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♪ (SLOW JINGLE PLAYS) ♪ -MAN:I love you.
-ANGELA ABAR:We just met.When’d you fall in love with me?MAN:I…
was already in love with you.
ANGELA:Before you even saw me?MAN: I don’t experience
the concept of… before. So… there’s no moment? -MAN: Moment?
-A moment. When you realized,
“I’m in love.” MAN:This is the moment.I just told you that
you can’t save me.
And you’re gonna try to


  1. 2019 is officially the year A white man got away with blackface successfully. You just have to become a blue god in between.

  2. “The world’s smartest man poses no more threat to me than does it’s smartest termite.” Also I’m destined to be destroyed by a group of racists who live in a trailer park. This is a well put together show but it’s about to shit all over the character of Dr Manhattan because they couldn’t figure out how to use a character who had limitless power. Solution? A limitless nerf.

  3. Watchmen is a Damon Lindeloff written show on HBO that examines legacy, time, race, humanity – And has television’s greatest fart joke in it. BRAVO

  4. I was still hoping to see Billy Crudup reprise the role because I thought he was the best person who ever could have played him. He was perfect, but it wouldn't make sense to cast him in the show.

  5. Guys just to warn you a couple of bichboys going by Mr Satan and Teh LaughingMan are spamming the comments ignore them and have yourself a wonderful time 🌞

  6. I mean I didn't see that coming, but I was like all along saying, they didn't bring the black manta actor which is being cast for everything right now just so he can be a side one note character and he'll probably get something bigger. Well.. you can't go bigger than this. I seriously hate and love this show in the same way, it's like over political and I am not American so it doesn't hit me the same, but I will still eat up everything superhero related and it is super weird and interesting. It's a love and hate thing

  7. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is great and all but if Billy Crudup doesn't come in as Dr Manhattan… Imma drop an alien on a city just coz.

  8. I watched the first 5 episodes. The bought the graphic novel. I’ve been reading it and not watching the show. It’s SOO MUCH BETTER reading the graphic novel first. As soon as I’m done I’m bingeing the show.

  9. 1. What's up with that elephant? Where is will?
    2. Why lady trieu needed the land from that couple?
    3. Why nobody tried replicating dr Manhattan's experiment yet? Why just now?
    4. How come will is 108 years old?
    5. What is the punishment for being guilty in Ozymandias' case? Who was supposed to save him when he showed himself to that satelite?

  10. Before the terrorist Klan attack, Tulsa was referenced as the "Black Wall Street". The original Wall Street is located in Manhattan island. "Manhattan in Tulsa" or "Black Manhattan", a very subtle reference maybe?

  11. i thought for a moment that the kid was dr manhattan because of his telekinesis! but if he isn't then what the f— is he?!

  12. I hope that the way they kill Jon is something clever. As you remember from the comic the intrinsic field removal device didn't kill Jon, so it couldn't do anything to Dr. Manhattan.

    I hope it's something clever like Helsing Ultimate abridged, where the quantum nature of that one cat person Alucard absorbed made his sense of self become so abstract that he could not reform himself. I hope it's something smart instead of "we'll teleport your power out of you and put it into Keene, LOL" .

  13. What?! He can't be saved? So the 7K is gonna kill him? kill Dr. Manhattan? Just how? I need some wild theories ASAP!

  14. it doesnt look like this dr manhattan has the hydrogen symbol on his forehead, so maybe cal is another human who has gained the same powers as dr manhatten like the senator and the seventh kavalry is trying to do

  15. I had a small hunch that cal was doctor manhattan but I wasn’t 100% sure, I just had small doubts like why doesn’t he have a job, he seems to stay in the shadows a lot, he has a very dark nihilistic view on death and life, and why would they cast a hunk like that for angela’s husband lmfao. I can’t believe the hunch I had least faith in was real

  16. Lmao some of y'all are straight up just repeating the shit they said on IGN and acting like you were the first to say it

  17. Amazing revelation, I love it!
    Also, Wade now has a Rorschach mask, and knows where the warehouse is, is he going undercover in 7th K? To save Laurie or Angela?

  18. And that’s why her boy had psychic power 😱

    If you want to really want to hide something, you just have to put it in plain sight

  19. do u guys think there actually gonna capture dr manhattan like lmao. this man single handed the justice league in the doomsday clock comics and weve seen his powers in the watchmen 2009 movie theres no way the plan works like ill actaully be pissed

  20. Loving the show so far.

    Spoiler Alert : Lindelof is perhaps using some ideas Alan Moore discussed in a interview a couple of years back. He mentioned white supremacy and people being trapped in the past which causes stagnation affecting our future. Possible spring board ideas that inspired this series ?

  21. I am still thinking about last nite's episode and how I felt during the ending, can't wait for next sunday. Predictions?

  22. i wanna join the 7th cavalry after the last episode, cause protogonists written poorly, act stupid and thus deserve to die.
    and i am an asian from middle east.

  23. the way Angela hammered Cal and blue light scattered all over her when she pulled hydrogen symbol from his scull..
    F*kin' mindf*ck…

  24. Sigh… if only they did the Manhattan reveal in ep 3 or 4 so they had time to really explore the most fascinating character.

  25. Everyone going on about how there were clues cal was Manhattan. But y’all forgetting this means cal has a massive dong

  26. So was Jon Osterman black in this series, or just inhabiting a black man's body? (Note: this is not a "blackwashing" comment, just straight up curiosity). Also, I guess unless the Dr Manhattan "live stream" is faked, there are two embodiments of Dr Manhattan (we know he can be in two places at once)?

  27. So Ozy the smartest man alive couldn’t kill him…this series makes no sense, so convoluted using very little context from the original sources. The only person smart enough and with enough resources to try to kill Manhattan is Lady Truie.

  28. why i feel like when i see Dr Manhattan in this show, i will be so disappointed. i dont think its not even going to be close to one in the movie.

  29. Does he really need saving? I mean he can easily stop the 7th Calvary. It's kind of a mute point to have the bad guys still around when Manhattan is now back. It's a easy win.

  30. The show was telling us from the beginning who was Dr Manhattan. Her costume is sister night, it looks like she's a nun. She is a woman who's married to God… Lol the symbolism was right on the nose from the get go in episode 1. It was all there.

  31. My anxiety is high knowing that Jon/Cal knows the future and knows what 7th K will do to him and tells Angela she won't be able to save him fck

  32. Sorry what? Dr Manhattan is what color? Either he's originally black or this is going to fuck up the whole show. So now if he's a white guy whose blue but hid away wearing black face then this show is officially offensive in so many ways of only makes sense if cal was black to begun with not white now the home fight against race is meaningless if our lead girl is in a relationship with a white man raising white kids and really that was disturbing in itself.

  33. What the fuxk is that mean, you can’t save me. You are fuxing Dr. manhattan save yourself you can destroy all of the people in the world with your one finger snapping.

  34. I figured out who Cal is few minutes before it happened. I thought "That's why Laurie is so into him!". Brilliant show.

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