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what could bring together United States women’s soccer team dominating yet another World Cup winning its second straight title and fourth overall he’s so much adversity celebration celebration and we are extremely aware of the the power of when it’s been performing in doing so in the style that we always do that only New York City candle we are about to go to the parade and I’m so excited because it’s beautiful out the parade of Champions New York from Lower Manhattan to Sade baderinwa do you are looking live in lower Manhattan to where we are just minutes away from the World Cup Championship parade good morning everybody from City Hall Park here in downtown Manhattan I’m Ryan feel it is just a picture perfect day for this Victory early this morning some of them at 1 a.m. and I feel like this is almost become a tradition here for this national team the last time we saw them was back in 2015 here along the canyon of Heroes we are once again celebrating yet another world cup win this is the womens national team fourth overall they wanted 1991 1999 2015 and of course just this week today’s parade it’s going to start off at Battery Park near Bowling Green the team will then head north on Broadway ending right here at City Hall and that’s where Mayor Bill de Blasio will present them with the keys to the city exciting exciting ticker-tape parade for these were I know who is hovering above and Duke after 7 with a look there and shut that good morning we have got the best view of the city and as you said just what a beautiful summer day in New York City to have a celebration like this this is the first Ariel look at the canyon of Heroes and you can see the sidewalks on both sides of the street now filled to the brim the athletes themselves to women’s soccer team they’re over on battery place will pull the shot out and take you around Battery Park you can see all the activity there around Battery Park is now over on the left side of the screen you can see where the floats are parked the athletes took her place on the floats are you about 10 to 15 minutes ago they’re surrounded by media surrounded by fans and surrounded by a lot of cameras they’re about ready to get underway this parade scheduled to get under way any minute beginning here at battery place so they will send it back down 2 get that they do a very tight schedule today the parade is underway and our Candace McCowan is there at the beginning what’s going on Candice hey Ryan Sade This is a very exciting a lot of people cheering exciting for the beginning of the parade here we have all these motorcycles and you can see the crowds just beyond them now the floats are just in the distance we have NYPD leading the way here and they’re waiting to really get going here still go down battery place then up Broadway like you said this is been an exciting of morning already especially bands coming out here early ready to catch the other women as they came out of the Wagner hotel where they’ve been saying we have some video I’m just minutes ago as they were leaving the hotel I’m getting on at 2 at that close Megan Rapinoe Allison are from Connecticut Carli Lloyd from Jersey Megan even taking a sip of champagne and we saw that fancy Hardware there a trophy that they hadn’t had them thrusting into the air and taking plenty of pictures and wheels or heard from both Mayor Bill de Blasio on Governor Cuomo who were here before the parade go talkin about the taking the occasion to advocate for equal pay and a fight the US Women’s Soccer Team and they’ve already taken a quart Baltimore in the state of New York are women are being ripped off let’s be clear they are performing at the highest level winning championships bring in tons of Revenue the highest ratings and yet they’re not getting their pay and this is unacceptable and it needs to change now Daddy to them telling what they have done and their administrations to at Kern equal pay for everyone now you have the flag out here you have so many people just excited about this is a really great at this event because everybody can rally around the same thing US Women’s Soccer and how a great they are they called themselves the dynasty everyone else calling them and Dynasty definitely a title they deserve again back here at the beginning of the parade we are waiting on those two loads to come down battery place here I can tell you the women they’ve been ready they’ve been on these hoes for about 45 minutes out ready to get underway there are two or three separate clothes from what I saw earlier so you’ll get a chance to see each and every single one of them had a ride back to you if I’m single a sea of red white and blue Across the Nation as well on ESPNU and ABC News live you are watching Eyewitness News live coverage of the parade of Champions celebrating the u.s. women World Cup champs and we are excited to bring it to you here today Pineda Anita I’m sure you see a lot of sea of red white and blue there you know what Sade it’s interesting because of cover the Yankees and the Giants with this parade always pulls in such a young and such a diverse crowd of course of soccer moms and the soccer dads from all across the tri-state area we have princess Warehouse Connecticut they’re outside what is such a storied franchise I mean the winningest team in women’s soccer what brought you guys down today we love the Women’s National Team in love what they’re doing with the program. We were talking earlier and I are about why the women you think should be paid equally to the boys and what do you think they’re just much better than the boys and they’re not getting is not equal and that you said that the women bringing you you know cuz you buy jerseys that women bring it just as much much revenue Julie ertz Megan Rapinoe these kids and their moms and dads who won ton of confetti rained out on This Woman’s certainly they’ll be floating on air it doesn’t load comes up Broadway back to you equal pay and you’re saying we are on fire and you know watching these Champion it tells us how we might conduct herself in the world but to your point young athletes who are just getting started playing soccer and hoping to one day be on the world stage like these women have done in succeed on that stage and so much to about you know their messages along the way is you talked about and how these women are so relatable I think that’s what makes this celebration so special for so many people and that’s why so many smiling faces down here you can hear the cheers in the background in the parade along the way of course that’s to be expected with so many moving Parts but we are excited to bring it to you right here on ABC7 check coach J Jill Ellis and get out that just sticks with all of these future athlete’s future rising stars are like can relate to their if your everyday women that have normal lives and have a compelling stories and have overcome obstacles their own personal obstacles to get to this point and people can relate to those type of stories and really get behind it’s even be more than 16 million people watch the World Cup finals which tells you all you need to know about how this team has gotten so much support and not to mention all the support in France every game they played their all seven of them the US it almost seemed like a home game there were so many fans representing the United States there and I just think that speaks to how important this team is too so many people and the fact Sade that they won just four years ago oh yeah and these women have become household names and then Megan rapinoe’s in the Alex Morgan Carli Lloyd’s it goes on and on and on and these women in their own right I have become celebrities but also relatable at the same time and I think that’s what people really appreciate about this team issue in terms of pay equality we know when we were looking back at the other World Cup these are some of the issues that were brought out but now this team is saying you know what enough talk we need to do something now sponsors expected fans expected and we need to do something about it so we know that these 28 members of the US soccer team have filed this lawsuit and you know what you actually look at the numbers right if each team played in 129 tournament games a year female players were going to maximum of about $99,000 but when you take a look at the man they’re earning $260,000 and one more dollars a year they are in less than 2 million dollars trophy on stage in Lyon France on Sunday and it should be equal pay for equal play I think we can all agree on that and that’s a very important message they’ve been driving home here this far going to go back out along the parade route with Sam Ryan Sam what do you thin out there actually you know what we’re going to switch that up and then we’re going to go back to Candace McCowan Candice he shouldn’t we are right here you can see the flow going by at this point this morning so we’re expecting others to come soon it behind a very quickly I’m joined by Sydney and her father Drew from Middletown New Jersey hey why’d you bring her out here once in a lifetime event for her she’s going to remember this the rest of her life and this was really poor cheapest today so this is big in her book but this is great so much to learn here especially about being a woman and the Skyping Limitless as far as what she can achieve to integrate of course it’s totally worth it to see some of these women that we’ve seen dominate on television over the past several weeks of the past decades are so I’m any of them playing for a while so exciting to actually see them in person and celebrate with them off you can see the crowds across the street here many of these young girls out here are some of them bringing dolls through at this point many of them having dogs that are dressed as soccer players so very exciting for each and every single one of them and before you go away from us I want to show you if we can this next float that is coming through here you can see some of the players that went went over to get your stuff over there lot of fun out here this morning as we see if he floats go by and then they’re back by first taking to the parade route definitely exciting and an event we’re celebrating out here this morning stepping out on battery place before they headed north on Broadway headed for City Hall many close to Fallout shut and Ryan back to you yeah but everybody’s going to line up in front of the stage where the World Cup champ is going to receive the key to the city it’s a lot of fun out here a lot of fun a lot of energy Candice touchdown that you can see the thousands of people along the Parade route and we’ve got bagpipes and horses and buses and everything that a ticker-tape parade should have nobody throws a party like New York City good morning to you Ryan and Sade along is Cedar and Broadway this about the halfway point of the parade route I have to tell you what the last 20 minutes that excitement the anticipation it has gone from about 4:50 to be on 20 deep that the crowd is far past where I can see here and right now you were talking about how this group of women how they Inspire younger generation of soccer players I want you to meet Riley and Marissa right now they’re from West Milford New Jersey they both play school and club soccer and you guys were here in 2015 for the parade what do you remember from that I remember the crowds like going wild when they came down and it was like really fun Riley why was it important for you to be back here today I was just like really good to see them and how they keep on fighting and keep on winning and keep doing their best and just raising the standards for everyone you talk about raising the standards and we were talking about how they Inspire what inspirational what message do you take from the US Women’s National Team from both of you no matter where you come from that you could succeed and just never give up and I like that really light on and off the field they fight for what they believe in if I could see their goals I think that’s important for everyone to try for we have to get a shot of the socks here as they are here to celebrate the US Women’s National Team you hear the crowd there were chanting USA just moments ago guys and right there you heard how they Inspire the younger generation let’s send it back to you again Sam the same day or two Blasio there on that float and he just left us just talking about the excitement that is here and certainly is a lot of excitement for him giving the keys to the city for the second time but he broke up Champions two consecutive World Cup’s it really is remarkable when you think about it and how much these women have dominated the world stage and Alex Morgan Allie long to women that are Force are a big part of that success Alex Morgan a huge part of the 2015 World Cup team another woman who has become a household name because of her success on the pitch and she alongside Megan Rapinoe there as well the two women that led the US and goals and assists with six and three apiece during this incredible run all seven matches won by the United States in route to their fourth World Cup Championship and we are here for the parade of Champions and so much to celebrate here today and Nina Pineda can touch more on that is she rejoins us now it’s going on Nina you don’t mind you you think about the legacy of the semen when it started all you heard about was Mia Hamm & Beyond have this and that and how this team has grown and how it is picked up players that follow these these younger players that they come on the seat and made their Mark and that’s what happens when your champions of the world and you wouldn’t for back-to-back championships these girls came in from Princeton area and they actually play and Tobin Heath League tell me a little bit about Tobin Heath League they were really good together and it’s all about hard work and determination to get where you want to be and you we’re told his number I like how she can work with anyone and then she just girls and drives for what do you want never gives up on anything she always goes out and plays her heart is every single time so Tobin Heath as you know it’s one of the hometown he runs heroes from this area cuz she’s from Basking Ridge she has to park named after her heathpark down in that area at all so she went to Ridge High School and your mom said when they when they when the team one she made plans to bring you guys from Princeton mom why did you want to do that cuz I wanted them to see their Idols he’s our women that they look up two women that they want to be like in Canada play 4pda for Tobin he’s Club it’s really exciting for them and so I knew they want to see them and celebrate with them today has hanging onto the roof they went to Nobu they got pedicures at and Haven year did Lower Manhattan I think that they really are enjoying themselves and deservedly after this huge way what do you say about this teen girls I will send it back to you okay thank you young athletes are up-and-coming learning how to be not only a great athlete but a human being just a liter and these women have been the perfect role models for young athletes and I think that’s really something where the parade is at this point this went right on time right exactly on time so that you can see that the parade is made it to turn onto the canyon of Heroes and I get a little perspective on ticker tape parades because we know we got our friends on ESPN and in Philadelphia watch him with us you can see the paper being thrown out the window the ticker tape parades got underway the idea begin back in the late eighteen-hundreds when people were celebrating the arrival of the Statue of Liberty and began throwing paper out the window since then this is an honour that’s been reserved for dignitaries foreign heads of state famous people astronauts presidents and most recently sports team interesting though is that the 2015 Women’s World Cup champions that was the first ticker tape parade that was given in honor of a female sports team so now they get it a second time we’ve seen that the activity here certainly begin to pick up this parade was led by the motor unit by the highway patrol unit of the NYPD there’s an FDNY marching band so this is an all New York Affair Broadway and packed in the ticker tape has begun to fall Sade back down to you okay thank you for getting that foia report and now they are headed to LA in 48 hours ago in the states and they been making all the rounds on Good Morning America yesterday and now they are flying to the Espy Awards tonight in Los Angeles taking a 12:30 flight straight out to the West Coast and they are for sure going to be a huge part of that program tonight and you can watch the Espy Awards on ABC starting at 8 no doubt there’s going to be plenty to talk about as far as the World Cup champs are concerned still coming and I think I see Sam Ryan right there it is everybody the crowds erupted in tears because they’re so excited they cannot wait to see the players Lisa is here from North Carolina and you were here in 2015 as well you came out just for the parade I did we got you know there’s four days notice of the parade in 2015 and brought my son-in-law and then this as as soon as the mayor announced that we had a airplane tickets and hotel booked and we’re in for 36 hours turn around come in for the parade celebrate the women go USA what do you anticipate to see the parade of floats are not yet here but they’re making their way down to Cedar if it’s anything like last time you know they’re going to be a lot of floats the women will be on multiple different clothes what does he probably the captain’s on the first float trophy bands pick up the New York City police officers band and this is just like this States is about thank you so much Lisa enjoyed and as you can see the police marching band is making its way towards us right now and we see the first float not far behind guys I’ll send it back to you that look like that was the governor there on that float is really hard to see in our small monitor but seeing all of the people on the parade route that also running behind us we have ticket holders there were Nineteen Hundred tickets that were given out about fourteen out of the tickets were given online and as you can imagine they were gone within seconds that is a hot ticket tickets were given out on US soccer fan program so these are some lucky people behind the old presents the US Women’s National team with the keys to the city for the second time now in the last 4 years only one other World Cup championships and that was Germany in 2003 and 2007 and now the US women have proved once again that they are the best in the world and this parade is worthy of the world champion paper this is going to be a ton of recycled paper and Sam Ryan along the parade route we just heard from her and now the floats are starting to come by so let’s go ahead and check back in with Sam go ahead Sam wearing their medals waving to the crowd with the metal around her neck excitement here at the next level well it’s so much excitement going down there you know we’re going to have some technical difficulties along the way as fans are screaming and cheering as their Heroes come by on the float UC Mary Bill de Blasio are enjoying this ride in Tampa really kind of epitomizes what this team is all about you not hesitated to speak her mind on various social issues her teammates have gotten behind her because of that and that’s why she’s one of the co-captain do you know I remember hearing her her coach said you know some people are just they drown in the spotlight for this is somebody who just come to life and you’re able to see more of who Meghan and she was the first openly gay athlete to appear in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition she was also the first gay couple to be featured in ESPN body issue she has been on the news on the charge making a name for herself and certainly using her Spotlight to talk about much bigger issues and we’re talking about somebody who transcends Sports Megan Rapinoe certainly the name I think this US Women’s Soccer Team certainly transcend Sport and and their overall message to the team at 34 she was the oldest woman ever to score in the World Cup game she won the Golden Boot which was given to the player with the most goals in a cyst and also the Golden Ball winner of the World Cup which is given to the tournaments best player you mentioned her wife Sue bird a prominent athlete in her own right member of the Seattle WNBA team so no doubt a lot of athletic prowess Anthem to protest racism and police violence in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick we know that came with a lot of controversy but she stood her ground this was an issue that was important to her and she said I’m going to do it and I think these women know that they’ve been given this platform and they realized that we can celebrate our accomplishments on the field we have a chance to make such a big difference off the field whether it’s the social issues that you spoke about whether it’s inspiring the Youth of today to not only get out there and play soccer but get out there and make a difference and be the best you can be and these are all things that they’ve been harping on throughout this entire run and they’ve really done a good job of driving that message home arnita Pineda EMS how to take care of them but they are fine but that is a level of excitement down here on the parade route I never seen them before they are so excited to expand what do you think about seeing these girls so happy coach the College of Staten Second World Cup 2001 I love them all team so much what do you like about the team so much let’s check and see who’s coming down now another bus coming down me what a moment to remember really just historically a moment I’ll never forget for the rest of their lives will send it back to you guys we can hear the Roar of the crowd Ryan and you know when I look up to my right you guys can stay in here but I can see the the confetti raining down for the buildings I can see people’s windows that are out looking out waving from above the energy as these women are going by on the floats right now I think that that’s Crystal Dunn That’s Long Island Towing Crystal Dunn she’s actually from born and queens razor Rockville Centre so amazing to see all the people that came up in the tri-state area supposed to see these Hometown heroines from Basking Ridge New Jersey from Long Island actually made it on this amazing team the winningest team in women’s soccer history these four back-to-back titles and now this wonderful fat down the canyon of Heroes I mean what better way to get to celebrate a quality women’s Sports women’s soccer I mean it’s just been an amazing thing to see I mean they’re the best team I actually got to go see them in France and I am so honored to be here in New York and be able to see this parade in person who made the trip home and a 9-hour flight they said they couldn’t get farther plaid actually landed at Newark to all the the news in the Press about what’s happening in the world at being invited to the senate floor but what was it like to be at the championship I wish I could have gone to Championship I went to their game vs Spain but it was just so cool to be there with a bunch of other u.s. supporters wear the Jersey to Port them in person they’re the best team in the world so just what they embodied does for for women sports they’re like whole incentive teamwork and they really seemed like one big family and I think they’re such an inspiration to so many young girls women everyone and I I just I love how United they are and what they represent there’s no I in team and I think they really represented that I think we’re so many youth soccer clubs or down here they really see that is that’s why they look up to them so much and that’s why the same as role models we saw a bunch of people go by waiting for some more floats they seem to be held up down the road but as soon as they come will bring it to you live back to you okay thank you Dina you don’t need to talk about Crystal. And Crystal and one thing I love about her story she didn’t make the cut for the wealthy was the last person cut in the 2015 season Confederate unblock now she came to this world cup-winning with this team all the way around hard work pays off and Crystal done no doubt show down there along the parade route as well how you doing Anthony he’s right down here chilling USA me about it and I’m out of here see all the players it is really thick right here the crowd is really deep right here going all the way back to the fence right in front of the church of course this is a fantastic location to bend what we love Julie ertz I talked to one young lady she had been out here since about 3 this morning and you know what I asked her I said hey to you get up to go to school that early do you guys get up on time to go to school but you’re out here today all the enthusiasm all the energy you guys have a great time today and told him down the street but of course they’ll be passing by here and just a few minutes from now fantastic route we’ve been watching the check or take we’ve even know that some people out there in the windows and the rooftop they’re having a fantastic time to have a parade here in New York City for Saturday this is perfect weather to celebrate the perfect team and we’re excited to be along for the ride coming up after the break Mandy Freeman who actually played with Carli Lloyd for several years been here more from her heads for this parade for the for Edward R Murrow Awards ABC News winner of for Edward R Murrow Awards welcome back to eyewitness news coverage of the World Cup Championship parade you are looking live at downtown Manhattan Ryan Field Sade bettering hello to our friends at 6 ABC in Philadelphia on ESPNU and ABC News live this is the 207 ticker tape parade in New York City in 2015 when it pours the US women won the last World Cup we are celebrating in our Nina Pineda is down there along the parade route conservation because we are is behind me not a lot of ticker tape I think people are kind of saving on paper and all that you said you cover the Giants and Yankees what is different about covering This Woman’s World Cup teams but it’s still a great thing you know for the city a little less have you started too because the team has been so amazing the team is walking the right behind Empire that they are World Champs British show me the crime if they cheer 3C Megan Rapinoe in the front with dark being in the league okay alright thanks Pete about joining us right now we’ve got Mandy Freeman he was a teammate of Carli Lloyd and you play with sky blue FC in Piscataway Township New Jersey so what is it like for you to be here today I mean to the energy here is amazing everyone’s gone wild and crazy and it’s super exciting to be here and be a part of this and sharing their victory victory for them is a victory for everyone in the US and especially me being in the in the score playing in NW SL like this is amazing exciting thing to do right now cuz this world cup and the conversations that you two had before this Monumental book store in her level of competition that to bring every single day to practice and if you don’t we just talk about how well she was going to do and how much we were supporting her at the team being her know she made that fabulous seeing so we were just wanted the best for her and then they want it so it’s amazing so are you excited for her to come back and bring that to you story that you have about Carly just playing with her for the last two years. She’s just playing with her on the field on the field where I like I have her back she has mine and so I think it’s always act kind of teenage braderie and it’s not only on the field as off the field. Just an amazing person and so happy about the importance of pay parity equal play and how does this resonate for you but what do you want to see happen now with everything that’s going on and wanted to be more awareness because all the players that play on the floor women’s team play in the nwsl so I think just getting that highlighted that more than just a weird as it is about action now it is about action I think it’s about time I think they’re do they’re overdue for it and I think it just be at the it be perfect I mean they work hard they’ve got four titles in the world cup and I think it’s what the road at this point and we are happy you could join us as well but we wanted to send it right back out yeah let’s go with Don Jones or no we are back up top of each other as we move your position we started out the parade down in Battery Park and we came up here now over City Hall Park to get a little different angle and a little different perspective certainly the crowds up on the North End of this route up by City Hall cracker a lot bigger up here you could see how crowded the sidewalk is taking a look at some of the merchants here you can see painted in the window there one nation one team we’ve seen American flags being hung on the rails and right now the parade seems to come to a bit of a stop it’s a relatively short parade there aren’t a lot of floats and Bob here but it got a little bunched up here cuz you get toward City Hall however we pull the shot out you’ll see those big crowds out of the sidewalk and you see that familiar sight this is the New York City ticker tape parade you can see the sky filled with papers the sidewalks filled with onlookers and we’re still waiting for this parade to reach city hall and its entirety there’s still a few more floats to go back down to the ground time is any just to talk about how impressive this run has been for this US Women’s World Cup team not only are they II cement to make it back-to-back World Cup titles are 7 matches they never trailed Bay LED 70% of the tournament they broke the record for goals with 26 in a single World Cup Tournament they beat the second third and fourth place teams along with the host favorite France during this Legendary Run and oh yeah straight World Cup games which is a new world record World Cup but how dominant they’ve been during this run and really have put themselves as the best team in the world they have stamped and made their case that they are the best of the best and we are happy to be celebrating my about now we’re going to go back on the ground with Lauren glassberg Lauren what do you see in there media and I are soccer players have been posting some fun images and videos either on the float or right before the float so we want to go and show you some of those. Megan Rapinoe posting as she hoisted the trophy high in the air saying going to be lit and of course she’s got her glasses on in her champagne these players Heaven toasting with quite a bit of champagne we also have the team’s posing as they say in this video we went to world we came back with everything they are certainly living their best life right now also Jessica McDonald 31 years old she is a player in there she is posting from float number 3 she is with her son obviously not just girls relating to these Champions but boys as well and what a special day for him to get to ride on that phone President Obama holding up a number 19 that’s Crystal Dunn’s Jersey and he says proud to wrap America’s best team congrats and thanks for being such a strong inspiration for women and girls and everybody all across the country so nice to see so lots of people tweeting from the sidelines and posting as they’re watching us pray but also the players in the moment and posting as well and you could see more of those tweets on our website on our social media accounts as well as abc7ny as we are following and retweeting those two so fun day okay thank you Lord $2000000 1.5 million I can’t even Selena here in just a second so as we continue watching the parade going to be a few hiccups along the way we showed Megan Rapinoe there in that social media piece I can guarantee you wherever the party is Megan Rapinoe is right in the middle of it on the field and co-captain of the party planning as well I can promise you that is your thumb reporting live from ABC 7 News showing up a flint let’s go to the fans out there we love you thank you for showing up breaking showed up what’s good look at this you guys is unbelievable never done this without you dreaming of representing you love you okay that’s a mic up to the players and they were saying we love you New York we could have done this without you just pure Elation nobody throws a party like New York City and you are seeing that firsthand so we saw the chaos going down there going on down there with Sam Ryan how about where Nina Pineda is let’s check in with her hi Nina I have a chance you left him there’s chanting USA down here with this crowd is very excited cuz they just two people from Long Island to go by on the float who did you see Crystal. And Ali Wong it was just the first one when I misspoke but both Defenders and what was your favorite part about seeing both women from Long Island we just met famous people exciting and Allie long also was up there they Megan Rapinoe Ali Wong and Alex Morgan actually took are Mike and started singing we’ve got the best friends in the world and that’s really been there message they seem like a team they don’t seem like they they put each other down they really seem like best friends that the message you got and what message you think they’re telling everybody about women’s soccer that anyone can really do it if they really wanted to what she said okay good good job you’re in for what part of Long Island New York and she went to Southside High School we’ll have a great time he’s so much excitement along the Route here we got her makeup on two floats the players were so happy to grab it I yell to Megan Rapinoe what’s it feel like to be her and she did her signature move and went like this and that’s that pretty much just says it all back to you okay thank you and the time is now I’m not about having something needs to be done to the table and pay these women apparently there was a sign for Equal Pay they’re saying the time is now and pay these women can you talk about it they get paid roughly a quarter less than their male counterparts and that is unacceptable frankly in today’s day and age of equal play equal pay for equal play Brian Eno glyco yeah nobody is better at soaking up the moment then you’re co-captain she is living it up and rightfully so Anthony Johnson down in the parade route what’s going on Anthony hey if I hear we’re on Fulton Street these folks out how do you enjoy the parade how do you what do you have to say about this later I mean they’re amazing you know they play great they’re great teammates you know they’re great team women deserve equal rights let me hear some the winners winners get the money let me hear some arriving getting off the phone for the big event taking place right here to be out here all the parade route for talk about the ticker tape okay not a lot of tickets ask yourself this question how many people have paper today everybody emails everybody uses Twitter everybody is a social media so there’s really not that much paper around to be throwing out the windows but we did see something from a couple of buildings here and right behind me and Steve you could turn around a lot of paper floating around city hall and get everybody out here is having a fantastic time everything is coming to you at City Hall I know we’re going to continue to have a great day and what a celebration it is Anthony and of course the paper coming down from the windows is recycled paper for the presentation of the keys of the spread of the keys for the city to the city from Merrillville de Blasio about 15 minutes from now so everything else has been going like clockwork here and I think we’re going to see them coming up behind us yes we are up high above where we are is right behind City Hall the last float here has just pulled off of the parade route to this is a little bit of a behind-the-scenes look there you can see Megan rapinoe’s matter fact this float had the World Cup itself that have the cup on the float you can see them getting off pretty for the reception here at City Hall to the parade itself winding down we’re going to shift gears will get it to that City Hall ceremony where you said all these athletes will be presented with a key to the city and this is this is kind of need to watch what you say now on the steps of City Hall mini the city workers came out with their, just to catch a glimpse of this and now you see the ball making their way they will shortly be around the front of the building there we go right in the center of your screen there is the World Cup itself being carried in by the women’s team they’re making the way to the front and the ceremony portion this will get underway quite shortly let’s send it back down to street level OK John thank you so much so the champion team is apparently making their way right now Ryan so they’re going to come out on this staging to be given the keys to the city and we’re going to hear I’m sure from if you were the players wear the probably hear from the code to the ABC News is Robin Roberts is going to be here and seeing the events give me a lot of fun lot of fun and we are just minutes away from bringing all of that to you you were watching the parade of Champions celebrating in the United States Women’s World Cup team now for time World Cup champions you’re watching live coverage to stay with us and welcome back to our intellivision ABC News ABC News straightforward what an exciting day right here you know these players are about to come out here and a few short minutes we’re going to hear from them about just this day and what it means to them Mayor Bill de Blasio going to present them the keys to the city are Rob Nelson down there amongst the masses just down by the Stager Rob what’s going on down there okay but what was robbed in just a few maybe you could imagine how to get to Plex Dancin it’s a hot ticket and there’s so much to celebrate and we watch the crowds we got down here about 7 this morning and people were lining up and getting ready to get into their seats and a lot of excitement surrounding this day and rightfully so when we’re happy to bring it to you here on Eyewitness News and we want to welcome some of our viewers who are watching across the country certainly from Philadelphia and sister station 6abc trillion and we also have baby sooner we are around the Nation Hack around the globe and we’re happy to be here with you Ryan Field Sade baderinwa on a gorgeous Wednesday morning in downtown Manhattan as far as the parade itself goes the last few clothes to pill didn’t hear behind City Hall and we’ll watch I think most of the team or off the float this might be support staff and the like but then we watched most of the team get off the float they walked inside City Hall with the Cup itself from past parades what we’ve seen is that this process sometimes takes maybe 15-20 minutes I’m sure there’s a little ceremony going on inside the mayor will be inside the governor’s inside Robin Robert is inside and then we’ll all get together they will come out on the stage be while though you can see all of the ticker tape and paper the recycled paper we keep pointing that out still falling from the sky the crowds on the sidewalk now beginning to thin out some of those crowds with tickets to get into the ceremony which should be getting shortly on the front steps of City Hall lights in the sky will send it back down to see pictures right now is that confetti raining down this is going to be a big job there going to be a paper they’ve got a hundred thirty backpack blowers 130 hand broom 35 mechanical room all to get the job done the partridge in a pear tree hey man sorry about that audio issue a few minutes ago we good now think we’re all right so when I was trying to say before so I know you got the last 45 minutes or so have been showing The Incredibles party happening on the streets on the Canon Heroes will be going on right here outside of City Hall this is where the parade is going to end up right here at City Hall is the saying this is the stage this is the crowd here this is for the mayor’s going to host that ceremony honoring the GM giving them the ceremonial keys to the city decked out in dozens of American flags are red white and blue lights there in the background and you see that big the right there for the New York City Hall One Nation one team that says it all today this crowd has been pouring in here for hours about 2,000 tickets are available to registration starting Monday afternoon but those tickets literally were gone within minutes minutes so this thing is a sellout crowd here and this crap would not be more excited in a few minutes to see those Champion athletes on the stage here be honored by the mayor getting a key here to New York City they have a DJ out here that’s been a big time here is a sea of red white and blue and elsya band taking the stage so we’re getting very close here to the championship team hitting the stage for the conclusion of this incredible day here in New York will be on the right here on the stage just a great day great day here in New York like if it’s an old all morning long line nobody throws a party quite like New York City I’m going to see it on this day is coming up in just a minute to talk to you guys seeing firsthand here today people as far as the eye can see if it wasn’t even 72 hours ago these women were being handed the World Cup championship trophy in France and you think about the Whirlwind they’ve had in those less than 72 hours and now all culminates here with a braid and a presentation go get the keys to the city right here in City Hall how about hard work certainly paid off that only reproduce itself is athlete’s but they’re also representing this country and play I’m here to receive them it’s pretty phenomenal you see that stand behind us they are turning it up here getting everyone excited for the athletes were about to come out everybody in their flag red white and blue and yelled at altia Ryan these aren’t just for the occasion but you see so many adults in the day off of work today so they can make sure their kids could come down and see their Heroes and see all that they represent in the culmination of all that hard work here today and they get the keys to the city and really these women have done an outstanding job of not only representing themselves as players in representing the u.s. World Cup team but representing the United States as a whole and everything that we stand for in everything that people eat it is so much bigger than the store and it’s about who you are as a person what are the messages that you’re giving to these young kids if they can just taken they want to be the next Crystal Dunn the Megan Rapinoe the Alex Morgan Heroes is so many young ladies young athletes in general people that are just getting out and learn how to play soccer and getting out and being a big helping so many things that are too many important messages along the way that go far beyond the sport itself and I think these women have really embraced a troll and embrace that challenge and embraced being on this platform and trying to make a difference as best they can she said they are phenomenal and she’s just so proud of who they are but they’ve accomplished and easy team to get behind because yeah these women are celebrities they won the World Cup four years ago these are household names now the Alex Morgan Floyd the Megan Rapinoe but because they’re women that are so relatable that’s what helps you Embrace and get behind the scenes so much more and I really think all we have to do is look out and see all the people here today to see how big of a difference these women are making van behind us it’s getting the crowd going in a few moments we’re going to see the World Cup team and they’re going to come here and I’m just going to go wild eating those cancer up here I can promise you that and you talk about this US Women’s World Cup team they were expected to win this thing and it rather than kind of feeling that pressure of being expected to win the Embrace that pressure they used it as motivation and they dominated This World Cup Tournament as we said leading More than 70% of playing time throughout the course of seven matches that is just remarkable one thing we haven’t touched on today this parade today is 20 years to the day since Brandi Chastain and the US Women’s World Cup team won the hearts of so many with that huge win in Los Angeles to capture their second world cup that was 20 years ago from today to add one more little footnote in already spent at the day does far they were just too arrogant when it came to you’ve always got some if you ask this crowd and no I think they were just crowded and you don’t happy with it with what they were able to accomplish Megan Rapinoe Alex Morgan that frankly have come under right now she mean that as a slight against we did it as a tribute to one of her favorite Game of Thrones character and that was the point that I was Morgan was making the way men celebrate sometimes nobody talks about that but the fact that you know so much controversy if you will surrounded that celebration she feels there’s a double standard and she’s right and I think that’s one of the points that they’ve got a driven home during this entire things are going to be themselves that’s all they don’t want to be treated any differently than their male counterparts and I think they burn their right to be at the table and get equal pay for equal play and they now are as I said household names and deserve everything good that comes their way they’re going to try to get to one of them right now dinner okay it looks like I’m having a few technical difficulties but again the excitement is building here behind come out there to be given the keys of the city Robin Roberts will be seeing this event as a real connection to this team last time for the other ticker tape parade in 2015 GTR again and all the athletes were on GMA and just stay here. I’m just to say how they’re just taking this moment in their stories and talk about how fun it’s been to make such a difference and make their voices heard on this platform and I I think it’s been really one of the remarkable story to unfold during this world cup run and if you ever wondered what it felt like to be at Victory Parade nice part about these drums be near as you can hear how loud it is and goes if you want to get home or online you can almost feel like you’re right here in City Hall Park with the rest of us as this band is setting the table for the US Women’s World Cup soccer team when they walk out onto that stage and you talk about a thunderous Ovation that’s going to happen when that takes place we are looking forward to that just minutes away we are expecting that ceremony to begin la for the Espy award the party continues is that a raining town it is still coming down Sade it’s still coming down into the trees it’s blowing all over City Hall Park we are up above about 2,000 feet over head City Hall we’ve been watching that band that you’ve been talking about out front we’ve also been watching this seats here begin to fill in you been mentioning those aren’t just VIP seats they actually made them available to the public beginning on Monday and about two thousand of those seats were gone within minutes of the seats are beginning to fill in one of the interesting things that I’m seeing now is we tilt the camera up and you can see that tape in the paper still be getting the flag still flying through the air take a look outside the gates of City Hall Park what’s happened is the parade itself has come to an end the crowds on the street have begun to thin out but here they are cramping up against the gates here outside these are folks who don’t have tickets to get inside but you can see them about 20 to 25 people here deep waiting for the ceremony to get under way just to get a glimpse of it as a New York City honors these world champions Sade. But it’s really hard to get to somebody’s mention taking off from work Ryan champion are gyros up close and we talked about what an inspiration these women have been to these not only just a young girl’s butt young athletes across the country who can see firsthand how much hard work and dedication can pay off and you know maybe one day there soccer dreams will come to Drew and I’ll be standing on the stage as world champions and that’s something he’s ladies have really done a good job of driving that point home why not you not you at home right now getting ready to go out and play soccer believe in your dreams they can come true we’re examples of that and I think they’ve done a nice job of relating to so many people as they tell their stories and how they got to this point in their lives and how they’ve gotten to this point now I’ll be coming world champion it’s not just about people pay their sake it is also about their medical staff of the game and it was actually a lot of criticism when it came to the World Cup game suggesting that there was a lot of the game in France that pork should have been done to let people know about this World Cup game so it is far bigger than equal pay it is about funding of the team over at all well I got news for you the fact that they’re now for time World Cup champions I can guarantee their voices are being heard and I’m excited to see that changes that are going to come about because of this and because the message they’ve been driving on your watching the parade of Champions Edward R Murrow Awards BBC News I wanted to see the whole entire soccer team resonates most with you in terms of his team I can see why it’s so important to you Alex Morgan you to bring your daughter Amanda down here this morning that she wanted to see the parade and the US Women’s team or such great role model young girls and wanted to come here and get to see them be a part of this today positive hey sorry guys allowed here the rest of us out of City Hall UC behind me this drum Ben Rector they’ve been rocking out for about 10 minutes or so when we got here was fairly empty but really the last half-hour these seats have filled up about 2,000 people registered for tickets here outside of City Hall marinade team on you can imagine seeing those women that want sex Just Sports Banner Saga fanfic Flexsteel for the fact that they stand for something at personality you can see it just a few minutes away from the Big Show in the combination on a ride back to you by rob banks we just heard from Amanda and Chris from Floral Park Long Island he talked about how important it was for him to bring his daughter down here to see all of this to see her role modelz up close she was waving to the crowd that means that we are so way out here Robin Roberts of course is emceeing this event Mer de Blasio going to hand out the keys to the city so there’s a lot of excitement building here we are now going to go back into The Newsroom because we got Lauren glassberg taking a look at social media so we got a lot of people tweeting some of the athletes tweeting who got the mayor tweeting what’s coming in law right now it is a social media fast for these soccer players of Megan Rapinoe tweeted out an image of herself holding up the front page of the daily news and it is a great shot it is the Statue of Liberty the crown and purple just like her hair and her number 15 it says United We Stand the city salute America’s team with parade up Canyon of Heroes and it is a full section devoted to the US Women’s National Soccer Team so that’s a great shot she looks pretty before the parade started and here we’ve got some an Instagram story from float number 8 with some of the players smiling they have been instagramming and sending out social media as they make their way up the canyon of here is why the say about Jill Ellis you know a lot of these young soccer players just loving to see their Heroes but also some of the coaches I’ve spoken to this week saying just watching her coaching style she’s won two World Cup that is just astounding she inspires coaches both female and male coaches because she’s just so talented and really understand the Dynamics of a team Sade and Ryan show Media the cameras are just going and wait until his team comes out everybody’s going to have their phones already taking videos taking pictures capturing this moment is building Ryan they’re about to come out here any moment and the crowd is just going to erupt Megan Rapinoe gave us a little tease when she came out on the balcony and gave everyone a quick way of that means work a short time away from the ceremony beginning and what’s the view like from up top John delgiorno what’s going on up there what the view is still Spectacular from up here Ryan and you can see what we’ve been talking about now we’ve been watching that crowd begin to fill in the seats here just a few minutes ago we were seeing a lot of empty seats up front but the crap is getting the wind their way and I think a lot of the people up in the front here came in with the team that came off those buses those double-decker buses let’s take a look at outside the gates of City Hall the ticker tape still kind of flattering down there still some up in the air but this is what I’ve been keeping my eye on and it’s really indicative of the kind of crowd that we have here today when you look at these ticker tape parades especially with the professional teams in the professional sports teams like the Yankees and the giant you talking about multimillion-dollar athletes in this case is such a Grassroots everytown the term soccer mom has its own thing all over the United States and if you look down at this crowd that’s what you’re seeing a lot of young people a lot of moms down here that brought the kids out here to see their Heroes and outside the gate to City Hall these are folks that couldn’t get tickets to get inside but they’re sticking around their crowning up against the fence where they can just catch a glimpse of the stage and other waiting for the ceremony to begin with in the past we have seen this time between the parade in the ceremony this can take a little while I believe there’s a little reception that goes on inside City Hall there may even be a breakfast served so that’s the delay right now so we wait outside patiently inside the team in the officials getting ready to come out cuz that those keys to the city Brian and Sade back down to you cuz we get that for the ceremony here at City Hall what should begin in mere moments the MC is out here trying to fire up the crowd so I got to fill a void the ladies are going to be out on stage here in a matter of moments but a very important topic that we talked a lot about Sade call the governor talk about the issue be heard mayor de Blasio talk about this issue this morning to do it is also the law in the state of New York are women are being ripped off let’s be clear they are performing at the highest level winning championships bring in tons of Revenue the highest ratings and yet they’re not get a fair pay and this is unacceptable and it needs to change now strong words from the from the man we’ve been hearing from we heard from Megan Rapinoe say it is about action now we’re tired of talking about it we’re trying to retired of saying we need to raise the issue the issue is here is loud and clear the numbers speak for themselves they have higher ratings they’re also generating higher Revenue they need to be paid equally as the men and they’ve won 4 World Cups since this tournament began just saying in 1991 of what their male counterparts get paid and when you think about numbers like that in today’s day and age it’s staggering really end something certainly needs to change and the fact that these ladies have driven that point home I think we will finally see some change in that regard already waiving they’re saying I think they’re coming now that you know we are a few moments away and this team because we’re talking about a 12:30 flight that’s reportedly leaving out of Newark they’re going to be on the air 8 p.m. tonight the Espy Awards in Los Angeles going to be a huge part of that presentation and you can watch that entire show right here on ABC I don’t think they were right now champion. Things are going to enjoy this ride for as long as they can and sipping the champagne and everything else that comes along with being world champions I think they’re going to enjoy this ride for as long as they can and rightfully so we’re talking about the level of enthusiasm for this team and how they’ve captured the heart of America Call of Duty games that really and gender this across the entire Spectrum I mean I think everyone is just so proud of these young women they have really set the bar I think time and time again about who they are what they stand for the messages to young girls the messages to young man and his parents are I’m sure just just so proud to bring your kids to this kind of event is hard not to root for these ladies and that’s why all these people are here today to celebrate their accomplishments and celebrate what they stand for and what they meant to do so many people we saw him do it in 2015 and then to come back and do it again and dominating fashion in 2019 speaks to how good they are on the pitch and how well they are all good they all right to say in terms of what they mean to today’s society as well away from where we are people are still standing around the background even if we can hear him that’s more than enough I mean there’s going to be roughly two thousand people here in the actual surrounding the stage if you will they had to give those tickets away and they went in a hurry so obviously you like to squeeze a few more people in here but this place is packed to the gills that means he’s World Cup champions are about to make their way through the doors and getting ready to see that they’re poised for their shots I feel like they’re teaching us we see all the chairs set up we got the podium there as we get the ceremony will begin here in a matter of moments and it’s just the waiting is the hardest part right here at 3 Megan Rapinoe and a glass of champagne in the other hand no doubt behind closed doors getting ready to pick to bed this is our second time do I get to was here in 2015 for the other ticker tape parade and now he is back here again he has a close relationship with him yesterday firsthand is the entire US Women’s National Team joined Robin and Company on Good Morning America all smiles telling their stories just sharing to everyone what this run has been like starting in France and now culminating here in New York City worthy of the Champions that’s why she is now coming out this event so things are underway right now I’m sure that the team is about to come out of those double doors we’re also going to see Mayor de Blasio who’s going to hand out keys to the city again cool is that not only have they received keys to the city once they’re going to have to get a new keychain I think they’ve got too many to keep track of the announcement just came over the PA telling everybody to take their seats that this ceremony will begin momentarily, but you know what after what these ladies accomplished and what they’ve done during the last few weeks I think we can wait a little longer city of Champions okay the doors are closed again that means that they’re going to have to make a grand entrance I’m sure I’m so over the crowd is ready all of the young kids already all the young athletes I can already see them waving well I just put smiles on all these faces and I think we touched on this earlier in the end this is really the first thing that we spoke about when we got down here this morning was just seeing the age disparity so many young people parents grandparents everybody coming down here to join in the celebration in what really is not only a special day but celebrating a special team that means so much to so many people and the fact that they’re here again for years later is just remarkable especially how much they dominated that World Cup Tournament in France put it a lot of hard work one nation one team New York City congratulate world champions and get we’re looking at some videos on social media website abc7ny if you got some pictures you want to upload send them to us we’d love to see it again we also want to all of our viewers for my sister to PBI at 6 ABC our viewers from ESPNU and of course across ABC News live we are around the world right here for the parade of Champions we’re happy New Year long with us and don’t hesitate to send us your social post if you’re watching with friends at work go ahead send in the video we want to see everybody enjoying this team that is no doubt deserving of all of our adoration here today yes well it’s funny you mention that came out the other day and said that they broke the record for most soccer jerseys sold in a short amount of time right after it was like a number one selling jersey soccer jersey in the world for Nike US Women’s soccer jersey take it myself 100K I hear them talking about to introduce the team are they okay babe hype crew is out sign of Megan Rapinoe earlier holding up a newspaper talking about dis ticker tape parade they were just so proud of certainly honored to be given this parade we talked about the ticker tape parade the fact this is the 207th parade held here in New York City really is remarkable when you think about it and the first-ever ticker tape parade about this little FYI going back to 1886 for the impromptu dedication of the Statue of Liberty so that’s a lot of history between 1886 and 2019 and these us women US Women’s National team is taking their rightful place in the history not only of this city but in our great country speaker cameras cannot zoom in it so it’s a little difficult but they are ready for the Champions they are waving their American flag they’re saying way to go team someone else is okay don’t pay them all of these messages we have the monitors on either side for the fan that aren’t lucky enough to be right here alongside the stage at City Hall as you mentioned Sade thousands of people in the streets that aren’t even in this area here that are just watching from afar listening to what’s going on just saying that they were part of the celebration something that they’re going to tell their friends and family about that they were here on this special day I can’t say it enough but just what a great day and we also know that Sam Champion gave us an update early this morning saying it’s going to be nice I feel that humidity right now but it it doesn’t matter what’s about to heat up when these girls take the stage I can promise you that when these women come out and get a standing ovation is that they are going to be getting here in a matter of moments and you know what that we talked about 5 women on this team are from the Tri-State and for a little more on their story go ahead and listen to this that gas you heard on Sunday was not just in the stands but also across Long Island as Rockville Centre Zone Crystal done nearly scored another American goal back in 2015 done was the last player cut from the national team so she spent the next four years working as hard as possible to make sure she was on the World Cup roster this time around yourself I think that’s what I decided to do for years ago was you know not hang my head but just you know invest in myself believe in myself Delran New Jersey is Carli Lloyd just wrapped up her fourth it’s crazy here for World Cup Olympics been there Stratford Connecticut so listen are Who provided one of the most memorable moments in this world cup saving a penalty shot in the semifinals against England but no it was I just felt calm everyone I want to see him, everyone felt calm and I think that was just you know I feed off of this team’s energy field from players like Tobin Heath of Basking Ridge New Jersey and then there’s Northport Sally long who had this message today for young girls size 2 Youth just a platform kind of dream bagging and hopefully get there something by the time you’re our age world domination and World dominance they have achieved and we are getting ready to get this presentation Blasio come out let’s go ahead and join the are you ready to celebrate the world champion US Women’s Soccer Team no no no no no no no let’s try that one more time are you ready to celebrate the game-changing record-breaking World Cup women US soccer team that’s right this is how we welcome our heroes back home now the world has been watching these athletes it all over the last month they showed us what it means to work hard and never give up the inspired us with Incredible skill and Flawless teamwork and they showed us that playing like a girl is to be beautiful everyone loves a winner but do you know what everyone loves even more a winner with a message and I’m message that demand equal pay in the USA is fair game don’t you agree USA today they are the greatest soccer team in the world all the young girls who cheered the team on Match after match after Matt they know that there are no limits to what they can achieve our Champions have shown us and they are still showing us how to stand together fight harder and when for equal rights social justice and equal pay New York City’s do we stand with the US soccer team are we going to celebrate them like a world champions they are yes yes we cheer for them on the field and we are with them two for equality off the field USA equal pay equal pay equal pay equal pay please welcome my world cup Cherry partner Mayor Bill de Blasio thank you sir Lane thank you for reminding us this is a moment in history did you see the love for that team out there and a half Canyon of Heroes that you feel the love that was a moment I’m yunity that was a moment where all the good in our city all the good in our nation you can feel it and this team brought us together in this team showed us so much to make us hopeful today we had a moment we will remember for the rest of our lives and I want to welcome everyone here in this city I want to welcome ever run the country as watching everyone around the world who is watching this historic moment Bienvenidos and just a moment you are going to be introduced in person to our champion team are you ready 4 World Cups never has been done in the history of American soccer we are so proud that their first stop was the canyon of Heroes Heroes and heroines right and we know how to celebrate here this team has done something never before seen in the history of this country the greatest most winning soccer team in American history in football and Western price and what they accomplished was extraordinary the thrilling win versus France in the quarterfinals Alyssa there’s epic save in the semi-finals versus England and then one more great hurt on the finals and we will never forget when Megan Rapinoe scar that pound a shot I went Rose Lavelle seal the victory with a second goal and there was a deafening Roar celebrating that Victory a deafening Roar front Champions I want to hear one more deafening Roar because of what they stand for let me hear you say it USA equal pay equal pack USA equal pay USA this team has shown and undeniable truth an inalienable right epic quality of women must be guaranteed in this nation and let’s honor them by doing it let’s honor them by ensuring it they have inspired millions and millions and they’ve inspired particular young women to believe in themselves to be brave to be bold to be fierce what does team is done will live in our history because everyone the heart feels this is America’s team and we could not be more proud of our team later on this ceremony we will honor each player and Coach with the highest on in New York City gives the key to the city and every one of them as earned it zombie half of 8.6 million New Yorkers what an honor to have this great team Among Us and remember what they told us one nation one team one nation one team that’s what we believe and now I have the great honor of introducing someone very special she is no stranger to the World of Sports a former basketball star herself and sports reporter and now the anchor of ABC’s Good Morning America let me introduce to Robin Roberts I would say let’s get this party started if I want to continue this party cuz you wanted meet you or World Cup champions show us bring them on out no one has coach more games and US Women’s National Team history she is the only coaching US History to win two World Cup titles going back to back in 2015 or 2018 head coach Jill Ellis Call of Duty stop on the first song in the world O’Hara turn all time leading scorer for the USA in World Cup history play the second half of the World Cup final Alma team number 12 Davidson imprint at the second best for World Cup Final in France number 14 Defender Emily Sonnett score of the game best player at the 2019 Cup score of the game world class goalkeeper Thomas roster goalkeepers on this Roster number 18 Ashlyn Harris Crystal Dunn the year number 21 Adriana number 22 ladies and Gentlemen please rise for the presentation of Colors by the interagency color guard consisting of representatives from the New York City Police Department fire department Department of Sanitation Department of Correction and sheriff department and please remain standing for the singing of our national anthem performed by Lauren Leggio can you see by the dawn’s early light what so proudly we hail screw the pooch for the rest gallantly streaming play prove it all night that our flag was still there Spangled Anaheim bekasi thank you now a gentleman who began his career here in lower Manhattan Carlos Cordero who is the US soccer Federation president and he has to work you’d like to share Carlos thank you thank you very much WoW New York City outdone yourselves yet again what a parade thank you Mayor de Blasio on behalf of all of us said you were soccer thank you thank you for hosting this amazing celebration if I can paraphrase one of New York’s grades I feel like one of the luckiest luckiest people on earth because for the last few weeks I’ve been lucky to travel with laugh with cheer for celebrate and be inspired by 23 of the greatest athletes that the United States of America has ever produced now some of these have already been mentioned this morning but we can never repeat them enough the only team the only team ever to win 12 consecutive Women’s World Cup matches the highest margin of victory in a match 13 to 0 scoring scoring the most consecutive matches Carli Lloyd and six consecutive games goals by nine different players a record the highest scoring team in Women’s World Cup history 26 goals winner of the bronze call Rose LaBelle winner of the silver boat and including the most goals ever scored in a single match Alex Morgan I’m finally the. Last winner of the Golden Boot determinants top scorer and the Golden Ball the best player Megan Rapinoe add together together as one United Team not just one or two or three World Cup wins but back-to-back championships and an unprecedented fourth world cup title today today we not only celebrate this great team on the field but also we must honor the team behind them Coach Jill Ellis the first the first women’s Coach and only the second soccer coach in nearly a hundred years to win back-to-back World Cup titles and of course the entire 35% person staff behind the scenes are coaches trainers analyst medical staff at last but not least for administrators and of course our tireless staff back at soccer house in Chicago are players and our Federation succeed because of you thank you very much finally this is a celebration of soccer in America we thank the millions of fans all over the USA we think the more than 30,000 fans who made the journey to cheer you on in France and we thank we thank all of you for being here today we’re all part of US soccer and by the way if you love these players in the world cup then come out come out and share on your local teams nwsl teams this year add please please come and join us for their Victory Tour Across America which begins on August 3rd in Los Angeles today today on that parade Road watching it home and playing on feels and towns and cities across our great country there are millions and millions of young girls and boys will look at these 23 world-class record-breaking history-making accolades and they’re saying I want to be like them and together together we can help those dreams come true to our Women’s National Team and the millions who support them in recent months you have raise your voices for equality today today on behalf of all of us at US soccer I want to say we hear you we believe in you and we’re committed to doing right by you and that is why that is why I over the years for my development programs to our youth National Team Store professional leagues the nwsl door Women’s National Team USA soccer has invested more in women’s soccer than any country in the world and we will and we will continue to invest we will continue to invest more in women’s soccer than any country in the world and we will continue to encourage others including our friends and FIFA to do the same We believe We believe that us soccer that all female athletes deserve fair and Equitable pay and together together I believe we can get this done because because as this team has taught us being the greatest isn’t just about how you play on the field it’s about what you stand for off the field it’s about who we are as a sport and a country the 2019 Women’s World Cup champions the United States of America One Nation one team go USA phone ringing in their jail call you in a minute then very important to know your Auntie other players now what’s a woman who has done so much for US soccer whether it is the World Cup team or the Olympic she is the third all-time leading scorer in the history of women’s soccer in the US you know who I’m talking about oh well let me just say this first I’ve got 22 of the best bestest friends right behind you did I feel like the old granny a little bit cuz I’m always telling him to turn the music down no I mean this is incredible Carlos thank you thank you to you a stalker our support staff over there you guys work tirelessly we change nine different hotels throughout our our journey in the World Cup I don’t get the credit they deserve everybody here Molly rgm the comms group everybody I’m super super proud of this team you know we were obviously here for years ago and never gets old these parades are amazing you fans are amazing and I’m just super proud of every single player on this team it took all 23 players to get to this point everybody played a role and it was just incredible to see so many different players step up so many different players come through for us and every match you know we needed somebody to kind of Lift Us and it’s a testament to to this group behind us such a talented talented group to the coaching staff to Jill Graham here we don’t have a few of our other coaches Dawn I think it is I don’t know where Donna is she here on BJ Heights Ryan thank you guys you know it was a tough couple of years to take to get to this point but we could have done without you guys so thank you do you fans to New York City you guys are amazing the support in just a couple of days to get this parade going you guys are truly truly amazing we cannot thank you enough for all of your support I’m a Jersey girl thru-and-thru but New York New York it’s just as close even though I’m an Eagles fan down in Philly so Fly Eagles Fly but thank you guys thank you to the city of New York the mayor everybody that played a role in this we can’t thank you enough and here’s to the next chapter maybe we’ll see you in another four years you have them at the Players they gave us so much to cheer on for Abby watch parties that we saw all around the country and here in New York in the Parks or something and this is next player really really right now I just want to say I’m loving then Susie out there and it’s not even noon yet so thank you guys I thank you guys for bringing the Heat I also want to say thank you for your chance your signs and your posters we appreciate it keep it going can you ice a chance I meant but thank you so much New York City for coming out over a million people plenty more tonight at this morning it is very hot you guys and I wanted to thank you for giving us another key soon enough to the City Hall soon enough you’re going to need to change your locks so thank you all so much I think that we have been known far from here on out we’ll just be known as America’s Team thank you guys I love you guys so much so Alec since you brought up about the keys the mayor and first lady will now present the keys to the team and coaching staff and we won’t begin there you go I know there’s a law that they’ll pick it up so don’t have to worry about that are we ready for the keys John Scott able Samantha Moore Becky sauerbrunn I am so sorry apparently skipper Eagle fans Lindsey Horan Tara. Davidson Google Glenn Harris we got to give it up y’all for Crystal Dunn McDonald’s Christen press it cannot be understated the greatness of this team the talent the love everything that goes into it the support staff as they talked about the coaching staff led by none other than Coach Jill Ellis well thank you so much he’s making me taller that’s a good thing all right cool that help put this on and to you guys thank you for showing up again I’m not going to lie when we were going to Francis I hope we have some fans come you guys were unbelievable in terms of showing up thank you so I know that these guys are an inspiration but I just want to give a shout out to Two Gentlemen to World War 2 veterans that were Inspirations for us Pete Dupree and Steve melnikoff we met them in Normandy and I’m going to tell you they move each and everyone of us and part of it was to play for them because we knew we would not be here without their their contributions to our country so thank you to the I’m going to save these guys for last but to my staff no way in hell without world class staff do we get this done so I thank you all for all that you do you are you with a glue in this team and we could not I could not have done this without you so thank you so much staff answer this crazy group what a freaking ride thank you so much it’s been an absolute privilege a pleasure to work with you you are an incribly talented group you make our job look easy thank you so much and all the faster we go thank you thank you coach Joe I got to tell you this team I mean they are going to after here going to get on a plane fly to the West Coast and be honored at the ESPYs tonight I’m crazy but we’re not going to leave until we hear from Megan Rapinoe what’s good New York City I see all right here by see everyone in the distance as well this is crazy this is absolutely insane Santana lost for words I mean I’ll find them don’t worry but ridiculous first and foremost my teammates just shout out to the team this girl is so resilient it’s so tough has such a sense of humor is just so badass like there’s nothing nothing that can phase this group or chilling we got we got celebrations we have pink hair and purple hair rib tattoos dreadlocks we got white girls like girls and everything in between take care of gay girls I couldn’t be more proud to be a co-captain with Carly and Alex with this team is my absolute honor to lead this team out on the field there’s no other place that I would rather even in the presidential race I’m busy I’m sorry to the sad City coaching staff the technical stuff to the medical staff to the support staff in the Saj therapist to the videographer to the shush up to you again shark security turn media people thank you so much you make our job so easy but I want to focus on anything other than what we have to do on the field thank you for that consideration Carlos thank you you are incredible this world cup I know that you got a little stick when you are up here couple chance I think that’s a sign sinus infection though right likes everybody gets booed everybody in the position of power gets booed imma imma stick my neck out there a little bit I’m going to do is Carlos I think he’s with us I think he’s on the right side of things I think he’s going to make things right he’s proven he’s proven every day since he’s been in office for us that he’s with us he was with us every single day of the World Cup not only from just a personal standpoint how much that means to us but just from an Outlook Sandpoint all the eyes looking in this man was there he was in the tunnel every single game he was celebrating every single game we appreciate that thank you we look forward to holding those feet to the fire to the mayor’s office this is our second time around a beautiful wife thank you for hosting us also to the Governor Cuomo is how I think you pronounce it right thank you so much for hosting us did NYPD to the fire department here to everyone who made this happen thank you so much is not possible without everyone we really do appreciate all that it takes to shut down the biggest best city in the world who’s the biggest best team in the world thank you for that that means the world to us I think I understand what this this is my charge to everyone we have to be better we have to love more hate less we got to listen more and talk less we got to know that this is everybody’s responsibility every single person here every single person who’s not here every single person who doesn’t want to be here every single person who agrees and doesn’t agree it’s our responsibility to make this world a better place I think this team does an incredible job of taking that on our shoulders and understanding the position that we have in the platform that we have within this world yes we play sports yes we play soccer yes or female athletes over so much more than that you’re so much more than that you’re more than a fan you’re more than every four years streets every single day you interact with your community every single day how do you make your community better how do you make the people around you better your family your closest friends the 10 closest people to you 20 closest people to you the most hundred closest people to you every single person’s responsibility there’s been so much contention in these last years I’ve been a victim of that I’ve been a perpetrator of that with a fight with the Federation sorry for some of the things I said but it’s time to come together we have to collaborate it takes to everybody this is my turn to everybody do what you can do what you have to do step outside yourself be more be better be bigger than you ever been before if this team is any representation of what you can be when you do that please take this as an example this group is incredible we took so much on our shoulders to be here today to celebrate with you today and we did it with a smile to do the same for us please I asked you New York City Megan Rapinoe we all love her we all on her let’s take on her message to heart cuz it’s beautiful everyone I want you to help me thank everyone who made this parade possible the New York City Police Department the fire department of sanitation department all the people on the road kept everyone safe and how to work all the people through the confetti do we love them confetti throwers thank you everyone that steam is for the ages so now I ask all the team members come for one more time to the front so everyone can see you and everyone can thank you one last time giving up everybody for the American team celebration of today Federer tomorrow along with Ryan fan of me just wants to team get keys to the city and want to celebrate braiding their hair so many powerful messages for tickly Megan Rapinoe at the end talking about everybody coming together what are you willing to do to play your part to help bring it together as a community as a people and that’s one thing we all learn and watching this US Women’s National Team not only achieve great success on the pitch but achieve great success in terms of delivering their message and everyone of us getting behind soccer Carlos Quintero and the crap was ripping, saying conversation for incredible incredible Day celebrating World Cup champions a perfect Capper to what has been a perfect day here in downtown Manhattan as we celebrate the World Cup champions US Women’s National Team don’t forget from here the World Cup winners are jumping on a jet and headed out to Los Angeles there going to be a big part of the Espy Awards later tonight at 8 you can watch those right to refuse coming up next with watching

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