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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] thank you so much to love beauty and planet for sponsoring this video [Music] [Music] so as you guys know I’ve been talking about being more eco conscious when it comes to your daily habits pretty much in every video because kind of change is so real and it’s something that’s approaching us very fast and I want to kind of instill the idea into you guys that you’ll have to do a major changes even the smallest things can make a big change at the end of it when they all add up and what I haven’t tried to do is kind of switch out some of the products in my daily routine into more like sustainable options because if it’s a product that I’m consuming a lot and I’m using really frequently I want to feel better about the choices I make when it comes to my daily product lineup so this video is sponsored by love beauty and Planet because I have so much respect for their mission and their purpose as a brand which is to basically make small acts of love that’s what they call them so they’re taking small steps to a more cleaner and greener planet any products that you can use in the shower hair care products deodorants and they do this while focusing on the life cycle of their products and also how they’re affecting the planet so they use post-consumer cycle materials to create they’re 100% recyclable bottles they’re vegan cruelty free diving paraben free and they use cents infused with an ethically sourced oil this is the coconut water and memos of flower shampoo and conditioner they smell so good they moisturize your hair and make it feel super soft the shampoo is 92% naturally derived and the conditioner is 97% naturally derived we like that on this channel they basically care about what’s happening once they create a product like where they’re getting their ingredients from the packaging what happens to the bottle after the consumer is finished with it this is a love beauty and planet coconut oil and nee ylang ylang or pear oil it’s infused with virgin coconut oil that helps repair your hair and nourishes it you can put it on before or after wash and it’ll just make your hair more smooth this is the coconut milk and white jasmine hairspray and it smells really good it’s jasmine and it’s ethically derived so I’m just going to kind of spray this to the bottoms of my roots to give my hair a little bit more volume a link love beauty and penance website down below so you can check out the other products that they have on their line more companies you should be like this more companies should care about the effects that their products have on the planet because if there is nobody left to live on the planet you’re not gonna have a lot of people to sell your products to I think I’m gonna put a little bit of makeup on and then get started with my day I really don’t wear a lot of makeup during the summer so just can’t be bothered moisturizing is important I add a little bit of concealer and then literally use my fingers to blend it because recently I feel like using my finger has just made my makeup look a lot more natural and then I said everything also doubles a sunscreen that’s my whole makeup routine for the summer I’m in my car now I’m on my way to a meeting that I have with my manager that was the most la sentence that ever came out of my mouth but it is true I should have to be there in 9 minutes and I’m 16 tips away so there’s just a lot of traffic so just had my meeting with Jake Jake is my manager for those of you that don’t know it went super well a lot of big things coming super exciting this year has been crazy for a we literally when I say that I am not kidding it’s 12 p.m. I still haven’t even anything today so I’m trying to get some food at me since I haven’t been in LA for like two months everything sounds so appetizing to me because I’m like oh my god that in so long but that’s literally me about everything let’s get this party started Hey Joseph picks me up Joseph you guys we do a little car switcheroo I just rode his house and now he’s driving and we’re going to my favorite sushi restaurant in Los Angeles it’s 12:45 which means they have their lunch special I’m ready did you hear he’s ready there’s a green light in the parking meter honey when it’s was it Hey oh you want to try to eat in eight minutes maybe we can do it we came home after lunch this is my dog Jack always likes to have his good side on camera so Joe left us Jax he’s like the audacity to leave me anyways I’m just hanging out in our front yard swinging away it’s a really nice day out so I just want to sit outside and I invited some of my friends and they’re coming over like I’ve been on your channel at effeminate hey guys I missed you we’re gonna get ramen and that’s that slurp [Music] I’m so I was gonna have a heart attack izzy is slurping i just got home from hanging out with my friends not to go through all these boxes because i sold a bunch of things online like used clothing which is also another very sustainable way of buying clothes anyways i sold a bunch of stuff online while i was away on vacation so now have to ship everything out so i’m trying to do that before 5 p.m. before the post office closes let’s see if i can do this so literally made a bunch of packages like this one and then realize the post office closes at 1:00 today sir now we’re going to the movies but first a little puppy wanted to go on a walk joe don’t you think it should be illegal to go to the movies and like not comfy clothes yeah if you’re going to movies in jean it’s like going on to the airport jeans on it’s not allowed like they should even sell you a ticket if you show up in a dress and we saw once upon a time in hollywood it was a crazy movie with like literally all the best actors in the whole world directed by one of the best directors in the world so it was kind of impossible for it to be bad but it was a little longer than i expected it was almost three hours and i didn’t know that going in and now I’m just super tired I’m gonna do some editing on my computer and then probably go to bed so that’s what a typical summer day in LA looks like for me obviously every day is different sometimes I have other things going on unless it’s like a filming slash like very busy editing day I usually like to hang out with my friends go do something fun with my boyfriend eat a lot while hanging out with the cutest puppy in the whole entire world thank you guys so much for watching this video thank you to love beauty and planet for sponsoring this video oh my god I just realized my bracelet broke that’s sad don’t forget to subscribe hit that Bell so you know when I upload and I will see you guys in my next video I love you guys so much all the way to Pluto and back I

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