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Hi! We’re so glad you’re considering studying English here at UCLA, one of the top 10 public universities in the United States. We welcome you to join us! I will really recommend that school to international students if they want to really significantly improve their living English. I also became comfortable with making friends with native speakers because ALC has a lot of connections with regular UCLA students. That is why I recommend you to ALC. The ALC English courses are taught by highly-trained and experienced instructors and will be useful to you no matter what your level or reason for studying. Whether you plan to enroll in an American college, use English at your work or for personal reasons. While you’re here, UCLA’s outstanding academic, cultural and recreational services will be available to you so that you can participate actively in UCLA campus life. Hi, I’m Bob Baldwin. I’m the Academic Advisor for the American Language Center. It’s my pleasure to assist the students with college information, information about applying to universities or graduate schools both through individual conferences and through once-a-quarter seminars that I give on college information. You will also be part of an interesting and diverse group of students who come from over 30 countries around the world. Their goal, like yours, is to improve their language skills and to explore American life and culture. Probably the most important factor for me as an international student who wants to go to American university after, is the fact that this program teaches how to achieve this goal and find out how to survive in the environment of American speakers. We look forward to seeing you here at UCLA in sunny California! We look forward to receiving your application!


  1. i want comblet my study and i dont think that i need a cours

    i dont now abut the university in uk so i hope some one hellp me 🙂

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