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Landscaper Chicago let’s check it out
right now This is Logan Shinholser with Contractor Growth Network. Today I’m going through a Chicago Landscape company’s website
right now. If you watched last week’s website audit I picked a randomly happened to be landscaping again I went for a New York one and it was a great website you
know in the grand scheme of contractor websites it was good so instead of going
for a really good one today as far as reviews go I want to go for the other
end of the spectrum because 50% of prospects are not going to go with
somebody or check out a company if they have less than a four-star average so
last time I went with the higher end and I could go with a Cityscape Landscape
LLC 74 reviews 4.9 stars but I’m gonna guess just based off the reviews they
probably have a pretty good website and since last week we had a great one let
me go through a website that I’m gonna guess is gonna be a bit tougher the
reason that I’m bringing all this up is because this is very real because as a
initial prospect prospect I’m looking at this the first thing that I see is I
have three options of contractors to go check out their website I’ve got a 4.9
rating a 2.3 and a 3.0 this is a Google ads up there so I’m just gonna leave
that one alone but long story short this person that STK Landscape Inc. they are
they have a two point three star rating they already start off in a ditch in my
mind when I get to their website unless this thing is amazing and they just
happen to have three bad reviews back to back to back and that’s why they’re at
2.3 they’re already in a hole in my heart as a homeowner let’s go ahead and
check out their website to see what we got going on all right well I would say
their websites also a two point three and not out of five probably out of ten
this is going to be a tough website this is one that Sergio we got to talk man
initial gut reaction website from 1997 these websites
websites like this rocked it were fantastic when Windows 95 first came out
it is just an old website let’s look at this together so first off I don’t know
I you it’s SDK and landscaping Inc so we know what they do let you know they do
landscaping but think about landscaping as a whole you’ve got landscape design
you’ve got landscape construction installation and then ironworks guess
what all four of those things are visual they are visual services that you need
to show people but all you’re doing is landscape design we will blend your
ideas desires and our recommendations to produce a design to fit your needs how
vague is that I could say that I could put that on my website and just say hey
Full Sail marketing’s contractor growth Network we also do landscape design and
we do it by blending your ideas desires and our recommendations but they don’t
show it at all so that is the first issue right there is they don’t show any
of this stuff I know nothing about the company it also looks like a website
that when you get to it you’re gonna get some sort of virus on
your computer like there’s a Trojan horse just waiting behind one of these
actual shrub web pages that it’s gonna pop out and be like hey dude check it
all the points put on your laptop and all that so well so if you have website
looks anything like this you need to do something about it now it’s almost to be
blunt it’s almost better to not have a website than to have something like this
this is kind of like when you’re growing up and you’re really self-conscious
about your parents and things like that because you think they’re dumb and you
don’t want to be driving a minivan and in your mind at the age of 15 16 years
old having a minivan is worse than having no car and this website is worse
than having no website and I’m sorry Sergio that’s just the truth now that
we’ve gotten past how I truly feel about the website let’s actually go through
some of it together so first off it’s super old you’ve got to do something
about this you have to make this more modern you’re in a visual industry
you’re not doing anything to help you out all right now you’ve got large
hardscape installation project is just a trust thing think about how you buy
these things if you are a homeowner you want to buy landscape design or
landscape construction work you want to see projects that this company has done
so what is it what are you gonna do let’s check out the photo album see what
we got all right so we do have before-and-after pictures which are nice
the work that he does is solid so you need to show this more the other side of
it is these are very old looking pictures so you’re showing the befores
and afters there’s another thing to bring up in the before picture there’s
just two dudes not in uniform you know one could be smoking a cigarette like
you don’t know but it just doesn’t represent the company well it’s like
when you have pictures of your crew on your website and they all have hoods or
when you take a picture of them nobody’s smiling this doesn’t do you any justice
as a company you sit there and say oh we do great work and we’re trustworthy and
we’re all about the customer experience but it looks like everybody you hired
just came out of san quintin make sure that you’re showing off what you should
what you’re doing like in reality like you should be putting your best foot
forward your website is like your resume when applying for a job you’re gonna
have like you know cigarette burns in your website no I’m sorry on your on
your resume probably not so they do have some work here
the pictures are old but at least they’re showing that they’ve done at
least a half a dozen jobs in their lifetime okay oh sorry that’s photo
album one let’s see what photo album to looks like okay so photo album 2 is
probably the more updated one like that it’s not a random kid in the middle they
hired a child actor to come in and stand there for her size purposes all right
let’s go back home can’t actually you know what I mean let me bring this here
is some photos of our work grammatically that is wrong it is here
are some photos of our work let’s talk about who’s buying from you if you have
somebody on the disc profile personality test if you have somebody who is a high
C meaning they’re very accurate and factual and you put something in there
that is grammatically incorrect mistakes happen but when there’s something as
glaring as that here is some than what that says to me is that either a English
is not your first language or B you don’t
enough about the website to make it correct it just shows that if you don’t
care enough about the website then maybe you’re not gonna care enough about my
house maybe you don’t care about the details enough that if you get something
wrong in my home when building me a patio you’re just gonna graze over and
go well it is what it is and guess what all this is doing it’s
backing up a two point three star rating so this website’s not doing you any
justice whatsoever Sergio you need to get this fixed a CV about us page maybe
you have a killer story oh my god all right Sergio we are a growing
company who strives to always please our customers that is the first thing that
you say we are a growing company that’s fine you can let you can stay on that
one because you only have three reviews on Google who always or who strives to
always please our customers but you have a two point three star rating companies
say we are customer focused we’re all about the experience and making their
customers comfortable and happy then I go great how do you do that and they go
well we’re just nice we just talk I’m like that is that is not part of making
them feel comfortable just talking to them getting in their house and just
being nice like that is not a way that you make people feel super comfortable
it helps but it’s not what people are looking for they just assume that you do
that cuz it’s a given in business you need to show people how are you striving
to please your customers because right now Sergio you’ve got a two point three
star rating man what you’re doing is you’re trying to say we strive to please
our customers but everything else that you got online shows that you don’t
really get and I’m sorry that’s just how it is
we’re a small group of hard workers who wants to accomplish every project no
matter if it is too small or too large and our goal is to treat every account
the same way I know what you’re going for
I just don’t think English is the first language you need to update this you
need to make it so that it’s grammatically correct this truck looks
like you would go after some kids I don’t know is a tough one when I hire it
no I wouldn’t hire them just because I’m sure as a hard worker but
if you had this as a website that’s fine but to then back up with a two point
three star rating there’s nothing going for you you need to get this thing fixed
otherwise you’re gonna be completely word-of-mouth and here’s the downside to
it all you ready for this one if you are word-of-mouth and then somebody says hey
you should hire Sergio and then they go and the person like nobody ever goes Oh
Sergio great let give me their phone number I’ll call him right now
they go online to check out your reviews to validate what their friends said just
check out your website to see what’s going on and guess what they’re gonna be
seeing this a two point three star rating and then this it’s not doing you
any favors all right he looks like a nice guy
Family Guy Kevin Roberto Ethan Sergio they accept credit card that’s great but
man before the new installation sought after me like you do good see like you
decent work but the website does nothing to actually help out with that so let me
just do this just to show one that we’ve done so this is what we have to come
this is what like a higher end website shouldn’t look like in landscape design
let’s just compare the two come in boom STK landscaping this is what they do
stepping stone landscape boom this is what they do you go through their site
very water centric you can choose how they do it how they combine cube beauty
with conservation we’ve got pictures of the work request an estimate you get in
and you can see all this stuff right you can actually check out what they’re
doing but over here it this is just a big difference so now that we’ve seen
what you don’t really want to do let me just run down a good one when you get
people in the door you want to have a nice image that kind of shows it and
represents what you do this is exactly representative of stepping stones work
l’épée will request the estimate or in his case he focuses on water
conservation so he wants to say here’s how we prove it you click on that button
and this is exactly step the three steps of how they will actually work with you
to conserve water in your space alright some of the work right there they have a
gallery because again let’s check out the two galleries right so we’ve got
photo album over here before and after I love before and
afters because it was always help versus over here you got finished landscapes
and the pictures finished designs when you click on each one of these it’ll pop
up it’ll show you a larger higher image or a higher quality image of the work on
this one you can’t see it so you’re stuck with it at that size so those are
really the two big differences the gallery page everybody loves to see
gallery pages alright so those again are two big things about Us page let’s check
out the about us it’s hard to see him you can’t really see his face in any of
these these are the areas here’s Eric so when Eric shows up you already know what
it looks like he’s in a nice polo button-down it’s just two totally
different companies when you look at them online so now if you’re thinking
they’re priced the same who are you gonna go with who you think so that’s
the review do me a favor this might have been too harsh and Sergio I apologize
ma’am this is just what homeowners are thinking alright nobody wants to say it
but this is really what people think in their gut when they go to a website and
this is what they got all right do me a favor guys if you thought this was
worthwhile because trust me Sergio is not alone there’s a lot of websites out
there that look just like this one well this was helpful do me a favor drop
in the comments below type in more website reviews alright
more website reviews that’ll let me know hey I’m in I’ll keep doing these I’ll
keep going through the good the bad the ugly today just happen to be a tougher
one Sergio if you have a website like this
get better reviews toilets back up to say like hey look our website that might
not be great but our customers absolutely love us but a two point three
star rating with a website like this not gonna sell you any more more website
reviews down below thank you very much see you guys.

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