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Hello and welcome my name is John Edwards and I am a licensed psychotherapist in Oakland California I am also licensed in New York Washington State and the province of British Columbia Canada. My practice is about helping people to transform their lives. If you are suffering or experiencing the symptoms of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addictions or substance abuse, or marriage or relationship problems I may be able to help you. Our work together would be in three general categories. First, I will help you to develop into the best version of you that is real and authentic. We will do this by helping you to heal and recover from negative events or traumatic events that may have occurred recently or in the distant past. The second is I will help you to recognize and observe the narrative or story that you tell yourself about yourself that holds you back. We will then work together to help you to develop a new narrative or story that is helpful to you and enables you to transform your life. And finally the third category is I will help you to develop emotional regulation skills that helps you to manage the daily ups and downs of life. I invite you now to take a look around my website for additional information and if you believe that we are a match, I invite you to give me a call to start your life transformation. Thanks again for stopping by. [Music] you

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