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People have been preparing for the end
of the world since, well, the beginning. But if you feel like there’s been
more talk of the apocalypse recently, you’re onto something.>>Now we’re being shown all the disasters
around the world pretty much all the time. We are watching a weather shift,
civil unrest, the political climate. We don’t know where North Korea is going
to go or which way Russia is leaning, and whose side China’s on.>>The truth is, prepping for disasters
that could happen because of all these things has gradually
entered the mainstream. And I’m not talking about
that doomsday waiting-for- the-end-of-the-world kind of person. I’m talking about our neighbors,
regular people with jobs and families, who prepare.>>We don’t talk about alien invasions, we talk about realistic sh*t that
can happen, that has happened. We all have insurances,
we have home insurance, phone, car. Prepping is that insurance.>>And yet, almost two-thirds of
American households are not prepared for a disaster. So with 80% of us living in urban areas, many without a plan,
does Jason have a point here?>>Bug out bags are always ready to go because
there could be situations where you need to leave, right? A fire in your building is one of them. Take a bug out bag and leave. If you hurricane heading towards you,
stay home. There’s no blanket rule to leaving or
staying. You have to gauge each situation.>>And regardless of the situation,
he says we should have three big things. Number one, a designated bug out location, a safe place outside of a danger zone
you’ve discussed with your family. Number two, some routes to getting there. And three,
supplies either to bug in or bug out.>>Here’s the thing with bugging out. Essentials are food, water,
shelter, and fire making tools. For home, same thing but more of it. Water is more important than anything,
especially in New York City. The power goes out,
we’ll stop getting water from up north. You should have a bag for
everyone in the family. He does have his own bug out bag. Your bug out bag should only
weigh 25% of your body weight.>>What’s the biggest mistake
a prepper-in-training can make?>>Never train with
the gear inside the bag. So the more you know, the less you carry,
the less you carry, the further you go.>>But
when would we actually use this stuff? Well, here are three hypothetical
situations from Jason. So, scenario number one,
a dirty bomb or a nuclear explosion. You look for the closest available
shelter, and stay there for at least 24 to 48 hours. If exposed to fallout,
immediately remove your outer clothing. And if you take a shower, use cold
water but don’t use conditioner or scrub hard,
as that can trap the fallout material. An announcement over the radio would
tell you when you can evacuate. And if it went off in, say, Times Square,
you’d wanna leave via the Holland Tunnel, or GW Bridge to your bug-out location. It’s worth noting that time of day and
year, and where you are, will matter. So if it’s rush hour, imagine the traffic,
so you’d wanna go by foot. If it’s cold, you dress differently and
pack extra gear to keep warm. Scenario number two, an EMP where
a nuclear weapon is detonated above the atmosphere and
knocks out the electrical grid. This means no electricity, bug inside
your home and when necessary bug out. You want to stay off the avenues and
take smaller streets. And if needed, move at night. Jason might take his raft, but New York
City’s Office of Emergency Management says instead that it’s best to wait for
guidance from government officials. Scenario number three, an earthquake. Because of aftershocks, even if a bridge
is still standing, don’t cross it. If at home, drop to the floor,
cover your head, and find shelter under a piece of furniture or
interior wall. If you’re outside, you’d wanna move
to an open area like Central Park. While moving through streets as quickly
as possible, make sure you look up for falling debris and down for cracks in the streets, which could give
way to sewer systems and subway tunnels. Also, keep your ears open for hissing
sounds, which is gas leaking from a pipe, or popping sounds,
which are electrical wires sparking. It feels really daunting to think
about these things, and yet prepping is in the zeitgeist. Even the New York City Emergency
Management Department, which used to be a tiny office with
under ten staffers before 9/11, has grown to employ over 200 people and
counting.>>You hope nothing happens. You hope that life continues
to go the way you want it to. But unfortunately, in the real
world it doesn’t work out that way. Just because you have a bug out
bag does not mean you’re safe. What if a disaster happens and my supplies
are in the house, and the house crumbles? It goes way beyond that bag. It’s about, all right,
I don’t have my gear, I lost my bag. But you know what? We could still make this work. Because now you have
to have determination. And determination’s
a big part of survival. Whether it’s bugging out, being on
a battlefield, or the fire or in a shoot out, determination to survive is what’s
gonna thrive above everything else. All these down trees over here.


  1. An announcement over the radio? Yeah, that's if your radio survive the electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear detonation (and you're still alive to turn it on).

  2. He probably is smart and also has guns and ammunition, but he can't say that or he would get raided by NYPD or a SWAT team.

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  5. What about riots; civil unrest? They didn't show that scenario, but it will accompany any major catastrophe.

  6. Well you need a space ship to survive the world end but yea.. Im a prepper. I love to sleep in forest.. I allways have a plan a back up plan and a back up plan for a back up plan. I have food and gear for about 1 month.. Im redy to tsunami, blackout, wildfire, evacuation, earthquake,tsunami.. … Pretty mutch everything… But better to be safe then sorry.. Bye

  7. Careful with what you take to heart. The 25% of you body weight as a guideline to the weight of your BOB isn’t a good idea.

    At 200 lbs, are you sure you want to carry a 50 lbs bag over dozens of miles? Even if you able to carry it, how far will you actually make it?

  8. Saw this guy on Doomsday Preppers way back when. If my memory serves me correct he was preparing for a volcanic eruption. The thing I remember most was the cheap shopping mall katanas and fantasy knives. He was gonna use these for self defense. Those katanas would most likely break on impact and probably wouldn't cut hot butter. Even if he had battle ready swords he would have to be able to wield them which requires real skill. I think he planned to use those instead of guns because of NY's strict gun laws. It was just very hard to take him serious after that. Hope he has wised up since then.

  9. There are people that hate Liberals so much with or without guns they would make sure they all die.
    They are the cancer of this world, they are the ones that will cause the collapse of our government .
    With their protesting over our Christian beliefs, their protesting over our 2nd Amendment rights, allowing illegals come into our Country and draining our welfare system, with all their crying over our President with their little pink hats.
    Just for the record the White Liberals are the most hated in the conservative world.
    I don’t think I could hurt anyone but I would never save a Liberal if he was getting his head smashed.

  10. He mentioned if something happens any type of event occurs but doesn't have his B.O.B or gear that he will try to find other ways to survive etc…but that is why it's extremly important to have a E.D.C (Every Day Carry) Bag in your vehicle at all times as a plan B. If something occurs and you are out of your home and in your vehicles you have the basics to keep moving on.

  11. Ok, Brother, two questions if I may. Two way radios-already have two portable midland base units and six walkies using the family channel networks. I get the idea for the base units (''strongest the government allows'') that they might broach VHF. Do you recommend a separate two way Vhf/Uhf? Second: how do I get travelling WiFi for a laptop like storm chasers do? I saw one little $0 something box claiming it just needed a sim card. I didn't know if they were still made!? I'm near the Charleston, SC coast with hurricanes but haave an extreme remote and large retreat if needed. I could probably take 10 to 20 campers and camper trailers circled in my yard. No WiFi there either. I want to be able to see the storm or event and get ALL the American news, like from the UK! Anyone know this WiFi process, please? I have the military/security stuff locked down, enough just with my gear for an SF Team.

  12. In SHTF situation the narrator says to wait for Gov assistance and guidance. How that worked out for people of Katrina or Sandy. Not good advice. Better be prepared to help yourself.

  13. That is very true information and the people should have an escape route set in advance so they can escape the dangers. I live in a rural area and glad of it now and believe there will be situations where people will be in danger due to hazards caused by emergencies in various parts of the country.

  14. Finally, someone that understands that prepping is just disaster insurance. If more people understood this there would be more preppers instead of a bunch of imbeciles that think prepping is a waste of time and money.

  15. Sorry im not waiting for Government instructions…..lol im capable enough to get where my family and i need to go if we need to bug out.My biggest issue is that i have to cross bridges like the Walt Whitman or the Ben Frak. and other or travel to the northern most part of my state to reach the mainland without having to cross a bridge.Which takes me thru one of the other bluest states in the country.I have maid several maps of back roads so we can skip check points if any are put up……But i do not plan to sit and shelter in place just because the Government says i should….and wait for what?If im well supplied and in a safe spot even if i didnt need to evac. then the worst that happened is my family and went and hung out at our friends hunting camp….lol and at any time of year that would be a cool thing.But even if any event causes shortages on food stuffs or fuel or other "needs" for basic travel and or in home needs of fuel and the like then why not stay in another state that is fine until they get things back up and running at least in my home county?Other then spoiled foods in the fridge/freezer,it would be like going away and coming back as nothing happened?lolNot if Its GODS will that there be such an event that we have to stay away much longer and come back at our own risk then thats when our supplies will be of use.If i so choose to arm myself as we 1st come back,after said event and sweep my home to ensure its safe for me and my family i will do such.We have already had quite a few home invasions in my area of the "bluest"state in the union!New Jersey will most likely be Government controlled from the start due to it being so close to the Capital of our country and a vital link between it and N.Y.C. with wall street and other vital global connections.Anyway along with Penn to the went and a Military state in terms of forts/troops and supplies.As well as New Jersey.Our Tri state area is a major producer of goods as well and would be vital to a last hold out of our Fed. Gov.!If its that bad.So we would most likely have power since we would be in the right position on the map really not because of much else.Anyway i hope you found my view on a few things worth reading? lol

  16. a black prepper ? just wondering why they are trying to push here, uhmm in the real world of preppers you will rarely see them, just saying, political correctness my balls …

  17. Just rewatched this video, still good for basics but most people cannot get their brain around how vulnerable the supply chain actually is!! Hurricanes floods and tornadoes on the news should be all the incentive people need to get back up to speed. Previous generations did it, they just called it living.

  18. The government is NOT going to help you. Just ask anyone in Puerto Rico when hurricane Maria hit and they survived the biggest SHTF scenario in the history of The United States without killing themselves.

  19. Find a wooded area near enough to your home that you can get to on foot, Within a few minutes. Keep at least two guns on that ground in weather safe containers. Practice, practice and practice some more on how to get to your guns,load them and prepare to use them. Keep enough food and water as well as a tent, and camping gear to last for three days MINIMUM! bring more with you in a bug out situation. ammo for any firearms you keep or bring. Why should you KEEP guns on site? If the scenario is the government comes to take your guns. Don't even be foolish enough to resist. You will die! And maybe your entire family as well. Give them enough to get them out of the house. Then go to your hiding place. Don't think you are going to hide a gun or guns or ammo from the police. They know every hiding place. Shelves and hidden Wall safes are no longer safe.. if they don't already know, they have dogs that are trained to find them.

  20. You don't need to horde massive stockpiles in your basement. Just a few bags with 2-3 days worth of supplies. Look at sandy and Katrina. It takes time for FEMA to mobilize.

  21. NYC will be a deathtrap when SHTF. No guns?? Seriously? Thugs will have guns; law-abiding citizens will not. BTW: wait for guidance from government officials? Geeeez. 😎

  22. Technically at 0:45 Aliens could be real, and if they are you couldn't prep for that. They would be do advanced to stop but I feel you.

  23. First, lol, if you're counting on the government to help you or guide you in a SHTF situation, you're already not going to survive.

    Ask people in New Orleans how well that worked out for them after Katrina….

    Second, he talked about not being able to get to your bug out bag. Why would you ever leave your bug out bag in your house? You might have a larger long term bug out bag ready to go in your house, so that IF what happens either happens WHILE you're at home, or, you're able to GET home to retrieve THAT bag, that's fine, but, you should ALWAYS keep your main bug out bag in your vehicle. ALWAYS!!

    Think about it. You're never going to be that far away from your vehicle. If you're home, and you have a house, it's either in your garage, or in the driveway, or, in the parking lot, or street if you live in an apartment or condo. Even if you're not able to drive anywhere depending on what happens, you'll still be able to quickly get into your vehicle to get your bug out bag. Never leave your main bug out bag at home…..that's just dumb, and defeats the whole purpose of HAVING a bug out bag in the first place.

    And to that I'll add, if you're in Times Square when TSHTF, you're pretty much done. You're not getting out any time soon. Too many people going absolutely crazy. Your best bet there is to try to get into some building somewhere and barricade yourself inside until things calm down. Unfortunately for you, if you live in New York, you most likely can't carry a gun, so, you're going to have very little to defend yourself with when things do calm down a bit, and you have to navigate through the streets of New York………if you're a law abiding citizen that is..

    Third, you need a lot more than just having ONE bug out location, and plan.

    You need a P.A.C.E. plan. Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency.

    What if you can't get to your primary bug out location, or if you can't get home? How is your family going to know what to do?

    You need to have alternates for everything. You need to have these plans put in place BEFORE anything happens. You and your family need to know exactly where to go, and what to do should plan 1,2,3,etc, be compromised, and you need to be able to do it without communication because it's an almost certainty that when SHTF, all communication will be cut off.

  24. NBC DOES NOT want us prepared. They tend to mock preppers or find ways of making us look a little nutty and to be feared because we have guns, etc. This is not the most prepared guy. The most prepared guy IS NOT talking to NBC.

  25. Climate change makes prepping a moot point, what are you going to go subterranean for 10,000 years at the minimum?

  26. 99% of preppers live in the wrong place to begin with. The PLACE is the most important thing to have and you have to be there BEFORE anything happens.

  27. Why is it so fascinating that a blk man is prepapring and has critical thinking skills? More whites are preppers put thier names out there

    BEHIND " ~Maranatha~ 7/18/19

  29. How about a gun to shoot your way past the thugs to leave NY. Oh 10 million people moving out what could possibly go wrong ?.

  30. I lived in NYC 35 years before I wised up . I like this guy but he can't see he lives in a cage . Don't bring a knife to a gunfight . Get out to a FREE state . Do it for your family .

  31. Wait for the government? Smh no way during 1993 1 WTC Bombing they told people to wait in building. Those folks were stuck for hours. We got out! Years later during 9/11 a few friends say initially they were told to stay in place also smh. Plan plan plan and then pray and plan some more

  32. These cities aren’t becoming more civil. They’re getting worse as places to live. They’re less safe with the strip of 2A rights. Fight for your rights. Make that a prep.

  33. i got my flashlight today on September 11 2019, im finally ready for that next 3 day black out .. last one was the year 2003

  34. The people in Puerto Rico or still waiting for government assistance… No one cares more about your well-being then you.

  35. When the end of the world comes, the whole planet will be destroyed because God will destroy everything by fire. I’ve heard it said that eventually the whole universe is going to be rolled up like a scroll. We do know that it’s going to flee from God’s presence

    Now, why would anyone want to take a cold shower unless it was hot weather? Unless it’s really hot weather, no one should be taking a cold shower

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