1. any one who pretends to be atheist and supports a theocracy is a jew proxy that fights for zion the pussy lion their fucking everywhere after mossads 9/11/01 just what we need zionist atheist preachers hoping to lead the new religion first order of business post pone morality till you get what you want::)))lmfaao

  2. @pat condell, You will see Jesus shortly. You need a relationship with Jesus; pray. Even though you're atheist, you have spiritual values unlike an animal wich just fights to survive/eat.

  3. What does it matter Americans can't vote anyway presidents are selected not elected even FDR said that if voting matter they wouldn't let you do it it's all a charade

  4. Well Pat, I was waiting for you to show what you have in common with the left wing progressives and you did deliver…you are both atheists.

  5. Thank God America clings to God… You say youre not bigoted, but I hear a lot sarcasm aimed at Christians…… That is what made America great, and kept it great until we started turning away from God…. the America I knew growing up disappeared the last two decades…. Trump is restoring what has been lost…. You seem to think people going to church on Sunday and reading the Bible is a bad thing… Take away God and the morality our founding fathers understood was needed was in God, take that away and or country would be like Europe… A Free people just be a moral people to make it work. in fact you can see the atheists, their the ones covering their faces and rioting in our streets… their the ones actively fighting against free speech. Their the ones that of your not part of their collective hive mind then you must be a racist, facists Make a video about the God things it gave to. I suppose if it wasn't For the persecution of Protestant Christians in Britain that forced them to seek refuge here, we wouldn't be the America you know… Christianity wouldn't have had any influence on our founding fathers, many who are Christian in name only. Our rights wouldn't come from God and can't be taken away, they would come from government… Yes even in our constitution And declaration of Independence God is there…

  6. I would love to debate this guy on ID v darwinian evolution. The gut has the right to believe what he wants but he is unequivocally wrong about the Bible.

  7. Looks like to me, Britan has rejected Christianity in favor of Islam. Please let us know here in the "United States Of Jesus," how this is working out for you and Britan. Keep in touch. Angry Christian.

  8. You have every right to believe, or not believe,anything you like…God gives you that choice, I certainly will…, however, it is incumbent upon me, as a born again Christian, to inform you of the consequence of your belief, or lack thereof, you see, Jesus Christ is real, He is the One and Only True and Living God; your disbelief doesn't change that fact…reject Him and He will reject you, receive Him and He will receive you…there are two paths you can go by, one leads to eternal life and one leads to eternal damnation and hell fire…and yeah, that's a fact, too, no matter what you believe…

  9. Religion must be accepted and understood under the light of what it represents, not the theology behind it! Jews use the kipa on their heads to remind them that they are down to earth humans separated from the above the earth God! Theology must not guide their lives, but only the laws God represents! Love of God is translated to love for following the law! This is the real thing for building healthy persons and healthy societies! Believing in devine mysteries or any god (one or many) is pure idolatry!

  10. This gentleman is a man of true honor but his so o.o cked sharp sense of humor will trip up the self righteous every time. Thars what gets the bad mail sent in. I also do afraid no ones noticed that we in the United States are also beholden to the word and doctrine of the U.N. that will put a quick end to any attempt to save any nation from Islam or even allow a civil war to take place the membership commits the country to the new world order and unless that changes nothing the Europeans do will matter in the end. You can read the advent notes on their website right now. Of course of we were to dissolve the mebership and our support…….

  11. Intelligent design is not a stupid idea it's one of the few things that keep me an agnostic rather than an atheist. However it still doesn't prove anything, especially that one religion or another is not complete obvious bullshit.

  12. There is overwhelming evidence for evoloution…God..not so much ( if any)…but unfortunately it doesn't matter to the "faithful"..faith..definition..belief in something without any evidence (just feeling something I s true isn't enough

  13. Atheist should be thanking Christians for the freest country man has ever known. Or one could always turn to a secular leader like Kim Jon Un

  14. If there is no God then all is valid,all is legitimate and all can be excused and you are playing god by taking sides and using the terms right and wrong,if there is no God who are you to decide,even though you may disagree with the results of a certain behavior and there may be a consensus but because there is no ultimate judge all is valid,all is legitimate and all can be excused…..you argue against behavior and ideology because you don't like the results and those you argue against feel the same way and in a world with no ultimate judge they have every right and reason to do so.

  15. "Die a horrible death"? That's not very Christian, is it? NO! Very Christian is more like the schadenfraude attained by reveling in the joy of the assumption that you and I will be suffering in unbearable agony for eternity. That should get your mind off what a horrible death you suffered. Come on Xtians we know how much you hate us for our lack of bigotory. Stop putting on this false freindly, curry favoring faccade and trying to use glurge and shmaltz for repentance bait. "Die a horible death" Pftttt! Stop humping my leg FFS.

  16. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
    57 American flags representative of each of the 57 States!!!
    *Good to see that Punahou Highschool (rich, expensive Caucasian & Japanese private school) education at work, Obama!

  17. Im a christian.i was babtized as a babtist.im not a church going christian.my faith is my own.i believe in god jesus and the bible.i pray to god on my own,when i want to.i dont need a church to have a relationship with the lord god almighty.i have that relationship already.im glad we have a president that brought god back into the whitehouse and back to America.obama was not christian and practised his islamic faith in the whitehouse and had all christian things removed from the wh.i do think theres extreme christians and even they scare me.

  18. I gave up on church a long time ago. I got sick and tired of these other fringe subscriber religions telling me I need to find Jesus. I didn't know he was lost. The worst of this fringe faiths are the jehovas witnesse.even worse are the happy cappy "Jesus your name is wonderful "
    To that I say "fuck off.no it's not its Jesus for fuck sake.are you lot trying to rewrite the bible I was raised as an Anglican. Not a Baptist or methodist. None of those let's deny evolution and go for the creation angle tell a few pork pies and make a ton of cash on the process.and another thing that drove me away from religion are the lies around allowing Jesus into my heart. It can't be done.its physically impossible I'd look like a beached whale carrying all thar extra weight around. And then there's the lie about paradise where man and beast are friends. .all those flowery cheesey images in the watch tower magazines. It's a lie please say it's a big lie which you know only too well to be anything but.if we didn't have the happy cappy brigade I'd probably reconcider and may even go for readmitted to the local
    Anglican church. But it's too late
    I'll never set foot in a house of God again.ive been scared off god for life after hearing some of the stuff he's capable of.stop telling lies.i might reconcider my stance

  19. 1:32 "I just don't think that anyone who's looking forward to 'the afterlife' is qualified to run any country." That's right–only death-worshipping, rapture seeking christians will ever be elected president in jesus country.

  20. I can't believe I've only just seen this. Pat, you're what used to be called a proper caution. And good for you!

  21. The after life. Well ok yes maybe it does exist. Join ones deceased loved ones up in lala land sitting on a cloud playing a guitar jamming with long gone legends like jimi hendrix. Hank williams and getting more grief from both sets of grand parents and all my uncles. And not forgetting aer kid along with my ex her mum and aunt Maggie. Boy am I in for a party and a half.but that's for luck later. Right now I've got to decide should I give up my current life style and surrender to Jesus. You know the guy that had a second name I think it started with " Wand ended with full. Oh that's right Jesus your name is wonderful. Then again we've got religious nut cases in te U.S.A that are religious fanatics these emmy award winners are to be found in the white house and the pentagon .and these maniacs even run bible study groups. Not for me I'd much sooner trying to sin than hearing some pointless drival about creation and the two silly sods that scoffed the "forbidden fruit maybe god was going to make his own cider or even scrumpy. Now there's a thought for ya .then there's the bigger multi million pound question the big C word. Creation .well ok according to these Nobel prize winners the earth was created 6000 years ago. No it wasn't. So where does that stand with all the fossils and the frozen mammoth carcases found on Siberia.and the fossilized remains of dinosaurs? Along with the ice ages .and not to mention the rather large astoroid that lost its way changed course and smashed into earth thus wiping out our dinosaur friends and leaving a ginormous hole in the earth's crust and that big dent in the Gulf of Mexico. so it does prove that creation is just a load of old bollocks and doesn't prove anything at all except these people can't be trusted with our faith or in my case lack there of

  22. Pat is a guy who wants peace yet pushes for Irish Independence and wants the abolition of the EU. He also fervently pushed for Brexit because he wants solidarity. Pat says a lot, and he can't keep track of his contradictions. In a previous video he called Ireland poor, and claimed that the EU was taking advantage of it. When in fact Ireland is not a poor country at all. He supports Israel, yet hates Muslims. Even though Muslims controlled Jerusalem for many centuries. He'd have you believe that Saladin was an evil monster. Not even remotely true.

  23. The old Islamic world was ahead of its time. There were centers for higher learning and libraries in places like Baghdad. Advanced written language that had existed since and before the Babylonians. Turkey is the border of what is now the Islamic world and that is the place where Greek culture really came from. There is no Palestinian and Israel conflict because both regions have the same history. Israel is Palestine and Palestine is Israel. Judaism and Islam are not in conflict.

  24. Religion is a poisonous superstitious idelogy that has and currently causing so many ills of the world, like poverty, wars, ignorance etc. As Pat mentions in the video just look at India , the Middle East etc to see how religion is causing so much problems.

  25. Nothing created everything? For how clever and intelligent you are, Iโ€™m a bit surprised that you subscribe to the idea of evolution.

  26. Pat, us two are going through the same thing; don't worry be ANTI American! what is "American patriot?" RELIGION is a mental illness.

  27. Excuse me Pat. But America was founded on the Cross of Christ. The Mayflower Compact said so. America's founding was a final chapter of the Protestant Reformation. James I kicked the Pilgrims out remember.
    America's greatness was because we were blessed by God, He prospered us He made us great. America is great because America is good. but when she ceaces to be good, she ceaces to be great.
    Which is what's happoning. America is wallowing in corruption, sodomy and abortacide. Our days are numbered.

  28. Let's establish that men with an idea like ( one way) followed by ( real hell and hevean) and with no proof have always proven themselves to be dangerous, sectarian, divisive and arrogant, culturally and personally.

    Let's dent real miracles and live superstitions. Let's end Christianity.

  29. Most advanced country? Um—no. This is an American saying this. Oh, right: that was tongue-in-cheek too. Great essay! Love to watch you deliver. Fast-forward 11 years and, thanks to our vote-rigging thugs, we have a pretend Christian-zealot president. "Two Corinthians walk into a bar…" haha! You nailed it.

  30. 20,000 Americans in a poll taken some years ago stated that Jesus Christ was the greatest US citizen ever. Homer Simpson,a cartoon character came third I believe. Make up your own mind as to where the higher level of brain death has occurred.

  31. There is a God in Heร ven . I will pray for you. quote from movie [for those who believe no prof is necessary those who don't those no proof is possible.

  32. Religion clearly provides a set of rules that are better than having no rules. It is people who live by no rules that cause the greatest harm in the world because human nature is easily corrupted.

  33. I'm in the US and I don't see you as anti-American. This country is divided anyway. And I'm not religious. However, I have zero problems with a Christmas tree in my kids school, because I have no issues with Christianity as it is now. I have a problem with stone-age rigid beliefs that condone insane punishments etc..That being said, we currently have a separation between church and state. But for how long? If we pay attention to Europe, they're allowing Sharia into law. That's a little scary. Mainly because it's forcing a belief. And we all know how that ended for Iran in 1979. Once upon a time, Iran was 'with the times'…then the loonies took over and the women are shrouded in sheets. So YES….it can happen again…anywhere. Especially with crazy third wave feminists running around with their vaginas out and actually PUSHING to wear a burka…if that's not an oxymoron…I don't know what is?!?! As far as Christianity…I've never met an actual Christian. What I mean is…I've never met ONE SINGLE PERSON…who followed the bible word for word. I see women teaching men, women with short hair, kids disrespecting their parents and not being stoned etc…personally, I think a lot of Christians have never even read that book. Which is fine. They take what they need and leave the rest. But then…they aren't really true believers. They just think they are. They want to believe, but only on their terms…not the bibles. And again…that's fine…because if they followed it in its entirety, we'd have two looney religions to deal with. Because they'd be just like the Islamic extremists who actually are following a stone-age and primitive book…word for word. In truth, the Quran and the Bible have very similar passages. The difference is, the Christians have done a reformation of their book. Meaning they changed their interpretation of 'the word of God'…to fit their modern lives. It says right on the front cover 'King James Version'…as in NOT God's version. Of course….there are several versions of the word of God though…right? So get with it Islam…rewrite your book…why not? Humans wrote the first version too. It's not like it's new territory. And leave religion out of law. Personal belief is PERSONAL BELIEF…

  34. We're not the most advance country though. I think Japan is. Have you seen their cities..holy crap…they have everything. Japans on my bucket list.;)

  35. You might name is William and I believe that we need Jesus in America again today if we don't wear in trouble allegiance I told you regions Tenafly of the United States of America to public for Richardson one nation under God in divisible energy and justice for all we need Jesus in America otherwise Americus going to go to hell I know that I feel it we we need Jesus it's important p poograteful we need to set up and say no more b***** we need to stand up and say Jesus we need Jesus no more evilness really want Jesus in the White House

  36. No words suffice to express the stupidity of Americans.
    Except those so eloquently expressed here.
    A Nation of Prime Assholes and easily-assimilated Drones steeped in their Jesus-Cult.
    Plant Earth 6000 years old??
    Insanity. End Of.

  37. Pat, I don't believe in you. I've never met you but I've heard of you and I'm watching a movie where someone who calls himself Pat Condell talks to people he thinks, or should I say, believes, are listening to his words and taking those words as Gospel.


    Anybody there?

  38. Yep. You hit your head on the nail this time, Pat. Gringos are so stuck on Jesus that they'll kill each other over it. They don't see that their imposition of ultra-conservative, end-times so-called Christian religionism throughout the government & right down to the courts is no different from imposition of ultra-conservative, end-times Islamic fundamentalist religionism. Nope. Gringos are so goddamn stupid that they can barely think of anything more than Jesus from sunup to sundown and all hours of the day and night in between. Even the fentanyl suicides are in love with Jesus. Just ask 'em how many times they've prayed at those rehab parlours that sprout up inside the churches. Oh, that's right. There ain't none. 'Cause Jesus don't do drugs. He loves country music and rhinestone cowboys and professional politicians and people as long as people give their money to the megachurches. Yeah, Jesus. THe United States of Jesus indeed.

  39. Iโ€™m an atheist trying hard to be a Christian. All those beautiful spacious Cathedrals in our cities, all those old Churches in villages, with one fine Church in every town. All pretty empty!

  40. Churches are churches. Itโ€™s good to have Prayer & Meditation, community spirit, childcare, dancing, yoga and singing……er….(without the Father, son & Holy Ghost).
    Jesus: The vertical path of Jesus beats Marxism in any form so the allegorical teachings of Jesus are splendid. His main message was love, compassion and forgiveness.
    And the image of Mother Mary holding a baby to her breast, yes thatโ€™s right, openly suckling, is enough without words. As for being a Virgin, the true meaning should be as in virgin land, virgin forest; sexual, cyclical, in tune with nature, a birthplace and paradise for rearing children and the flourishing of wildlife. Virgin forest in tune with Nature. Not controlled by man (โ€˜manโ€™ being โ€˜a manโ€™, โ€˜menโ€™ as a sex or โ€˜mankindโ€™, as any destroyer of either sex, any greedy capitalist controller who ignores externalities and destroys, burns, dredges etc).
    There is a skeletal framework throughout Great Britain of Churches with wonderful, huge and unique bells, pubs with beer, bars and nooks & crannies. The pubs are being lost at a rate of 2/day (?) and Churches are empty. Letโ€™s reclaim them.

  41. Hey Stenonychosaurus was an intelligent Dinosaur! That very minor gripe aside, I agree with your points. Intelligent Design is just stupid in particular.

  42. yeah no matter what you say over here you are either a nazi or the devil and whatever else you offend …

  43. You nailed it, Pat. I am an American.โ€œJust think of how stupid the average American person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider!โ€George Carlin

  44. True world peace will not come until we as a hole come together as one, and wake up to the fact that we don't need governments and religion's to dictate to us their ideologies and lies. Remember money is mearly the tool to trap humanity into a dept society, and therefore easier to munipulat and control!

  45. I disagree with you on the morality that Christianity has taken the U.S. Because of the United States moral strengh, that had had given the lifestyle that created the economic machine that it is, you and all Brits are not farting kraut and speaking German today. Other than your inconsiderate rant about the greatest nation on earth because of it's moral Christian likestyle, I agree with most of what you say.

  46. that's the real paradox in the west world these days. I'm a very liberal person, I don't have any preference to the "conservative religious values". but these days the "leftists" go crazy about islam……. besides, in terms of economy, I'm a bit on the "right-leaning" side. but those really conservative nearly fundamentalist christians are not that better than muslims. however I have the hope that in general europeans are "enlightened" people. there are not so many "fundamentalist christians" anymore. I really know quite some committed christians who are very kind loving and without any prejudice about the issues of gays or abortion etc. sometimes, a true liberal has to fight together with the conservatives against the true enemy of our freedom — these days, namely islam. actually this fact is very sad.

  47. Oh those silly Christians….believing that the beauty, complexity and order of the universe was created by intelligent energy. Atheist view of life, intelligence, consciousness and matter being created from a sterile lifeless void sounds so much more legitimate…..if atheists could only prove first cause scientifically it would be much better. I guess biased unproven opinion trumps science when it suits your narrative, right?

  48. Well Put Mr Condell
    Your diatribes have a wonderfully witty, yet straight to the point sarcastic flair that never fails to make me guffaw. Thanks … from an american.

  49. โ€˜America is like a dinosaur … a massive powerful animal with a tiny brainโ€™. Bloody marvellous stuff.

  50. I'm an American and I look at religious freedom as an important right that has been granted to us by the Constitution. In no way should that religious freedom Trump one's personal freedom. This country was founded on one brilliant idea. Personal freedom and personal responsibility. We have lost all of that and now sitting in legislate our freedoms away for comfort and convenience.

  51. As a Jew, an anthropologist and archaeologist…..I am also a Right Wing Republican thay does not believe life started 6000 years ago. Hey I probably would vote for Jesus cause I dont see him as the Liberal you see him as. Enough of the nonsense. Please stop beating up my great nation. With all our faults we still are the greatest nation on gods green earth.

  52. 1:22 Enjoy your wit, but actually, you cannot prove that God doesn't exist either. It swings both ways. Sorry but subscribing to the idea that this whole thing, is one big , happy (or unhappy) accident, is kind of stupid as well. There's far too many natural patterns, symbiotic relationships, to be "fooled" into thinking this is just how the dust settled. BTW, I doubt Europe and subsequently , America, would have produced anything close to the successes we've enjoyed without Christianity.

  53. Pat, why give opinion on the US. Stick to your own reality which is already mixed up big time (brexit, disconformity for your political ruling class, muslim invasion with praise for sharia law, etc, etc, etc …). Donโ€™t try to be an expert on USA like Piers Morgan did on CNN or that other english moron on Saturday Night Live. Stick to your own atheist reality in Europe and England which I believe is suffice for now! … Peace ๐Ÿ˜‰

  54. Now ten years later everyone is doing everything they can to get rid of Christianity, I hope your happy Pat.

  55. this is new trend 60year old guys doing conspiracy teories and making people nervous. just andropause your thing is gone my dady dont worry you can have sex with jesus in heaven

  56. Heaven and Hell were invented to bribe or scare the spirit and money from the gullible. If you believe the old book, your enemies will swim in a lake of fire, while you wade and frolic in your ocean of blood.

  57. I don't understand why atheists even utter anything about Jesus. I listen to you about many subjects and think you are articulate and smart.
    I do notice how calloused you can be. No empathy.

  58. The tragic Truth is that we have become utterly enslaved by Lobotomized Leftist Liberal Lunkheads. They police high school and college campuses-the up-and-coming youth of America who have been so thoroughly indoctrinated by Liberal idiocy, they no longer believe in the right of freedom of speech. Rather, they spend their days doing drive-by snatchings of other students' MAGA hats, all the while stridently proclaiming that it is THEY who are being abused and denied their rights because, back by popular demand, the Law is timidly reasserting its power, and finding the hat-snatchers guilty of assault and theft. I am SO grateful for the anaemic transfusion of Resistance which is taking America OFF Democratic life support and forcing those of us who are sick and tired of the Politically Correct Liberals to assume responsibility for the attempted murder of the Constitution. Yes, the thrice-cursed Liberals, who have come so
    terrifyingly CLOSE to euthanizing AMERICA'S Civil Rights…THESE are the ones who want to take away America's self-respect, and reduce us all to the level of cheap whores, performing devoted political fellatio upon all muslims, Black Lives Matter representatives,etc. while simultaneously taking the labels of "racists", "Islamophobes" and "White Supremacists" up the rear fundament. We just can't make these arseholes happy….!!!

  59. The Founding fathers of the United States were wise for separating State & Religion. The Medieval Catholic Church & John Calvin's Geneva Switzerland in the mid-1500s proved that giving Political Power to Holy Men makes them Unholy. Christianity has largely figured that out & has given Atheists & Agnostics the right to have & follow their beliefs.

  60. America is the only country who can lead this planet to a better future. God bless America…from India.

  61. I didn't think it was possible for me to laugh harder.
    Then I shat meself.
    BTW, you're in good company. Frank Zappa was firm in his belief, that the world is made up – mostly – of stupidity.
    Good on you, man!

  62. Love ya, pat…. but Iโ€™m seeing how wrong you were, this once. Having been hijacked by the Irreiligious Left, this country might have been better off with a cross on the flag, after all.At least we wouldnโ€™t be โ€œabortingโ€ viable babies in their eighth month.

  63. Hi Pat. Here is an American who thinks you are spot on in most all the clips I have watched. Keep up the good work.

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