United States Throws Venezuela Into Chaos

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  1. TYT dan pena y lastima malditos socialistas de mierda. Antes de decir nada hagan su maldito trabajo como periodistas e investiguen lo que en verdad esta pasando en Venezuela. Dan asco. La intervención militar es el único medio dísponible que queda para que Maduro salga del poder. Ponganse del lado correcto de la historia.

  2. Decisions are allowed to be complex. It doesn't have to be purely for oil profits or humanitarian purposes. It could be for all of the above and many more reasons. Maduro choose to starve his people by not allowing aids to enter. How could anybody defend this?

  3. Venezuelans supporting Maduro are siding against their own best interest. Because they like Maduro it doesn't mean he isn't doing bad things to them. Think Trump.

  4. Actually or government wouldn't give 2 shits about this little country but sense some banks invested $2.8 billion worth of Pdvsa bonds now we are interested. Among the large holders of Pdvsa bonds are BlackRock, T. Rowe Price, Fidelity, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman's, and Ashmore, an emerging market specialist based in London. They are betting that the government will use its dwindling supply of dollars to pay bondholders instead of importing food and medicine for its people. These bond aren't even from the gov but from venezuela oil company. The banks aren't even from the U.S. but from Europe. I guess you could say we are Europes bitch. Sad thing is we'll spend millions if not billion of your tax dollars getting involved over there debt because of these bond.

  5. The US having its own interests in "helping" the Venezuelan people does not mean the actions of the US are wrong. If I personally go to North Korea, overthrow Kim Jong-Un and install a healthy democratic system, would it be wrong if I did it because some North Korean billionaire paid me $ to do it?

    As long as the aid being given through official means is free of guns and other smuggled unreported items (and they could easily check them before letting them in), the reasons for US aid don't matter at all.

  6. You are completely WRONG in Saying Maduro has more support than juan guaido. 80% of people want Maduro gone and they don't care if the US get the oil private thanks to 20 years of dictatorship and rigged elections. The opposition tried all the democratic ways to get the freedom back and it didn't work so we need a military intervention!

  7. Bad title TYT, not accurate. Clickbait… This event didnt throw Venezuela into Chaos! LMFAO! It through a a little border crossing in a big country into Chaos, for a few hours, not to mention it took place in Columbia! LMFAO!

  8. Cenk; "I Dont See Why He Wouldnt Take The Aid", "I Know The Aids A Trick", I Dont See Why He Wouldnt Take The Aid"
    Are you kidding me? LMFAO!
    And why dont you bother to mention the Maduro is excepting Aid From Russia, As Well As Other Countries??? Why???

    And while I'm here, Why arent you covering Tulsi Gabbard??? Seriously… Why???

  9. Facts:1) Trump wanted to invade Venezuela in 2017 2) Pence told Quaido US would support him before he declared himself president 3) US sanctions & holding BILLIONS in Venezuela's assets 4) Trump refused to remove US ambassadors after they were expelled 5) Trump put Elliot Abrams, war criminal, in charge 6*) Trump Refused Mediation/resolution 7) Food possible cover for weapons shipped from US in secret, Red Cross refused to be part 8) Bolton, Cuba & Nicaragua next 9) Situation bad before Maduro election 10) China, Mexico & Russia oppose US intervention 11)"Pink" is the only opposition in US 12) Iran, Russian alliance & Trump's dissolution of INS. Putin didn't know Trump was so unstable.

  10. You guys are disgusting. How come you don't bring Aby Martin or Aaron Mate to discuss these issues?

    You are repeating CIA propaganda by saying Maduro is a dictator.

    TYT has become disgusting. Why don't you go work for CNN or MSNBC? You're just repeating the same propaganda they spew all day. At lease you would make more money.

    No surprise TYT was able to produce such geniuses as Dave Rubin

  11. I don't agree with this. Stop throwing my country under the bus. If you live here, you should consider relocation since you express such disdain for our United States

  12. The UN Charter, articles 1 and 2, especially article 2 paragraph 3, prohibits not only the use of force to change the government of another sovereign, non-threatening nation, but even the THREAT of the use of force.
    The US administration is consequently already breaking international law, which is nothing new. And where are the Democrats on this? Right alongside the imperialist rightwing, which is nothing new either and quite predictable (remember Iraq, Libya, Syria?).

  13. Let's be honest, shall we? The US concerns about Venezuela HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH HUMAN RIGHTS, and ALL TO DO WITH VENEZUELA HAVING THE LARGEST OIL RESERVES IN THE WORLD. If the US was concerned about human rights, it wouldn't kiss Saudi ass, considering that the Saudi thugs (the self-proclaimed royals) are among the worst human rights violators in the WORLD, and have been for DECADES. But you can bet your ass that if the Saudis hadn't let US and British oil companies take part in the oil industry development in their country, we would then have shown "grave concerns" about their totally undemocratic and oppressive form of government, and "regime change" would have been in order.

  14. And why is it that the latest report on Venezuela by the UN Rapporteur On Human Rights is ABSOLUTELY IGNORED by all the media, including TYT? Because it completely contradicts the on-going narrative about human rights violations and dictatorship in Venezuela. Which shows that TYT is truly moving towards the center in politics, if it wan't there already from the start.

  15. If I was Maduro.. I would be stopping all trucks at the border and inspecting for weapons. If the USA is smuggling weapons, Maduro is missing the opportunity to seize them for his own forces and also provide proof of foulplay.

  16. did you ask yourself why oil producing country like Venezuela got food shortage and poverty.
    the US government is withholding oil money of Venezuela and refuse to release which they can spend on their country,

  17. If Trump and Republicans really cared about the people of Venezuela they’d let them seek safety and asylum in the United States

  18. The reason why Venezuela is in the position their in the first place the USA and England has put hard sanction on them and England will not give them back their gold

  19. The USA sanctions against Venezuela have created this crisis. Just lift the sanctions, get out of Venezuela, and let the Venezuelans work out their own political system. Simple.

  20. Joined as a member, and agree with you on Venezuela, which is why I just had to ask: why are you seemingly joining the MSM blackout of Tulsi Gabbard? I get that Ben doesn’t like her, but on Venezuela and the military industrial complex she is far and away the strongest voice (moreso than Bernie even who has been a bit weaksauce on this) while supporting a progressive policy platform at home.

    Heck almost every progressive channel BUT you covered her calm but crushing smackdown on “The View” of McCain and Navarro’s warmongering and desire for CIA/U.S. sponsored coups. I’ve seen you give the “x person DESTROYS y person” vid treatment to far less newsworthy clips. What gives?

  21. Just 8 months ago, Ana said 'its not just one factor thats causing the crisis', yet now she, and TYT, are happy to dump all the blame at the US' doorastep? Cry me a river, you shameless propagandisers.

  22. Yeah! Damn those Yankee imperialists and there (checks news report) humanitarian convoys filled with food for a starving nation that were stopped by pro government goons.

  23. For having 4.2 million subscribers you got some extremely low view per video….. I wonder how many of them subscribers are fake

  24. It is AMAZING how everyone has been screaming about how off-kilter the Con-Scammer-in-Chief is and what a authoritarian intent he seems to have and then he pulled out of Siria. Next up pops convicted WAR CRIMINAL Elliot Abrams and suddenly Maduro is the enemy and the guy who put people out of work on mass for a dice-roll is suddenly a humanitarian. Now nowhere is that ginger toid mentioned in the same breath as Maduro. Meanwhile nowhere has the penny dropped that the wall was for the war – The same folks who want to liberate the "poor Venezuelans" out of all those troublesome resources don't want a bunch of bedraggled brown folks hobbling North looking for free cars and cereal boxes with Green Cards in them. Plus MAYBE you could finagle a Palestinian Wall type dynamic? "Humanitarian America" – putting MORE Latinos into the ground, more Oil into the sky. Don't you see the wall fast approaching, the madman's hands upon the wheel?!

  25. MADURO IS NOT A DICTADOR AND THE ECONOMIC SANCTIONS (by the usa) ARE CRIMINAL….stop the fake news. Just lift the sanctions and see that there wont be any economic collapse!

  26. United States throws Venezuela into chaos? How about, SOCIALISM throws Venezuela into chaos. I'm trying to figure out whose crappier, TYT for producing this tripe or the Subs for liking it. Hey subs, why don't you just get a lobotomy and get it over with already. This is a Shite channel run by Shite people and made for Shite minds. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  27. could someone enlighten me on this accusation Ana keeps making about Maduro buying off the military? does a dictator have elections which the UN has said are one of the fairest in the world? he is letting in aid from Cuba and the red cross just not America? video footage has shown that opposition protesters throwing Molotov cocktails, they miss threw and landed on the trucks. when you start a segment with this you are manufacturing consent. g;ad you managed to get valid points accross at the end though

  28. You left out the time we helped kidnap Hugo Chavez and within 48 hours the puppet we left in charge dismantled half to their government.

  29. The common excuse for the continual and historical failure of socialism/communism has been 'foreign meddling'. TYT really has no sense of history. Did the US vote in Chavez? Did they tell them to nationalize their oil reserves? Did they take the pre-Chavez government with the highest GDP in S.America to fighting for food in the streets today? Kids I'm not a Trump guy or some right-winger. Just an English teacher and as an educator I implore you to research this yourself because TYT is using an almost identical narrative as Stalin did in the early 1930's.Ukraine was the breadbasket of Europe. Stalin imprisoned and/or executed the farm owners and intellectuals. Gave the land to 'the people' and proceeded to starve an estimated 20 million. Partially because the new land owners didn't know how to run a business. Same thing happen when the Ven government took control of the oil reserves. This TYT kool-aide isn't something you should drink. Think and more importantly research for yourself. Definitely don't have TYT do it for you.




  32. Cenk I really don't understand this position you've taken concerning Venezuela, it's upsetting as a progressive who loves this channel. Seriously, highlight why we should not help out these people and give them democracy.

  33. Venezuela was in chaos well before the US got involved, but keep making excuses for why yet another socialist regime has failed TYT.

  34. Cenk says "let that humanitarian aid in." I wonder if he's aware of the fact that slimy Elliot Abrams has used this tactic to smuggle US arms into the country to assist in military coups he's been involved with in Central and South American countries before? Venezuela knows this and as a result they're wise to never trust America, especially since American corporate greed is lusting after all that oil in Venezuela. IF the US is actually serious about their intention to help the people of Venezuela with food and medical supplies, rather than belligerently sit at the border, they would turn everything over to the Red Cross (which Venezuela has said they WOULD allow into the country). Then again, arms packed inside food and medical crates might be discovered doing that.

  35. Excellent point on how we handle demonstrations. I applaud the Venezuelan police and military for the restraint they've shown. Based on history I would surmise the US is making moves to escalate the situation. Oil can be a curse for countries.

  36. Humanitarian aid is bull shit. There is no need for it. Also, Venezuela sent aid to USA for Katrina victims where refused by the US Junta Bush regime. … so, who is the bad guy again?

  37. There's still money in oil but not much longer hence Chinas ambitions in Africa for cobalt to manufacture long life batteries for it new auto industry maybe we'll learn to stay out other countries affairs

  38. This channel says a lot of things right, exposes the trumpet of President Trump, but the responsibility of what is happening in Venezuela, is the dictator Maduro. Pence, the religious fundamentalist, in this particular, has no responsibility for the extreme-Left dictatorship that Maduro inherited. Whoever struck the coup was Maduro when he decided to disobey the Constitution, to corrupt the state – he distributed key places in state enterprises by the Generals – and made the judicial system, which Trump is trying to do in the US: to control him.

  39. TYT should be ashamed of this dishonest, uneducated "reporting". Read the opinions of Heinz Dieterich, a former adviser to Hugo Chávez, for an educated analysis of what's going on.

  40. I'm so done with TYT. You have descended into the level of ignorance, propaganda, and false news in which Fox thrives.

    I despise Trump & Bolton but you have twisted his words to fit your uneducated agenda. Maduro is a dictator. The US / US citizens have business interests in Venezuela it has to protect. Protection doesn't mean evil influence.

    You guys are a sad joke.

  41. I'm a TYT member and love most of your content, but this reporting on Venezuela is shameful.

    You're upset about the US' involvement? Fine. But the situation in Venezuela—and here I'm talking about the corrupt judiciary, the illegitimate elections, the imprisonment and torture of political rivals, the hyperinflation, the scarcity of food and medicine, the protests—isn't about American oil interests. It's about Maduro driving the country into the ground and the Venezuelan people being fed up after years of incompetence, neglect and abuse.

    And where are you guys getting your information from? Larger pro-Maduro protests than anti-Maduro ones? Sources please.

  42. The bottom line is we have no business going in there! Maduro was elected in an election that was certified by the UN, Jimmy Carter etc., then re-elected in an election that the opposition BOYCOTTED!!! If Maduro was a dictator, the protests would have been broken up and Guido would already be dead.

  43. Why!!! Why not bring up the fact that there is no electricity in the whole country of Venezuela??? Their grid is down! Smh the only interest in the country of Venezuela that America has is beneficial… Regardless what these ignorant people say… These people are dying! Greed is killing the trust of society

  44. Socialism set up the framework for all of the corruption you speak of. Notice he doesn't want take the aid regardless of his reason.

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