Van Fires Lily from 9MAG | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

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I get a phone call from the
Chicago Tattoo Convention. And 9MAG is banned. – ♪ – Damn, so even when I don’t
even throw the drink and I don’t even throw the first
punch, I’m still to blame? – I don’t give a
[bleep] who started it. Junior and Adriana could
be wrong as [bleep]. Now I can’t do the next
convention because they don’t give a [bleep] about your booth
over there and them over here and Junior and them not working.
All they know is 9MAG. They want to [bleep] up what
I got going on moving forward. Not my [bleep] because
you gotta be tough and you gotta fight back and you gotta show you’re this,
that, and the other. You’re [bleep] representing
my brand, you can be as cocky as you want
and think it’s just you and you out here doing this. You’re representing my brand. – I’m sorry, but–
– Come on, man! – Don’t blame me.
That’s your point. – “Hey, it wasn’t me. Hey, it wasn’t me.
Hey, it wasn’t me.” You saying it wasn’t you,
but if it wasn’t you, you’d told the [bleep]
“Bitch, meet me outside.” – You don’t know what happened,
so you ain’t gotta tell me– – You’re [bleep] justifying.
You’re justifying. – Nah, B, it’s not justifying–
– Yeah, [long bleep]. I’m telling you that you
could’ve [bleep] said “I’ll wait on your bitch ass
outside,” whoever the [bleep] it is,
’cause this [bleep] mean more. You walk out my [bleep]
’cause of pride? I thought you would have taken
more account to this [bleep]. – Anyways, I don’t feel like I did anything wrong
at this point. – BELLA: But think about it. Just like when Evenita put her
hands on me them two times at the convention and I had no
choice but to defend myself, you and Ryan
and the rest of y’all was still [bleep] mad at me. – It’s deeper than
conventions at this point. It’s way deeper
than conventions. We know one thing–she
don’t give a [bleep] about nobody’s feelings
besides her own. Let’s talk about it. – My name’s always
in everybody’s mouth. – Your name has been the
one that’s [bleep] up a lot. – I don’t give a
[bleep] what nobody say. – Do you still wanna be here?
– I’m here to [bleep] stay. I’ll be damned if anybody
tries to get me out, ’cause the only way I’m leaving
is when I decide to leave. – Oh, yeah?
– DON: Checked. – Well, you can work
here no more, period. Lily, you’re fired. – ♪ – VAN: Come on, man. We can’t do this
[bleep] no more. She just got us kicked out of the biggest tattoo convention
that there is. Lily has been the [bleep]
clown in the [bleep] shop. It’s time for this [bleep]
horror movie to end. – LILY: Ryan, this
is what you want? – Yeah. – That’s cool.
– That’s cool. – ♪ – VAN: This is her exit out. Lily’s done. – Might wanna change the locks.
[laughs] – I know, right? – DON: [laughs] I think that’s
first on the agenda, man.


  1. Get rid of that toxic Biatch she need to get help she’s battling Bullshit from her childhood any where she goes will be mayhem she needs Psychiatric help

  2. Lily need some anger management but she is a dope artist. Van wrong for saying she been the it clown like we didnt see them lawsuits an unprofessionalism. Literally treating customers horrible on cam. He obviously fired her because it was more personal then professional. Interesting to see what happens next.

  3. This whole thing is stupid. Lily was in every right to defend herself. Let’s someone run up on Ryan and slap him and see what happen.

  4. Von should have no room to fire anyone, he was a hot a*s mess 2 months ago, Lily wasn’t doing anything for 9MAG at the time, she was TRYING to work and since Ryan can’t fire Junior or his messy GF he backs up Von and fires Lily. If Von can have room to improve, why can’t Lily?

  5. Lol @ Van. Though hes right about Lilly being a problem, its funny he called her a clown. This hes been running that shop into the ground continuously and isnt a leader whatsoever. Pot calling kettle black.

  6. It's hard to say. Yes, she should of been got fired for previous drama. But, they waited too long to fire her. It was finally justified on behalf of Lily.

    But, Ryan does have a point. If someone has a problem with you. You keep it away from work and throw hands outside or else where.

    The moral of the story is zero tolerance. Do you want world star fame for a few minutes? Or go down in history as the tattoo hall of fame for a life time?

  7. Lilly should of never said one word to Junior amd his girlfriend. She should have never went over there and told them to be quiet she should of had someone else do it and all this would have never taken place.

  8. Her ass shoulda been gone. She is just nice to look at, talented, but her attitude sucks. Annnnd… she is very unprofessional.

  9. They should have been fired her ass a long time ago because they would not be band from the Convention. That fighting really makes 9Mag look so bad, that's why Charmaine left because it was too toxic.

  10. To be honest Lily really try because if somebody walks up to me and throws a drink at you let's say is a glass what you supposed to do just stand there and let them kill you I mean it's obviously she didn't have any control over that cuz I watched the episode and Junior's girlfriend is kind of psycho it would have escalated more if she didn't do anything I mean you must protect yourself at all times and it ain't no time to tell him to meet you outside if a motherfuker coming at you like that they got to be dealt with right there or you going to be dealt with and still be fired guy understand where Juniors girlfriend comes from they fight brutal they don't give a damn

  11. Uh no if lily didnt fight bk all of them in the shop was going to call her a punk but now she finally stood up for herself she is the bad one. Hmmm ok ryan i hear u.

  12. Tbh they probably got banned for a fight with several cameras and security and causing a scene where people could barely get through. 2 girls fighting is one thing. This was too mich commotion.

  13. It was her fault tho she left her booth & went over to where junior & his girl where, had she continued to ignore them & continued to work she wouldn’t be getting in trouble 💯

  14. In Lillys defense she was provoked. From the last episode when they all was celebrsting charmaine bday i spellrf a rat that they were going to mess with her n they did by inviting junior clown n his girl clown to the convention. They wanted her out…it was a set up lilly

  15. I can’t stand Lily honestly. She’s way too violent and I’m sure there’s a reason for it but we grown and got business to handle. Go to therapy babe! 👋🏽👋🏽

  16. Lilly shud take guidance from Ryan he has a business head Lily just young dumb and tootes her own horn SMH u gatta show respect to get respect then again Lilly has had a hard past so she wanna spaz out on everyone sis needs help

  17. I hope Ryan and Van stick to theyre word this time. Ryan gave way too many chances and Lily failed everytime she brought that shop down real bad she fucked up the brand

  18. Is about time she thought she was never gonna be fired . She acts so tough she said no one was gonna get rid of her . Yea u are fired that's what Ryan van whole crew want lol

  19. They played her. Ryan knows for a fact he wouldn't have asked to see someone outside if they drenched him with a drink and kept antagonizing him. At that point anyone would be seeing red. Lily has trouble taking accountability, but so do every one of them. Won or lose, she was willing to fight anyone that had a problem with her and that's just how she was taught to handle things similar to a lot of people. Charmaine got her ass kicked by her so many times there was no more winning from that, so she tried to make her lose another way by bringing up how she always says the n word. It was obvious she had a hidden agenda with that. Yeah she's wrong for saying that, but at that point, there was probably no other black person that checked her for that. People need to calm tf down with calling her a racist because y'all know damn well she ain't!!! Ignorant yeah, but not racist. Stop throwing such a heavy word around for everyone that says something slightly ignorant. Someone who hangs around a lot of black people who use the n word and says it themselves isn't the same as a person who hates an innocent black person and wants to kill them or treat them unfairly just cause of their skin color.

  20. This wasn't Lillys fault. It's funny that Junior was trying to de-esclate his drunk af Girl. Yet everyone blames Lilly. Smfh at how distorted reality becomes in our Fake world.

  21. 1. Ryan RUN your business. It's about making your money and helping YOUR business to grow and to become large. YOU RYAN should have been working and NOT playing. Van Charmaine Phor Don Jr Lily and all the rest of you employees are what they are
    E M P L O Y E E S. There is time for work and a time play. You RYAN are a boss not an employee. Insubordinate motherfuckers get fired PERIOD . TOO MUCH PLAYING AND NOT ENOUGH MANAGEMENT.
    Stay focus this time around. Leave that bullshit at that club and make your money.
    2. Employees don't get no attitude because of Ryan's decision. You are laid off…take a look at yourselves and get another

  22. That coulda been taken outside hes got a point. But would any of the other men be like "lets go outside" or fight back. Fireing her was a little extra. Shame on the guys. I'll take Lily any day

  23. Lily nah B😒 you talking like you the boss newsflash you not hoe you work for ryan, she should've been fired along time ago all she do is cause drama always running that mouth

  24. Oh let’s not forget everybody lily push Ryan to the pool with a cast on and didn’t apologize maybe he’s still in his feelings about what she did

  25. He's a MAN, handling his business like A MAN! She should not have ever went back, and forth with her boss. Her talking that way way to her boss was unacceptable.

  26. From 1:47 To 2:25 Was The Funniest 😂 She Said “Im Not Leaving Til I Decide To Leave But When Ryan &’ Van Said She Fired I See She Got Her Ass Up Out Of There &’ Didnt Wanna Go 😂😂 Made Yourself Look Like A Jackass All The Way Around❗️

  27. I fucken love lily, she know how to stand up for herself…..she got balls straight up
    Y’all can learn a lot from her

  28. Honestly Lily should’ve been fired a long time ago. Given her actions and drama that she started, this was long overdue. Now granted, they should also ban Jr and Adriana. They should’ve known that this was not the time and place, and (rightfully) Lily did try to tell them to leave and walk away from the situation.

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