US DIME 2001 D – 2.8 Billion Made – Any Errors? United States

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LOOK FOR OFFSET VERSIONS! Hello all of you coin aficionados out there and Welcome to the DC Coin World International Coin Channel today we’re
looking at the back or the reverse of the United States One Dime or ten cent coin
and if we look at the back it is the standard back: United States of America at the top and
over here we have an olive branch and you can see some little olives on it
here we have a torch and over here we have an oak branch with some little
acorns on it. Across the middle it says E Pluribus Unum, the motto the
United States of America and down here it says ONE DIME now what some of you
may have noticed is it looks like there’s a little tiny bit of a die break
down here by the one on the dime there is but it’s really not of any value if
you look at it a little closer if you’d like see if we can get it kind of tipped
in there and you can see it kind of goes across here and there’s a little extra
material down there but it really this this does not add any value to it
it just means you looked at it really closely and it was a tiny bit of a
mistake made when they minted this coin We tip it up on its edge we see it’s a
copper nickel clad copper so the inside is all copper and then there’s a copper
nickel blend on the outside if we tip it over to the front we see that it is a
the 2001 D for the Denver Mint. Liberty in front
of Mr. Roosevelt, President Roosevelt it says In God We Trust under his chin
there’s another little bit of a die break here but again these are
of very little value and if you’ve got to look at them that closely they’re
probably not good die breaks and you see there’s a little something up here but
the difference between these and somewhat of a scratched off and hard to
tell underneath his chin you I mean underneath his neck you see right next
to the 2001 it says JS and that is John Sinnock who was the engraver of both
the back in the front of this coin it says 2001
over here and you can see the 1 comes really dangerously close to the touching
the edge if it doesn’t and there’s a D here now on some of these coins this is
a tiny bit offset but some of these coins are way way WAY offset and so the
2001 D is known for its many offset varieties by offset what they mean is
that the whole coin gets moved a little bit to the right or to the left or up or
down in most cases that I’ve seen on the 2001 D it’s get moves a little this way
so the part of the one gets some taken up in the D almost touches and so these
coins if you do have an offset variety essentially they’re going to be measured
they’re going to be priced based on how far offset it is and you’re going to you
can look at some on eBay and there’s a actually there’s one you might see on
eBay where they have about ten of them and there were all different levels of
offset and so it’s very kind of interesting to kind of look at and see
what an offset coin looks like and how far off said it needs to be to make a
certain value so in 2001 they made at the Philadelphia Mint they made 1.37
billion of these at the denver mint where this one is from so the D’s for
Denver they made 1.41 billion so between the Philadelphia and the Denver
Mint we’re talking about 2.8 billion and then
in addition they made essentially 2.3 million proof coins so
this coin is never going to be rare probably it’s never going to have much
value unless it’s really really really offset or there’s some other error I mean
you there are some clipped planchet errors on here with is like a little bite taken
out of them there are some where they’re they didn’t get put on quite right
there’s one kind of interesting one which just has a crack going all across
here so that’s the kind the cracked planchet coin and that has a very
interesting value it’s probably not worth much more than five or six bucks
but it’s just interesting to see what happens when a coin gets kind of mixed
up or messed up at the mint and it still gets put out. So, if you’re looking for
these coins you may want to choose a different year but if you want to find
one from 2001 that is valuable that many many people can find it’s going to be
that offset variety with a whole image in the words and the numbers all moved
to one side or to the other or sometimes I’ve only seen one that got moved up and
none that got moved down so take a look for them they may have some value if
they’re really offset otherwise it’s just kind of a fun coin to have and we
say good luck in your coin hunting from DC Coin World International Coin Channel
and if you have any comments please leave them for us in the comment section
at the bottom of this video


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  3. I found a dime all their is on the front is the outline of the head their no ears or hair barely see the mouth and nose its missing the date and liberty and in God we trust any CLUES

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