Van Shuts Down Evenita’s Flirting | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

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– EVENITA: Hey, girl,
I need to sit next to Van. You need to move. Let me get this chair
real quick. I’m Van’s apprentice. And I’m supposed to be next
to him when he’s doing a tattoo so I can learn. Meanwhile, Bella’s little ass is
sitting down in my area, just playing
with her ugly-ass lips. And she needs
to get the [bleep] up. Let me see this. Get up. – If you move me,
I promise you. – Girl, get up.
I need this chair. – ♪ – I got stitches in my face
from the last bitch start [bleep] with me. And I really wanna put stitches
on Evenita, but I’m not gonna do it. I’m gonna walk away
like a lady and go get me
some chicken wings. Bitch. – ♪ – There’s a client right here,
like damn [bleep]. – What [bleep] is going on?
– She’s tripping. – When I took Evenita on
as an apprentice, I thought it’d been
a good time for me to be spending time with a person
I could pass my skills onto. I mean, look at the chick,
you know? She’s–she’s attractive. But Evenita is creating tension that clearly ain’t supposed
to be there. – What kind of tattoo is that? – It’s her guy’s signature. – Oh, okay. That’s real nice.
– VAN: Thank you. – I’m glad I got you here
by yourself to talk to you. I mean, you’ve been
like all over the place, so– Like so what’s going on
with you and your girlfriend? Are you guys exclusive
exclusive? Or what’s going on?
What’s your situation? – My situation is I’m not
talking about it right now. It’s not the time
nor is the place. [sighs] Don’t you see me tattooing?
– When is a good time? – VAN: Evenita,
let me finish my tattoo, and we can talk later, alright? – I’m trying to like help you
out, and sell T-shirts, and assistant you. It’s a lot of stress.
– Yeah, you stressing me. And in a minute, your service is
not–no longer [bleep] needed, like let me finish my tattoo,
we’ll talk later. Goddamn. – ♪ – Get [bleep] out of here. – Van didn’t have any sort of
plan for me coming to Vegas. I didn’t have a room. He just told me to get out. I know he didn’t just try to
play me. Where’d you get some food from? – They ain’t give you no food?
– Hmm-mm. Nah, Van’s acting like a [bleep]
asshole right now. – BELLA: But you wasn’t acting
like [bleep] when you pushed me off that chair? – EVENITA: I was trying
to get to talk to him. – Don’t–don’t physically try
to push somebody out a chair. That’s mad disrespectful.
Like don’t do it. – EVENITA: Nobody’s
disrespecting you. – When you physically move
somebody that’s disrespectful. I’m not gonna do it here. I’m not gonna do it here, let me
enjoy–let me enjoy my food. – Bitch, [bleep] [bleep], like
stop playing with me. What you got– – You hungry? You hungry? Get– – Bitch. – ♪ – I let it go.
I let it go. – RYAN: These two stupid
[bleep] wanna have a fight. apparently, I got two stupid
[bleep] who don’t care about my [bleep] that much. – ♪


  1. Did somebody get a name change or something I'm so confused I thought this was 9 mag I mean no I didn't yeah it says black ink crew but the characters are from nine mag oh I don't know what's going on

  2. Yo f**** hilarious that she licked her fingers off before she went back to fight that reminded me of that Kevin Hart stand up

  3. Ok u push Bella out the chair,Ur obviously distractin a Tattoo Artist that’s working,then u go over to Bella & try to talk to her like everything is good but clearly it’s not like…..

  4. “I need to sit next to Van you need to move” she hoed her life. And Bella promises what but allowed her to get you out that chair. AND EVENITA IS AN APPRENTICE i cant believe her.

  5. Evenita came incorrect from the jump. Talking about Bella having ugly lips then to pull the chair out from under her & have the ODASITY to say "girl, there's a customer right here".. ugly ass evenita was extremely unprofessional, it's called manners fatty Patty, say "excuse me please" or get your fat ass on, for real.

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