end of everything, think this is the 2nd trump hotel this year to lose money and possibly the millionth time trump lost money on his scam of a hotel.

  23. In Chicago, about the only thing I've seen the trump hotel used for is a backdrop for those walking along the Riverwalk taking selfies while flipping off the hotel!

  24. You can fool people,when they don't realize they are being fooled, trump following will believe every lie , clap , cheer and sing his praises even though they know about his corruption, to them anything is better than admitting they were wrong

  25. Any money has stolen from the American citizens for his hotel visits and his administration visits at the hotels all the money he has received for his rallies all go out to pay his debit to try to keep him above water but he hasn't paid for any of the rally she has went to and the American citizens of these states are going to have to eat the cost

  26. So the Russians are not traveling as much as they use to. No more compt rooms and Free food and beverage's. ??? The Russians love Cities like Chicago.

  27. 7 times bankruptcy for corrupt trump? The people despise trump and his children while they loved and still love Obama.

  28. The swing against Trump's government is likely to be savage. The Republicans face the choice of abandoning a failed president and rebuilding their party, or putting Trump's interests ahead of their own and risking the Republicans being treated with suspicion for years.

  29. EVERYTHING Trump touches dies!
    The bedbugs and cockroaches have a great time in his clappity-assed properties free of charge.
    At least something is enjoying the stay!!
    Hopefully Chump is impeached, becomes penniless, mired in endless lawsuits and investigations and ultimately is fully exposed for the fraud he is, humiliated, broken, ignored and forgotten. It would be a fitting end for the useless POS.
    The rest of his grifter clan can suffer the same fate. Scumbags all.
    It must truly suck to be so loved and adored!!

  30. From what I've heard, between the bed bugs, cockroaches and the urine and semen stained bed sheets and mattresses, it's no wonder it's losing millions of dollars. I mean, who wants to sleep in someone else's piss and cum? No, but seriously. Am I wrong?

  31. The dislikes are from supporters getting ready to get a second mortgage on their house and pawn their valuables to book couple of stays at Trump's hotel…..

  32. He has been losing money forever, there is something wrong, is he covering his losses by income tax evasion or some other scheme there is something rotten in Denmark or at least an odious bad smell.

  33. Gotta love that ???

    Plus the gop has no logical way to prove and describe how donny boy didn’t do anything wrong with the ?? phone call, asking them to help him cheat to win the 2020 presidential election by investigating the Biden’s as a condition to give them the critical urgent military aid they needed to fight off ??

    I love this whistleblower. It really has permanently made it impossible for the gop house reps and senators to logically defend crooked donald. So much winning ????

    This is why we have to take this very very seriously ladies and gentlemen in realizing this is why we can’t ever take our democracy for granted ever again. When we do, this is what we’ll get (a compromised political party that governs for an adversarial country like ?? and also govern for the nra and a crook named donald trump instead of for Americans and the country itself)

    Vote blue only in 2020 ladies and gentlemen, no matter who. I am a registered republican that will do exactly that because I cherish my country and it’s values and freedom and democracy and refuse to let fascism from donny boy and his family and cronies and supporters and gop lapdogs win over our constitution and liberties and personal freedom and freedom of speeches.

    Don’t ever forget the gop abandoned their oath when they were elected as a senator or house rep by bending over backwards to protect trump from the laws he defied and broke as a sitting president and never lifted a finger to hold him accountable and attacked the Democrats and other investigators that had the courage to do so and blocked ELECTION SECURITY.

    This is why we are so much better off as a country with the Democrats controlling both chambers of Congress and having an adult Democrat that’s well qualified to serve as President. Thumbs up if you’re with me on this and promise to vote Democrat only in 2020 to save our country and it’s values. Our democracy and freedom is depending on us to vote in record numbers to do this. Getting out to vote in record numbers gives us the change we want, not the polls where if we were to hear something like trump is trailing by double digits in swing states to let’s say Biden, that’s just deception from the gop and also from ?? (working on trump’s behalf so he can get re-elected) to trick us into staying home and not get to our to vote Democrat only so they can hold onto power in 2020

    This is what will happen if we let 2016 repeat itself again. Now again who’s with me on this?

  34. An American president admitting and proclaiming one of its city is not safe. Tell me again why some continue to support invasions for democracy and freedom. Who wants that?

  35. The only business trump doesn’t suck at is the golf courses. Even the golf courses are losing money. He should of kept his big racist mouth shut. I would love to see his taxes, it would show he’s not a billionaire just in his mind. Fart on is right the real wealthy elite have always thought Trump was a joke. Trump can’t get loans from American banks cause he’s a loser. That’s why he sucks putin dick for the money ?

  36. who cares if he loses anything? Lock the daughter dater, Putin's ass licker, mafia don up along with Sean hannety, Rudy guiliani, sondland, Moscow Mitch, Mulveny, Jordon, and other gang members. Last chance to save the World.

  37. The Americans better get use to living under dictatorship and start dismantling the Statue of Liberty there will be no Liberty while Trump is still around????????

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