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welcome back everyone is Charlie this is
gonna be my Watchmen episode 4 video there were a whole bunch of crazy
moments so we’ll break it all down there’s also a lot of stuff that’s
happening this week so a couple announcements at the end of the video –
we’re doing a new HBO now giveaway all you have to do to enter is be a
subscriber and leave your best theory about where awesome anteus is that he’s
trying to escape from so careful for spoilers if you have not seen the
episode but top 10 and easter eggs as we go along there were a lot of
Easter eggs and a lot of really really crazy moments but starting with number
10 the new intro sometimes you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet there
were many different references to eggs throughout the episode in a bunch of the
different storylines but I think part of the metaphor of the cracking egg title
is also that secrets are starting to get out like will references at the end of
the episode in three days Angela will learn what I’ve been keeping from her
this big secret that I have when they said three more days I don’t know if
that means three more episodes if the episodes will move in real time or if
that’ll be the finale that they’re referring to but then there was that
person selling the organic eggs on the roadside in Oklahoma reading the book
fog dancing if you’re a big fan of the watchman series this is actually a super
deep cut fog dancing was actually a book that was written by someone called max
Shay who’s the character that within the world of the Watchmen series wrote the
tales of the black freighter comic book but it also relates to all the weird
stuff that Ozymandias was doing this week hatching in microwaving the babies
into brand-new clones to serve him within the world of the Watchmen this
writer max Shaye who wrote that fog dancing book also disappeared with a
bunch of other creatives and wound up on an island owned by Ozymandias he was
using it in secret to clone a bunch of alien squid babies to test what would
eventually be the alien squid that he bombed New York City with so they’re
using a lot of these Easter eggs in the different storylines to tie everything
together and give you more clues about what’s really going on while this is all
going on – they play that song islands in the stream which is also a reference
to the island that the max Shea the writer of fog dancing was transported to
that’s just a metaphor that Ozymandias is stuck on an island so to speak but
not a literal island just a metaphorical one because they have the transition
later in the episode that makes it seem like he’s stuck on the moon
but then number nine knock on the door welcome lady trio one of the most
mysterious figures of the series so far but we haven’t met till this episode
she’s the mysterious trillionaire we learned this building the millenium
clock in that bought Ozymandias company when he went into exile like he said
he’s been stuck in this place for the last four years but I believe within the
universe they’ve already explained that he’s been missing since 2011 or 2012 so
there’s still some missing time that we don’t know where he was but number eight
she’s there to buy their land for unspecified reasons we find that
something is crashing to earth that she knew about and that’s really the reason
why she bought it because she wanted the rights to whatever wound up landing on
that farmland so they use a lot of this to let you know what her personality is
how she is super smart and shrewd and she explains them how she made her
fortune the number seven was her threatening to destroy that baby that
she created for them now if it wasn’t clear she used the egg that the woman
had tested years ago to create the baby so really is biologically theirs but
also I think the idea that she owns all these biomedical sciences companies is
clues to what’s going on with Ozymandias and all the clones so I definitely think
that she has something to do with where he is and what he’s doing but more on
that in a second when I talk about her daughter because her daughter was a
really interesting character during the episode that I think says a lot about
what’s going on with Ozymandias and the sciences that she said that she was
involved in number six after another egg reference they pay off the opening scene
from the first episode with Angela’s great-grandparents in her learning her
true history this is where you came from but remember she’s from Vietnam just
like Lady tree oh so they haven’t explained how her parents wound up in
Vietnam and why she was born there and not in the United States but technically
within this world Vietnam is part of the United States so maybe her parents just
went to live there but the whole idea is that she’s tied in a much more
significant way to the 1921 incident it’s very meaningful for her but she
still hates will right now despite the fact that she seems like she’s caught up
in something way bigger than she totally understands that has something to do
with the Millennium clock Lori laughs about the car crashing down and they
sort of sink the episode up with the end of last week’s episode no that’s my car
just totally fell out of the sky it was weird that she didn’t totally believe
Lori right away you think her mind would be a little bit more open but they sort
of pay that off later when lady trio secretly communicates
with her about her grandfather he’s asking about his pills tell him to go
screw himself my number 5 was that weird breakfast conversation that they
had about the chief not going to heaven because heaven supposedly doesn’t exist
no I’m not a religious person so I don’t really mind if they’re atheists or
anything like that I just thought it was weird in an episode that he would say
that so directly to little kids oh there’s no heaven he just went to
nothingness normally you don’t see people do that with children in TV shows
unless it’s a really religious TV show which this is not but maybe he’s just an
atheist and that’s why he was having that conversation with them but number 4
time for the reckoning so Angela finally comes clean to
lookingglass about the Chiefs secret history gives him his Klan robes and
they’re also going to analyze what’s in Wills pills apparently they’re really
important there probably was helping keeping him alive past the age of 100
like there were all the references in the earlier episodes about how he’s this
super old man there’s no way he could have ended the chief because he’s in a
wheelchair yet somehow it seems kind of like he did at least all the evidence
points to him doing it number three was Lube man this was just hilarious like
what was he doing there by was he spying on her is he connected to lady trio or
is he connected to the Calvary or is he just a regular vigilante and it’s a who
watches the Watchmen situation like it’s a joke about who watches the people that
are watching us because angela is watching us all the time there was also
another weird moment between her and Senator Kean when he came back he was
acting kind of like an asshole and it only hammers home my belief that he had
something to do with setting up what happened at the funeral like maybe this
was all part of some agenda that he has that Angela and Lorie sort of sidelined
and he’s kind of pissed off at her about that Laurie gives us a whole bunch more
details about will he was a cop in New York City in the 40s and 50s then
retired early she also connects the dots between the
wheelchair tire marks at Crawford’s crime scene and will being over a
hundred years old he’d be in a wheelchair like she totally knows what’s
going on and just hasn’t said out loud yet number two was the scene of them
explaining Laurie’s backstory in the car the Doctor Manhattan references and then
the Millennium Clock explainer from Lady trio’s daughter is a thermodynamic
miracle my ex used to talk about him all the time it’s all connected man I loved
how she kind of poked fun at Angela wearing a mask oh I used to dress up and
fight crime to know I wear a mad to hide yes to hide from the pain and if
it wasn’t clear PD in the back seat is the PD from PD pedia on HBO’s website
that has all those extra files and details and bonus material for the
episodes if you’ve seen the Watchmen movie or you read the original comic
series you already know her so expect her back story and how she found out
about the comedian being her father based on the way she acted in last
week’s episode and all the references they made it seems like she’s kind of
moved past that she’s using his last name now – Laurie Blake Blake is the
last name of the comedian lady trio’s daughter also explains the purpose of
the millenium clock and why it’s located in Oklahoma of all places like why here
when you’re a trillionaire you could build it anywhere you want she claims
that it’s just meant to be a clock but you know Doomsday Clock references what
is the clock actually counting down to what’s gonna happen in three days but
the reason why of all places in the world they built it in Oklahoma is
because it’s the safest place on planet earth safest from nuclear attacks safe
lives from any kind of natural disaster so if you thought it was weird that they
would set the TV show in and around Tulsa Oklahoma
that explains why but they obviously haven’t revealed a true purpose of the
clock yet love the joke about Ozymandias statue why did you make him look old he
looks like crap oh we Revere our elders in Vietnam where
I come from well here it just looks like crap I also think they laid a lot of
clues about what’s going on with Lady trio’s daughter during a lot of these
conversations too but number one probably the biggest thing was
Ozymandias using crab traps to fish for the baby clones that were growing in
that pond it looked kind of like a pond but because it’s at night it’s kind of
hard to tell he sticks them in a special machine that grows them to full
adulthood in moments kind of like microwaving a pizza then they sort of
used the next couple of moments to explain where all the clones come from
and what he’s doing with them in revealed that he’s destroyed all the
other clones sorry for the mess I had a rough night then uses the dead ones to
test the giant catapult just reiterating the idea that he’s within this special
closed environment that someone’s created to keep him in a prison so to
speak when they zoom out on the spyglass in transition to Earth’s moon I think
that’s them implying that he’s on the moon not on Mars like I thought in last
week’s episode but I did believe just because the way they came back frozen
that they were getting fired into orbit out of the atmosphere and
that’s why they were freezing so I feel like that’s them confirming that but it
still doesn’t explain what deal he made with lady trio because now I think that
she’s secretly connected to all those weird baby clones and him being stuck on
the moon I’m really starting to like the theory that Thomas on the clone that
he’s playing is actually meant to be a clone of real Doctor Manhattan like you
have all these Doctor Manhattan clones that he’s disposing of all over the place
let’s go fish another Manhattan baby out of the crab traps but he’s very careful
to reiterate that he’s not responsible for creating these clones someone else
is and then at the end of the episode when Lady trio’s daughter wakes up and
tells the story about the nightmare that she had which sounds like one of Lady
trio’s memories from her childhood in Vietnam like she’s reliving real
memories that lady trio or one of her ancestors had when she said that she
Revere’s her elders I think the idea is is that her daughter is secretly a clone
either of her lady trio or maybe her mother or her grandmother and that’s why
she’s having those memories it’s like genetic memory that you passed down but
everyone let me know in the comments what is your theory about what’s going
on with the clock and what lady trio in a wills plan secretly is this going to
culminate in the next three days there’s so much big stuff happening this week to
Rick and Morty season 4 episode 1 is airing tonight I’ll do a video for that
it’ll post Monday morning Disney Plus is also launching on Tuesday in the
mandalorian episode one will be dropping then I’ll do a video for that too so as
long as you have alerts enabled for my channel you should see all those videos
when I post them while you wait for everything click here for my watchmen
episode 3 video and click here for that brand new rick and morty season 4
opening scene thank you so much for watching everybody’s day it awesome i’ll
see you guys tonight!


  1. Here's my Watchmen Episode 4 video and Easter Eggs. Let me know how many you spotted! My Rick and Morty Episode 1 video will post next. Here's my other Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1 Opening Scene video!

  2. Ozzy is on Mars .. we saw Dr. Manhattan building his castle on the news .. and like the Black Freighter he is escaping on a raft of corpses

  3. I feel like Ozymandias is actually in a pocket dimension and the moon reference was a red herring. In the trailer for next weeks episode they strongly suggest that alternative dimensions are going to play a big role.

  4. I have a feeling that the meteor that crash was Veidt. He finally succeeded and got out of wherever he was. Lady Trieu knew it and bought the land. When they were talking and she said something like “ oh sorry for the heat, it just reminds me of my mother “ then they look at the veidt statue. I feel like that is actually veidt. And they need as much heat so he can get out of his protective golden shield. He’s been heating for 4 years. When lady told the old man “ only 3 more days” meaning veidt will be free out of his golden shield in 3 days. That’s why everyone is saying tick tock. Cuz it’s only a matter of time till veidt is free. Also the lube guy is Pete. The fbi’s ladies partner.

  5. @emergency Awesome Willis Reeves and the Whole Reeves family are related to Bass Reeves. The real life Lone Ranger Super Hero.
    Angela Sprays her eyes like the Lone Ranger. Her married name Anglea Akbar Do you know who that is? The first Black Superman last name
    is Akbar.

    look it up.

  6. Easter Egg: "You're My Thrill" by Billie Holiday played as Laurie, Angela and Petey were driving to the clock tower. The song was also used during an intimate Dr. Manhattan/Laurie scene in the movie.

  7. I don’t think you do Batwoman videos, but the fact they canonized Batman 1989 Joker Jack Napier into arrowverse is video worthy.

  8. Since the events of Ozymandias is not happening at the same time as the events on Earth. I have a feeling that comet that crashed might be Oxymandias or related to him. Lady Trieu obviously knows about Ozymandias still being alive since she made that statue of him being an older age more like how he looks currently.

  9. This continuing theme of clones is the plot of the series. Lady Trieu is playing god to create a “new world” populated by her “legacy”.

  10. I feel that Lady Trieu is the Comedian’s daughter (Lori’s half sister). She survived the Comedian shooting her mother after her mother slashed his face.

    Just a thought.

  11. Isn't it quite obvious that she made him disappear and then trapped him so that she could purchase his company? This seems to be the case to me.

  12. I think he is on a new planet dr Manhattan created for him. He did say he wanted too create new life but I believe it was harder then he thought it was too create something relevant to humans and wanted to come back and then saw how crazy the world has become after the diary came out and put him on the planet.

  13. There is a difference in the time lapses in the main story and the story of Veidt trying to escape. His story has a year passing every episode. Maybe the time he has been missing is being accounted for with the side story. Showing he spent the whole time trying to escape. The big payoff will be his escaping syncing with the landing on the farm. Similar to the timing with lady nights car falling lining up between the end and of episode 3 and the start of episode 4

  14. The drugs in the iv are the same as wills pills. Treu says will leaving the pills in the glove box was “passive aggressive exposition” then will accuses treu of the same thing with her daughter!

    My theory is Will is trying to pass his memories to Angela via the pills while lady treu is doing the same with her daughter using the IV.

  15. Dogg, I say this because I have so much love for you and your channel… but her name is pronounced “True” I think this really matters in the sense of her name being “true” but she’s extremely deceptive.

  16. Ozymandias seems stuck in a mind loop doing the same things over and over again… Probably in Lady Treiu's tower… And might be the reason for Treiu's daughter's nightmares 🤷‍♀️…

  17. I think the daughter is not a clone. The machine "tells time". And the daughter is the one it tells. I feel like she's searching for the answer to something.

  18. I think the pills help link you to your past. Trieu’ daughter took the pills and is why when she woke up she felt like her feet hurt since she saw the Vietnam war IRL.

  19. Charlie, I always enjoy your recaps. Please note, there was no "21 incident". It was the Tulsa Massacre. To continue to refer to it as something less is another way of denying that it happen. Words matter.

  20. I got it Here is my theory: Ozymandias IS on the moon. Lady Trieu built a dome there (like the one you saw on that clock structure), she trapped Ozymandias there.

    (Perhaps she was in partnership with Ozymandias, the dome on the moon is where they/she did cloning experiments and for some reason she needed to get rid of Ozymandias so she trapped him up there in the dome, but he has the environment and the clone experiments to help him escape).

  21. Think the Millennium Clock is built atop whatever it was that fell from space. Probably a piece of some experiment Dr. Manhattan was working on.

  22. Thank you for your videos. Watchmen is becoming my favorite new show on HBO. Your videos really help to better understand the episodes.

  23. This was a good episode

    I think the daughter's dream is her mother's or maybe grandmother real memory

    I think Lube man is Petey

    The book the husband was reading is Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe but I never read that book so I don't know if the spoiler she told him is a real spoiler or a parallel watchmen universe spoiler.

  24. 8:57 that is not the moon
    10:00 that is the clone of the woman that the Comedian kills in the comics


    Lady Trieu is an avatar of Dr. M
    The clock is a literal Doomsday Clock, where all cosmic realities will merge into one.
    This is Dr M's solution to viewing all realities at once.

  25. I love how the kids didn't bat an eye at the atheist explanation of the afterlife. Like, ok dad, conversation continues.

  26. Ozymandias is in some contraption in the clock that Lady Trieu is creating. I think they hint at it by her creating a statue of what he looks like as an old man which only she would know what he looks like since he disappeared. She also bought out his company, the crashing object in the beginning of the episode was one of the clones that Ozymandias flings out of his contraption.

  27. My #1 WTF moment was when Angela spoiled “Things Fall Apart”, it’s been on my shortlist of “Must Read” books, and just out of nowhere, “Okonkwo hangs himself”

  28. I think that his telling thenkids that heaven doesn’t exist is to show that in a world where Dr Manhattan exists, there can be no God via religion

  29. Treiu is comedian's child from Vietnam, her mom comedian shot while dr Manhattan watches in the movie. Then comedian gave Dr Manhattan a speech that he doesn't cares about humans. After comedian left Dr Manhattan saved comedian's baby

  30. So Veidt had a rough night and slaughtered all his clone assistants. I take it his meeting with the Game Warden didn't go well.

  31. Her daughter is definitely a clone of her. That's why she's remembering memories and her mother was just the older clone before her. She mentions her mother while talking to Lori too.

  32. I'm guessing that the whole there is no heaven thing is just his personal belief & he told them the kids wut he believes is true cuz at towards the end his wife Angela says & u hate 2 lie when discussing the visit from fbi agent Blake. So it's just he hates lying so much that he refused 2 tell his kids something doesn't believe.

  33. Ozymandias is trapped in an alternate reality space created by lady treui. I'd like it if Manhattan was behind it, but I don't see a reason why Manhattan would imprison him 30 years after the squid incident.

  34. I feel like ozy could be in another dimension. In the scenes for the next episode during that recitation they made mention of this not being the only dimension. also, that could explain time moving differently for him. Idk.

  35. Whoops. It is actually a theme from Prokofiev's "Montagues and Capulets". It definitely refers to a war or combat between adversaries as these were the warring families in Romeo and Juliet, and it also means I do not know where Adrian is but I still suspect Mars.

  36. Dr. Manhattan returns and brings the dead chief back to life from bits and pieces, making the father's atheism seem less convincing.

  37. And everyone saying it tells time….Since time is relative it means imo that it can see the future or past ….reads or something idk exactly

  38. Another interesting point. Lady T not only buys the Clark's home but all the land. All 40 acres. Historically "40 acres and a mule" was the proposed reperations to former slaves following the Civil War. Even though the Clark's do not want to sell they are forced or loose their legacy (baby).

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