We’ve Got a Runner! – Chicago PD (Episode Highlight)

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  1. atwater in chicago pd, is vanessa his partner and closed by partner, so excited. there is a series iam looking forward to watch, keep it up!

  2. This weeks PD was much better than last week…love that Voight went to bat for Adam. Be nice if Vanessa could stay…I’m not a fan of Hailey.

  3. In my never to be humble opinion. BRING BACK SEAN ROMAN. Roman, like Antonio,
    doesn't have a problem with speaking his mind to Voight.
    He will help narrow the huge void left by Antonio and Alvin.

  4. I jumped at how quickly Jay pulled his gun. Then Vanessa's shooting against the fleeing offender? I felt a tiny fright. Chicago pd, fire and med are the best shows ever.

  5. 1:03 Kevin left Vanessa behind and covered himself of the shots, seriously Kevin? How the hell you leave a woman behind in a shooting? at least shout a "watch out!!!" , jesus!! kev, that was not cute!!!! well…..take care vanessa!!

  6. Everyone, please ignore the SOB named Cory Bernstein. He's got his little brain stuck in the wrong era.

    On the other hand, anyone notice they used that plate on the Explorer before?

  7. Ahh there’s always that oneeee millennial wearing headphones while walking or skateboarding in the middle of the road blasting their music.

  8. The girl skate boarding on the street, why you looking down? You’re on a street where cars drive through! 🤦🏽‍♀️

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