Video Tour of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

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Hi my name is Luis and I’m a part of New
York Habitat’s Social Media Team! At NYH we offer a number of selected and vetted
apartments in New York City and its 5 boroughs. At New York Habitat, we provide tailor-made
service. Our licensed brokers are neighborhood specialists
and more than brokers our agents are matchmakers. This video series is here to help you guys
find your next perfect shared apartment! So let’s talk about Williamsburg. Don’t let the fact that it’s in Brooklyn
fool you. Some Williamsburg rentals can be just as expensive,
if not more, than places in Manhattan. So keep this in mind when searching for apartments
in the area. So why do people choose to live here? Over the years, Williamsburg has experience
a pretty substantial transformation. Today, the neighborhood has seen the arrival
of numerous businesses, art galleries, restaurants, and immensely popular bars. Plus, it’s location along the East River
give’s Williamsburg an impressive view of the NYC skyline. Because of this, the area has attracted a
younger crowd. These new arrivals have also created a divide
in the neighborhood, creating a posh, straight-off-Manhattan North Williamsburg and the culturally diverse,
artsy middle-class South Williamsburg. No matter which side you decide to settle
on, this neighborhood offers the best of both worlds by providing a prime alternative to
living in Manhattan. Williamsburg is typically known for its lofts,
which have become popular living paces due to their open nature and industrial feel. Ready to make the move? Our agents have the expertise to help you
in your search. By itself, apartment hunting is daunting tasks,
so don’t go it alone, let one of our agents effortlessly guide you through the process. Get in contact with us through
or by calling (212) 255-8018.

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