TSW2020 (PC): Long Island Railroad (LIRR) + M7

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Hey everyone.
Today we’re gonna take a look at the Long Island Railroad DLC for Train Sim
World and drive the M7 electric multiple unit. Okay let’s jump right in there and
start with a short tutorial. To unlock the doors the realistic way you first
have to insert the control key here and activate the door controls on the side of the
train you wanna unlock, just click on unlock there.. Okay while the passengers are getting in and
out we have to get the train ready. First you want to turn the master key to the
ON position put the reverser in Forward put the
master controller on Maximum Brake and then you have to charge the brakes, you
have to have a pressure of at least 90 here. All right just press this button there we go. Then you can turn on the
headlights too, with this thing over here
and the cab lights with this one. Okay of course everything I’m showing you now is
the ”realistic” time consuming way of doing everything
there are also faster ways of doing all these things by pressing buttons on your
keyboard.. Okay it’s time to lock the doors again… after this tutorial
we’ll restart the game and drive a complete timetable route. This master
controller controls both the brakes and the power so this M7 is really nice and
easy to control no complicated stuff going on here really. You can control it with
the mouse or with the A and D buttons on your keyboard. Wow that went fast we’re at the next
station already… makes you wonder why they didn’t just walk, people are just so lazy these days…
Okay the fast and easy way to unlock the doors is this menu, just press TAB and
click on whatever needs clicking. Okay to get your key back super fast,
you just press TAB again, lock doors and BAM it just jumps straight back into your
pocket, did ya guys see that, this is a high-tech smart key, you just gotta love
the year 2020… Except for the coronavirus.. Well that brings us to the end of this
amazing tutorial for the M7 now let’s go select a timetable route from the menu. As you can see my account here has been
completely reset because I’ve only just started playing this on my new gaming PC
which I just finished building. I already had an account from 2018, because
that’s when I bought TSW on PS4. My old gaming PC couldn’t run this game on
Ultra, so yeah it was time for a new PC and I just started with a fresh account
as well. Let’s just go outside and get some ‘sort of’ fresh air
it helps against my claustrophobia in these creepy tunnels. I see purple hoodies are on sale again.. I guess it’s time to get the train
ready now so let’s go. You know there are two versions of the M7 in real life You
have this one here owned by Long Island Railroad and there is another one that
looks kind of the same just with different colors on it, which is made for
Metro-North. The two types have some technical differences because the Long
Island Railroad and Metro-North used different types of electrical and
signalling systems. The Long Island Railroad M7 gets its power from an over-running third rail, while the Metro-North version gets its power from an under-running third rail. Another small difference is that this Long Island
version has illuminated number boards which the Metro-North version doesn’t
have. Both versions are standard gauge, 1435 millimeters, for Americans that’s
4 feet, 8 1/2 inches. But if you’re into trains and stuff you
probably already knew this 50 years ago. The M7 was introduced in 2002, the
majority of them are owned by Long Island Railroad, 836 to be exact and 336
are owned by Metro-North. Long Island Railroad and Metro-North are
owned by the same ”parent company” by the way the Metropolitan Transportation
Authority or MTA. By the way, as I do with most of my videos, I’m not going to bore
you with the entire route here because who wants to see me play Train Sim World
for an hour, right? So what I always like to do is, cut the
gameplay recording down to just some nice bits that give you a good idea of
what the DLC is all about. Personally I really like routes like this, both in
Train Sim World and Train Simulator, these busy, big city passenger routes
where you have to stick to a timetable This Long Island Rail Road route looks
great, as does the M7 train, there’s also a decent amount of AI activity here so
yeah the whole route feels very busy and alive and I guess it all kind of looks
like the real thing, but I’m not really the right person to say that since I only
know this area and these trains from film and photographs, but yeah to me it
looks pretty accurate but if anyone who’s from this area
disagrees with me then well then I’m wrong and they’re right,
simple.. If you only play Train Sim World and not
Train Simulator 2020 (or 20xx), then you probably don’t know my channel yet
because this is my first video completely dedicated to a TSW route. I’ve
only done one other video that included TSW which I posted last week, which was
my TS2020 vs TSW video, but from now on I’ll start creating both TSW and TS2020 videos, because I’m really into both these simulators so yea it’s pretty
time-consuming but it’s a lot of fun too so yeah while I was busy making this TSW
video, I’ve also been working on a new TS2020 video which will be online soon after this one.
I’ve had a YouTube channel dedicated to Train Simulator for almost a year now I
think, but it’s only been maybe three months that I’ve been using on my own
voice in these videos and I’m doing a lot more editing and adding a lot more
information and tutorials and stuff so yeah it’s a lot more fun to make it a
bit more advanced than just me playing a game and uploading
that, but yeah it takes a lot of time too so I’m not able to upload stuff on a
daily basis or anything and as I’ve said in several of my videos now, I’m not from
any English-speaking country so I always spend some extra time writing some
subtitles for my videos, not these weird automatic subtitles from
YouTube, no I just write them myself just make it a bit easier for
everyone to understand it. English is just, well at least for many people, it’s
the main language of the Internet (sorry about that, Simplified-Chinese) so
yeah to me it makes sense to make videos in English and not in the two
other languages that I speak, which are Norwegian and Dutch (not exactly the
biggest languages out there). Anyway that explains why you might be wondering
”..Where the H*** is this guy from?”. And for all the little kids who are watching
this video, H is for HELLO 🙂 Okay well that brings us to the end of
this Long Island Railroad / M7 video, I hope it gave you a good idea of what
this DLC looks like. If you like passenger routes you should definitely
get this one. And if you like my videos be sure to subscribe. Thank you for
watching. See ya.

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