Venice Beach House Tour | Los Angeles California

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  1. You guys can even make a house tour entertaining! Well done, looking forward to more travel vids!! Also, love the Mountains in a glass… but you guys haven't been to Mt. Rainier yet, or at least haven't done a video there yet!

  2. Definitely feel the conflicting choice between minimalism and the more eclectic collecting of tchotchkes hahaha always a struggle

  3. Love the idea with the white board and the records covering up other stuff. And yes, it was a great idea to get rid of that green 😀 Awesome place and I hope you had a great housewarming party.

  4. love your chanel guys ! so glad I found it , hope to meet you guys one day, much love from the Orange County 🙂

  5. Full on bachelor orgy palace! When you get older and you are laying in bed with your wife and turing the news off to go to bed at 11, you will be dreaming about the days of living in Venice and how you should of banged like way more girls….. sow your seeds now!!!!! The memories will get you through the nights when you are married

  6. After falling into the beauty blogger vortex, I am so glad I found this video (and channel!) This may be the best house tour I have watched. I love your various prices from travels – I am so unbelievably pro-trinket 🙂 Enjoy the house and a big hello from the east coast of Canada!

  7. For Marko's room, if you buy a ceiling fan that has a light, you can install it, keep the light switch on the outside on at all times, and just use the strings to pull the light/fan on and off from the inside of the room! 🙂

  8. Can i Visit you guys? im from brazil, but in may im going to Cali, my english is not so good, but i like to meet you guys 🙂

  9. Hey Hi Alex, Been watching your vlogs lately. If you ever visit India, then please please go to Mcleodganj. Its Hell awsome, Close to the mountains.

  10. Ah, Humboldt, how I miss it. It will feel more like home than LA ever did for me. In regards to the IPA, I'm personally not a fan, but it was definitely a smart move to get Blue Moon for hosting a party ahaha. I love the whiskey glasses though. But on the subjects of Humboldt and beer, I love the labels on the beers from Lost Coast Brewery.

  11. White so much better! You should paint the whole house white! I could only ever drink one sip of an IPA.

  12. very nice house. everything is organize and clean. Really like all the little things you guys bought from others countries. Have fun with you new house.

  13. Hey guys the place looks awesome and I felt really proud to see the "Salsa Lizano" on the fridge, btw, I´m from Costa Rica, greetins!

  14. Awesome home and definetely an amazing chanel. Just discovered it a few days ago trying to find out where to go with my friends on our second trip (the first happened in january, we went to Japan, China, HK and Macau). What are your tips for Asia, Middle East and Africa? You guys got yourselves a new fan from Brazil. When you decide to come down here, I'd be glad to show some of it for you. Cheers!

  15. Wow ya los estoy siguiendo me encanta su vibra y cómo viven eso es lo que yo quería hacer bueno o eso es lo que creí. Yo soy de Mexicali B.C amo San Diego, viví en Cali también y ahora casada vivo en Ga/USA ☺️ . Life is good! Cuidense 😘😘

  16. You need to grow a passion fruit vine, yummy. I saw one in your area a few years back, with a looooott of hanging fruits:)

  17. hi bros… i just saw a video of yours last weekend and now I have watched more than 30 vids of yours… love to travel but my holiday in a year is only 30 days… how to be you? hahaha

  18. Beautiful. I've got to say, I'm a huge fan of Marko's decorating style: A cool bohemian pad filled to the brim with trinkets and patterns. 🙂 Yummy..

  19. Love the white, but love that the rooms are still green.
    Good call on the Colorado beer – that's where i'm from. You guys played in the Rocky Mountains yet?

  20. IPA for sure. I enjoy watching your adventures around the world. Congrats on the beach house and keep the travels going. Okay, need to get ready for work

  21. Literally the best thing in this video is the framed tin tin pic! Just like me and bro -tin tin is the bomb and so is this channel

  22. suggestion for the brother with the light switch outside the door. plug in a floor lamp the kind you can step on the switch at the base of it and this solves your problem.maybe basket to hide all the toiletries on the bathroom shelves just pull out a basket. this way it wont look cluttered and for the corner shelves with the new zealand animal's put the dollar store mirrors on the corners of the shelves inside. this will make shelves look bigger and show off the creatures more. Also they have out there digital photo albums the sizes vary like a laptop screen size is great it keep going and then people can see the slide show. its an idea less clutter more bang for the buck

  23. Two things – I'm a huge TinTin fan so you'd probably love my collection. Two, I drove over to Berlin (from the UK) when the wall was coming down, just to be there. One more thing – I now feel so old having said that !

  24. Its wonderful to see just how humble you have stayed with all of the attention you both receive.Wonderful to see you both enjoying happiness!

  25. So thankful to find your channel 2 days ago!! Your vlogs are so inspiring in so many ways!! Thank you for sharing your adventures and life. I aspire to live more like you!! Amor, luz, y libertad. Salud!

  26. Hey Vagabrothers! I'm a nee subscriber in your channel. I love it! Question: Marko, where do you get your hats? I love them!😍😆😁

  27. Eclectic multicultural style meets minimalism, uniquely awesome! I stumbled upon your videos, as I’m researching travel spots for my next trip! ~White makes a clean backdrop to your multiple artsy cultural finds, as well as for filming. I’m an impressionist painter (Alex mentioned liking the style); my studio walls need to be free of color, or they will change the color of paints. I obviously love Van Gogh too; for a fellow Vincent fan, I recommend a great movie: My fav’s in your abode began with the record album idea, cultural statues /furniture (I collect also), as well as the original map. For the map, use 1/8 “sticker dots (instead of push-pins) to mark where you’ve traveled! You’ll still be able to pull it down. ;0) ~Mark, light switch: try a floor lamp off a power strip or obtain a remote switch. Another idea, use 3 Edison caged pendant lights, letting the cords show artistically up the wall and through a small simple ring on the ceiling.

  28. You know that someone from San Diego usually never ever aspires to move to the LA area, so I have to ask why would to brothers from beautiful Diego want to move to Venice Beach????

  29. Love what you've done with it! You guys deserve your wonderful home. I literally binge watch your shows and my travel list grows ever longer, so thank you for being so inspiring. I lived for two years without my 'stuff' and without a place to call home, so I appreciate that feeling. I'm English but fell in love with San Diego and stayed there for many months in between road trips, in fact my 'stuff' is still there. Living back in the UK right now, so if you make it back this way I'd love to show you more cool spots here. I welcome guests as America was very good to me (-:
    Definitely the white walls…. ha

  30. The sheer concept of decorating your house in a way that depicts the passion your life deserves top marks.
    Also it really takes an experience of travelling to be able to describe the little things used in a home , It just give those things more value and meaning.
    Also i liked the more Do it yourself kinda attitude. Well done.Love From India.

  31. I enjoy watching you 2. Fun to see brothers that enjoy each other and enjoy seeing the world. Keep it up. Look forward to your next one.

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