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♪ Everybody scream woo ♪ – Hey, we at Walt and
Jess’s engagement party. We all came out today to celebrate Jess and Walt’s
beautiful Bronx love ship, but nobody better bust they ass ’cause we really don’t got
insurance on this spot, so drink and skate responsibly, people. (upbeat funky music) – Yes, baby, I’m here for the retro vibes! Shout-out to my boy, Walt, for making my disco dreams comes true. ♪ Everybody scream woo ♪ – Where the beautiful couple at? (crowd cheers) – Yeah! – Lovers are in the building! – Walt and Jess’s engagement party! – Yeah, this is the (beep)
I’m talking about, baby! This is an engagement party of all time! Talking ’bout I can’t fully. You see what I just did, baby? It aint gon’ be no more
of that getting married in a year talk after this (beep). She gon’ (beep) around
wanna marry me next week. Ahh Ahh! (woman laughs) (man laughs) – Hey, man, I appreciate all
of y’all puling off this. (crowd cheers) Everybody having a good
mother (beep) time? (crowd cheers) ♪ Yeah it feels so good ♪ ♪ I got the love for you ♪ ♪ Yeah I’ve got the love for you ♪ ♪ Love is a state of mind ♪ – Stop it, please. Stop! (suspenseful music) – [Man] What the is this? – Gentlemen. – What’s up, brother? – [Walt] Appreciate y’all
coming through, huh? – Yo, you said an engagement
party, mother (beep). – Yeah, we’s having fun. You thought it was gonna
be formal and fake bougie? – Yeah! – [Man] Oh, oh get it for! – (shrieks) Ow! – You’re so annoying.
– Where’s Alex? – I don’t know.
– Alex knows how to Skate. – [Donna] Tati, you’re so drunk. Come with me to the back. So did you tell Alex yet? – [Tati] Girl, he got eyes, and I know he’s gonna be into it. – Good, ’cause you know what? I wanna kiss you. (breathy R&B music) Like this is pretty awesome, actually. Tati has some soft lips. (Tati chuckles) – Don’t be kissing on me Tati. (exciting music) ♪ I do it all for the ♪ – [Puma] We’re all gonna skate. We’re having a good time. – Woo! – Whoa whoa whoa!
– Ah! – What’s good, yo? – Hi, Rok. – I ain’t gonna lie, yo. Mae looking kinda cute today. – Nah, you look good. – Thank you, thank you. – Hey, yeah (beep). (air horn blasts) I wanna congratulate Walt
and Jess on their engagement. You know what I’m saying? – Who’s taking whose last name? You ain’t ready, go ahead and tell ’em. Maybe he could take my last name. – [Man] Walter Contreras. – Walter Contreras Juarachi! Walter Contreras! Waler Contreras, Walter Contreras! – Here we go again with
somebody always trying to be a (beep) funny guy. Like seriously, Puma, trying to play me in front of my lady and all that? No, that’s not, this is
not what you’re gonna do. – All right, well, people,
where’s my party people? – Oh, God, this girl
done got the mic again. – Ber ber ber ber ber ber! – Oh, lord, every time we
have a Black Ink event, liquor goes into Tati and all types of bull (beep) splurs out. (beeping) – [Tato] What is wrong with you? (beeping drowns out speaker) (beep) This place. Ain’t nobody here gives
a (beep) about you! – Out of everything I taught you. (Kitty and Tati shouting) – Can somebody please call Animal Control ’cause we got a rabid
receptionist (beep) up the party? – Now that I have the mic again, I just wanna make a toast to true love. (uplifting music) the kind of love that moves mountains, that crosses rivers. True love is all we have, so
this is for Walt and Jess. I heard you’re having a baby. (screeching dramatic music) – Beh beh beh beh beh! – [Tati] Looks like this is
a shotgun wedding, everybody! – [Woman] Is it true, Walter? (beeps) – I mean, come on, Walt. It’s like how many baby
mamas can you really have? Woo, buh buh buh buh buh buh! (booming tones) – Y’all (beep) think I’m playing. I’m outta here. Always (beep) something with them. It’s always (beep) something with them. Like these (beep) always gotta
make everything about them! What the (beep) is going on? Like seriously, this supposed to be the most important night of my life! I worked so (beep) hard
to make things right with me and Jess, and
y’all just wanna come and just (beep) everything up? Like why you even bother
with me (beep), yo? For once, can I have
something and do something that y’all just don’t
come in and (beep) on? – [Jess] Babe, are you
kidding me right now? – Yo, damn, y’all. I’m outta here, babe. (beeping) – [Jess] Babe, what happened? – It’s always something with them. Like these (beeping). – [Puma] Where the
(beep) are you at, Walt? Where are you going? – [Walt] (beep) My engagement party. I didn’t even get the
(beep) where I was at, man. – [Puma] Come on, man. – Puma, man, Puma, I’m
just tired of this (beep), always making my (beep) about them. Every time, like it’s one
thing after (beep) another, yo. Every (beep) time? That (beep) is trash, come on. – Calm down, Walt. – You know what, nevermind. – You got all these people here for you. You still got a cake to cut. Walt, come back. – It’s our engagement party. How you gonna leave?



  2. They always wanna make Walt the but of the joke. Everytime he's happy. I'm starting not to like this show they love to hurt one another.

  3. Alex's back should get better quick before Donna seen fucking a hobo and dog at the same time🤦🏽‍♀🙅🏾

  4. Donna jus be thirsty for no reason at all…..and tati Should have been cancelled like a check!!! She hella messy on GAWDDDDDD!!!!!🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. She DONT SEEM THAT DRUNK HER WORDS AINT SLURRR LIKE I HAVE EXPERIENCED‼️‼️‼️‼️ She was all smirking and stuff fake asf.

  6. Black Ink New York is so much better without Sky! Please don’t bring her back. Y’all have enough drama.

  7. One thing she learned about her fiance is how he acts whrn he is angry or doesn't get his way. Lesson learned ladies. Don't expect him to be different once you jump that broom.

  8. Tatti needs AAA and donna ainy you doing the same stuff you was doing when you were with ole dude with the ball head idk it can't be me she would be done if I were alex that's why your not married she's not marriage material don't know how to keep your tounge out other people mouth .and Wally I feel for him he deserves more then that he could do so much better

  9. The fact that his fiancé let Tati kinda disrespect her and she didn’t get why Walt was mad is weird. This is your future husband this is supposed to celebrate y’all love and the whole crew is cracking jokes and not taking y’all engagement serious. I would’ve left too. That was not cool

  10. Tati is a miserable creature. She's always trying to interrupt someone's happiness. From Kitty to Walt next it will be Nasty ass Donna and Alex. SMH They need to remove her from the circle. She's evil the devil!!!!

  11. Tati was wayyyy out of line(the announcement)….I would have been pissed ass hell..I wouldn’t have walked out but CURSED her as out I’m talkin bout hurt feelings curse out…dumb ass..

  12. He's the best man on the show and deserves more. It's always about them. When he was going through it they didn't really care. Cease could of put him in a house. Walt deserves his own show

  13. Tati is tacky as F….never cared for her, the show can absolutely do without her!!!! Same with Sky, fire them both!!! No suspension, fire them!

  14. I read a comment about Donna! I had to put on my eyeglasses and look again and Donna do look 👀 like Michael Jackson’s impersonator, 😂 That’s crazy 😜

  15. Walt always throwing shade on everybody always no drama with him but stiring up everybody short coming now what

  16. They should change the name to drama something hardly no body does tattoos the only person I saw who was doing tattoos is bae that's it

  17. That’s crazy all I kno is Walt is the only reason I watch the little clips cause I damn sure stop watching the show due to sky! If he leaves I’m all the way done

  18. Skating was such a nice and fun idea for an engagement party. Tati was wrong but something is up with Walt… he is overreacting and way too sensitive. He could have turned to jokes back in them

  19. How Donna family checking Alex about his intentions for Donna, hello your daughter is the pass around of the shop. Check her

  20. I’m with Walt to an extent here. This crew doesn’t respect anything and they’re all selfish BUT if these were just jokes as people do at engagements and birthdays and such AND if his fiancé isn’t upset then why storm out. Also if these were just jokes and he’s a comedian and can’t take a joke then 🤷🏾‍♀️… either way it wasn’t a good look but this group is wildly immature and toxic.

  21. Love me some Walt ,but why he acting like a little B 💭when he the one always cracking jokes u can dish it but can’t take it🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  22. Donna is so nasty. I wish someone would slap the 💩 out of Tati's ass. Two woman have lost their spot on that show because of her.

  23. of all the Black Crew members I love Walt Puma and Sassy now that I said that let me say .

    Tati is a rabid dog ma bad receptionist. I dont know if these guys are really friends or if this is a show friendship. Either way the females on this show are toxic starting with Sky ending with Donna and all those tricks in between except for Bae .

    I feel Walt when he says it's his night and this liquored up drug mule decided to clown him . I dont really know if this Ryan and Kitty and Cease storyline is true . but Cease needs to take a page from Ryan's 9mag crew and fire all of them down to Teddy Rux .

    That sh$t Tati did reminds me of that 9mag chick the one with the baby that lives with Lily . Yea her when she invited Larabeda (I know that's not her real name but I love the way Van's girl Jennifer says it) .
    Yea when she invited Larabeda to a 9mag party knowing there was bad blood then proceeded to say Charmaine sucked Van's 🍆 on some hearsay .

    In the real world these chicks would of been missing teeth.

  24. If his fiancé wasn’t tripping its not that big of a deal. He should’ve just grabbed the mic, checked her lil beaver ass, and kept celebrating Love

  25. So she keep asking where's is Alex ?? But ends up kissing Donna I wonder what would of happen if she found alex

  26. They’re completely out of line. Cesar with the arrogance because it’s not fake bougie how he would have done it and Puma and Tati with the dumb speeches. Highly disrespectful.

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