We Proved Russian Pilots Bombed a Hospital. Then They Did It Again. | NYT Visual Investigations

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[explosion] On Wednesday, Nov. 6,
Russian pilots bombed this underground
hospital in Kafr Nabl, Syria, putting it out of service. It’s the second time the
Russian Air Force bombed it this year. In May, Russian jets dropped
four precision bombs on the very same facility, a previous Times
investigation found. Kafr Nabl Surgical
is a well-known hospital and in fact, the
United Nations is investigating
an earlier attack on it. Intentionally bombing
health facilities is a war crime. But that doesn’t seem to
have deterred Russia. We know its air force
is responsible because we obtained
radio messages recorded between Russian pilots
and their ground control in Syria. We deciphered
their code words, including the
phrase to confirm an attack was launched,
“Srabotal,” meaning “worked it.” We compared these audio
recordings on Nov. 6 to video evidence
of the attack, the same way we
investigated the May attack. The evidence is clear. A security camera system
inside the hospital filmed three strikes: at 4:19, 4:25 and 4:31 p.m. The radio system
recorded Russian pilot 31 launching an attack
at 4:21, 4:27 and 4:33 p.m. Why is there a slight
discrepancy in these times? We confirmed the
hospital cameras are three minutes behind, and look at the intervals
between each strike: They match up almost to the
second, one pilot confirming three attacks at the
exact interval of strikes on the hospital. We also examined
flight observations for Nov. 6 logged by a
network of spotters in Syria, who track planes and listen
into radio recordings. They witnessed only
Russian jets circling Kafr Nabl at the time of the attacks
at 4:23 and 4:29 p.m. Russia had to know this
location was a hospital. Remember, a previous
Times investigation showed that Russia had
attacked it on May 5. The Defense Ministry spokesman
acknowledged and responded to that story. The Russian ambassador
to the United Nations was shown a copy
of that investigation at a U.N. Security Council meeting. And the hospital’s location is
on a no-strike list provided to Russia by the U.N. But this latest attack
shows that Russia can continue to bomb
health facilities in Syria with impunity.


  1. Hi, I'm one of the producers who worked on this piece. When we got word on November 6 that Kafr Nabl Surgical Hospital had been hit again, we almost couldn't believe it. It was so brazen – the same place had been bombed six months earlier. But when we got into the office that morning and started looking at the evidence, we realized that it pointed to Russia – again.

    We'd already developed a methodology to prove Russian responsibility last month, when we showed they committed a string of hospital bombings over the course of 12 hours on May 5 and 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCi-2-Flcxk&feature=youtu.be

    In May, Russian pilots struck four hospitals, including Kafr Nabl Surgical with three precision bombs, killing one guard. Using a huge cache of previously unpublished Russian Air Force radio communications to which we'd obtained access, as well as tens of thousands of flight spotter logs, we ruled out Syrian Air Force responsibility and proved that Russian pilots carried out each strike.

    So we applied this methodology to November 6, and it showed once again that Russia was responsible. Only Russian warplanes were above Kafr Nabl at the time of the strike, and on the radio, we heard a Russian pilot confirming three strikes at exactly the times they are shown on the hospital's CCTV.

    On October 24, the German ambassador to the UN presented Russia with our findings at the Security Council, but Russia continues to deny responsibility.

  2. Unfortunately, this is the tone that having Trump as President sets. After Helsinki, does anyone actually think Trump would dare say a word to Putin? And not just Russia, look at Khashoggi and MBS. Look at Syria. Etc. There are many examples. Trump being President emboldens some of the darkest forces around the planet to believe that they can act with impunity(they're prob right). Ignorant and racist Americans threw a tantrum and elected Trump. Now people around the world die as a result. Way to go GOP. You're now on the same side as the Russians. ?‍♂️

  3. God bless russian pilots.More bombing more refugee for Gayrupe.The eroscums will pay for what they did to Ukraine.

  4. God bless the Russian pilots and bashar al Assad’s SAA. Israel committed war crimes when they attacked the USS liberty and the NYT doesn’t make a peep

  5. It just shows that obeying lows and expecting others to do so is a sign of being so pathetic. And that applies everywhere and every time BTW.

  6. NY Times doesn't have very much credibility anymore.
    That said, Kafr Nabl, Syria is near Idlib Syria.

    Idlib is where the Syrian al-Qaeda (and like-minded
    jihadists) were located. These people have a similar
    ideology to that of ISIS, but were opposed to ISIS.
    The probability of Russian AF and Syrian AF bombing
    Idlib governorate is high.

  7. Send in the US air force and have it as a no fly zone . If they try it again US pilots then have a order to shoot them down . Problem solved

  8. Those who suffeted from the Russian crimes against humanity in Syria Don't need any proof from America, Simply because America is a partner in those crimes as they allowed Russia to occupy Syria and help tne crimenal Assad government to commit Genocide. European also helped in this crime, all wanted Assad to remain in power with his Irania partners. They calim that Iran is violating international law, at the same time allowing them to send fule, weapons and soldiers to Syria. Disgusting hypocrisy. Shmae on tne US.

  9. You are advertising the effectiveness of Russian air to surface missiles = they are hitting what they aim at.
    Arms producing countries need somewhere to test, prove and display the effectiveness of their armaments = otherwise no one will buy them.

  10. The amount of lies that the New York Times has told about the war in Syria, from reporting fake gas attacks to promoting al-Quaeda’s firemen, the “humanitarian” White Helmets (who only help the terrorist groups), why should we believe a single word that comes from your neocon propaganda rag?

  11. who cares? israel does it every day to the palestinians so why you make a big deal about russia?
    Until you report on the news fairly you will never have any integrity as a journalist.

  12. This should call the attention of the UN seems the UN is scared of superpowers only pick on the weak guys pfft disgusting

  13. Hospitals which are used by warring parties to store supplies and troops stop being invalid targets, according to international law.

  14. I usually hate whatever The New York Times puts out because of the amount of fake stories it runs but from time they put out good stories like this one. New York Times, you have earned my like on this video.

  15. Don't believe such Goebbels propaganda! Fascist America will pay a heavy price for its crimes around the world .. Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Yemen and more.

  16. Putin is despicable. That's been known for a very long time.
    Trump is a pathetic fan-boy for Putin. That's also well known.
    That means the UN is hamstrung, but bilateral sanctions against Russia are still possible (and perennially warranted).

  17. These people in power are thinking that all their actions will go unaccounted for but soon we people will turn them upside down and show them it's not always about who's in power

  18. What else do you expect ? common people Syria aka Assad paid Russian to defend his country and his throne. No one in the world nowadays don't have a balls to stand up against such action. Russia will find it self soon enough fighting radical faction. Good luck with that..hopefully they learned from Afghanistan war.

  19. Cause no one cares, your videos do not show who or what was in the so called hospital. Let's be honest here, Syrian rebels are notoriously known for hiding in hospitals, mosques and schools.

  20. Well, Russia has been guilty since their terrorist war against the Cheychens, so of course they are responsible for targeting civilians and civil facilities in Syria, they are the big supporters of the main terrorist dictator Butcher Acid.

  21. lol.,,, does any one asking this days for a reason?, Why would military plaine bomb civilian hospital?,…It has no logic from ANY point of view, simply doesn't make sense.,,, unless you thinking your readers are idiots and they would blindly swallow this crap!, lol

  22. Such a sad world to live in 30 years after the cold world, where we have to hate both the US (see how they treat their allies, see how they treat their own people – blacks, guns, poverty etc) and Russia (war in Ukraine, crimes against humanity, persecution of their own people – no freedom) — seems like there is no hope for a better world

  23. Most likely these sites are being exploited as safe havens for munitions storage knowing that they are on a non-strike list. Neither Russian nor US forces would ever strike a hospital for no reason. Also bad intel is always a possibility, you can't imagine how many people work around the clock to take part in these operations. It's not just some evil dude at the top saying to a pilot to bomb a target and he does it. There is planning, approval processes and long chain of operators in place to justify every strike.

  24. I support ?? but if it's true it's kinda makes me upset with Russian Airforce.. but why would they bomb hospitals when they are saving people from US / Israel funded terrorists

  25. Not saying I know exactly what happened, but I highly doubt that the Russians are sending communication over clear, unencrypted lines for all the world to hear. Even the small mining company I work for encrypts it's radio messages, let alone a bloody military

  26. NATO and USA had bombed way more and drenched their hands with innocent blood much more than Russia did…
    I hate western media

  27. Just a bunch of lies, they hit places like this , because isis, and Islamic maniacs are hide out in these places, and hiding their weapons and supplies, did you see many people in videos ? That's because only the terrorists are there, they've killed everyone else! Did you see any doctors? Staff?

  28. This is so terrible. Only USA should be allowed to carry out such acts. You know …. for freedom.
    Maybe Russia was destroying WMDs located there? Lol.
    Had USA done this they would also have killed the reporters there and covered it up. Russia is just not thorough enough. They should really learn more from USA.

  29. Russians don't produce guided smart bombs like the GBUs US has so I don't understand how they can use them? I thought Russians were accused of dropping so called dumb munitions without guidance that result in high civilian deaths so which is it indiscreet bombings or precision strikes??

  30. Ur IQ is actually lower then 60 , if u believe in such “news”. Its proves are based only on phrase “srabotal” ( which can be taken from numerous sources of video materials ) and low quality videos from syrians . Change word “srabotal” for “ get it “ , and instead of “ russian” type “american” and u’ll get the same propaganda but on another country . Please, use YOUR brain by yourself or it will be used by some one else .

  31. An obvious lie. Your so called "proof" isn't confirmed by anything than your words.
    Just as you I can get an english speaking guy to say the words I need him to say, add some effects, make up timestamps that corelate with the bombings and say that US military has done it.

    You haven't "proved" nothing yet.

  32. God bless the Russians. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time.
    I mean, it's not like they bombed the Chinese embassy or anything, or flew air cover for terrorists invading like some other air forces have.

  33. Thank you for still following this story, while it breaks hearts to hear and this STILL happening, that feeling is necessary for us to do something about it

  34. Фак, хочется расшерить с каким-нибудь призывным хэштегом. Но потом понимаешь, что за это тебя могут судить как экстремиста.

  35. Americans talk about war crimes ? How ironic, when the americans caused this war in the first place, alongside their master, the israelis. And to add to it, this isn't the only war started by americans and Israelis. They turned a peaceful iraq and libya (and many other countries) to a deathzone, for "democracy" when the people were already living in peace. If you are an American and you criticize the russians or any one else for commiting "warcrimes" when your own government alongside israel are the main reason for about 90% of the problems in the arab world alone, then you are uninformed and brainwashed.

  36. Look international law requires military and civilian hospitals to display the international Red Cross in order to pervert these actions this is so from the View of the pilot i.e the Proposed War Criminal can know what is a hospital.. a bunker by definition can not do this as by bearing the facility there is no define structure and thus the display of such a symbol becomes meaningless. If it was displayed at all. For if it was Believe me there will be chatter on coms about it.

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