Tucker Carlson has some issues with New York City and its mayor

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-One things we’ve always
been consistent about — from the first day ’til today —
is making fun of Bill de Blasio. -The city is dirty,
and it’s getting dirtier. One of my producers told me
just yesterday that he was
in a crowded subway car, and a man dropped his trousers and defecated
in the middle of the car. Every time I go,
under your mayorship, it is dirtier,
there’s filth on the sidewalks. Do you notice any of that? You endorse decriminalizing
public urination. You weakened the sanction
against public urination. Is defecating on the sidewalk
grounds to be arrested? This city smells like urine. -No.
-Do you notice that? -To protect all of us.
-You get free bodyguards. -No, no, no, no, no.
-I don’t. Don’t “no, no, no” me, Mr.
Mayor. -By definition,
if you’re a public servant — -You got bodyguards
living in your house. I know some of the bodyguards
living at your house. Will you pledge not to allow
your bodyguards to carry any weapon
that you would — -I won’t even have bodyguards.
-Oh, of course you will. -I don’t plan on having any.
-Yes, you will. -No, no, no. You don’t have
to have bodyguards. -Oh, yes you will.
-Are you — -They need in general. But assault weapons do not —
-Oh, okay. -The magnitude here
speaks otherwise. Again, let’s take —
-Can you name one? -I don’t play these games.
I don’t play these games. Here’s the question.
-It’s not a game. It’s a question. You are arguing across
what I’m saying. You’re ignoring what I’m saying.
-No. Any sense because I spent —
-It makes sense to me. How can you run a city
of eight million and run for President
at the same time? Like, honestly, how can you?
You Superman? How can you take an SUV
to the gym? -It’s a Chrysler Pacifica.
-It’s bugged me for years. -It’s a Pacifica.
-Yeah? -It’s a hybrid electric. -But should the climate have
to pay the cost for that? -Oh, come on. It’s a few miles,
and it’s handled. -“Oh, come on”? What do you mean?
“Oh, come on”? -If I took the
subway anywhere — -I’m gonna use that next time I get lectured
about climate change. “Oh, come on.”
-No, no, no, no, no. -I like that.


  1. Universal income may well be the door to a dystopian slave future. How long do you think those monthly allotments would be “free”? How would the ruling class eventually harness all of that untapped human energy? What are the jobs robots can’t do? Just wondering.

  2. Tucker and Donnie have the same limited competence in a debate and they employ identical tactics. Political discourse from the American right has devolved into raised voices, sloganeering, name calling, interrupting, and put downs. Ad hominem attacks and outright lying are just stock in trade. What a cuntery! – Yakov Smirnoff

  3. When are you going to come out of the closet Carlson? At the gay bar near your work the guys giggle and talk about getting 'Tuckered' in the washroom. None have had 'the full Swanson' yet but once youre 'out' maybe you can reconcile with Pete B.

  4. When Tucker Carlson gives us his perturbed frown, he looks like some poor cretin trying to figure out the sum of 2+2 while having a dump.

  5. i realize this is a highly edited clip, but seems Carlson won't stop talking long enough to let de Blasio explain any points! I consider myself a progressive conservative, and have seen this first hand in the great state of Kansas. It seems if it's something a Trumper believes, whatever you say is shouted down.

  6. The people living in New York have issues with New York and Bill de Blasio. The decadent elite whom look down on the little people don’t have any quarrels mind you.

  7. He hates New York so much why doesnt he find a job somewhere else then? Its a major city: your going to see public urination and nudity. Every city in the world has the same sort of problems. And these are not major problems at all.

  8. Tucker Carlson spends most of his day on his knees in front of Humpty Trumpty. He's sold his soul to Satan and is a walking, talking human joke of a man.

  9. Is this the fake news station that serves as a mouth piece for the orange pea brain in the White House! Fox News reporters wouldnt know journalims if you smacked them with a newspaper!

  10. What a loser and a plagiarist. Can’t even come up with his own compelling campaign policy and have to steal from Andrew Yang!s policy. Shameless. He puts the dirty in politician.

  11. De Blassio bad-mouthed his own police force, accusing them of racism and profiling. He's partly responsible for the incident in Harlem where civilians threw water on cops.

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