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Hi, I’m Rayne. Welcome to my sweet digs,
or as I like to call it my home gallery. Before you come in to see
the art, subscribe below. Okay, come on in. I’m right on the borderline of
Crown Heights. I love Brooklyn, I’m from
Brooklyn so it still feels like the New York
that I grew up in. I pay $1570 for my one
bedroom, one bathroom apartment and it’s roughly
about 400 square feet. So for me it was super
important to live alone and not have a ton of
roommates, so I was willing to spend
a little bit more to get something that was
updated and had a true one bedroom. First up, my kitchen. It’s updated. It was renovated
right before I moved in, so I’m the first technically
to be in here with the appliances. Having a modern kitchen
wasn’t super important. I just wanted it to have a gas
stove because things cook better on gas
heat. My least favorite thing about
this apartment is the humidity. The walls get really moist and
when I’m cooking the windows fog up so it
looks like a restaurant in here. My favorite thing to cook in
the apartment would be pasta. I love Italian food and I love
bread and those two things go
together really well. Lasagna, ziti, like it doesn’t
matter I’m probably gonna make it. This is my little dining area. I like to have breakfast here
in the morning. I like to keep it really minimal
just so that it feels open. Because I work in e-commerce
and we specialize in furniture and art, I really
take in a lot of what I’ve learned there and
translated into my own space. Specifically with my dining
table. It’s inspired by a prominent
designer and I think the piece is
definitely timeless and classic because it
will work in any space. The skateboard is like the
newest addition that I have. I love Marvin
Gaye. He’s like one of my favorite
artists. When Supreme did a
Marvin Gaye collection I was like, “I need to get
something from there.” And then I have that really
classic Matisse painting. It’s actually covering an
electrical box. And so I think those two
pieces of art really draw your eye into the
dining area. My living room is definitely
my favorite spot in the apartment because I
like to relax here, watch movies. I love the just serene kind of
environment where I can just relax or hang out
with friends. And the couch is super
important to that because I wanted something
that was big enough for people to lounge on. It’s super comfortable, but
it’s also functional. And it was also super cheap. I got it for $350 on Wayfair,
so it’s definitely a good deal and it looks really chic. I got interested in fashion
because my mom was always into design and
she had great style growing up and we always
dressed really well. She’s like, “You’re representing
me when you go out into the world.” So I just grew up that way
and seeing her really inspired me pretty much
all throughout my life. Me and my mom have very
similar styles. She loves the space but
she hates this chair. She thinks it looks like an
electric chair which I don’t. But I definitely got it because
I wanted something that was different from
anything that I had in the space. And I definitely love it cause
I think it draws your eye to that corner of the room. I was definitely inspired by
kind of my growing up here during like the hyphy SoHo kid
era of New York. A lot of that was inspired by
Japanese artists and Japanese fashion and that
translates to the art that I have on my walls. KAWS, Murakami, things that
you saw in like BBC and Bape was something
that really inspired me and kind of stuck with me. So the Spongebob piece is
one of my favorite pieces in the space. I grew up watching Spongebob. KAWS did this really great
collection of different faces and I really
love this one. And then the plates on the
wall are Fornasetti. I saw them in an episode of
Will and Grace years ago and I was like,
“What are those plates? Those are dope.” Cause they
all have different faces. And I saw it again as an adult
and I was like, “I have to have this.” During my spare time I run
a lifestyle blog called Broke in Brooklyn where I
basically talk about how I survive in New York while
maintaining all of this by myself as well as finding
designer items super discounted and how to
shop smart. Having that space where I can
just like put it all and just like write a little bit
is really important to me kind of like an online diary. I feel like there wasn’t a lot
out there of girls that look like and that was really
important for me. My most expensive item in
the space isn’t furniture, it’s actually a Chanel bag
that my mom got me for Christmas about a
year or two ago. I want to say the retail price
is probably $2500-$3000. Even though it’s worth that
much, I probably won’t ever sell it because it’s sentimental
because my mom gave it to me. Right before I moved into
this apartment, I sold a Goyard tote bag
and used that money to furnish the space. I sold the bag for $1200
and that money translated into most of the
furniture in this apartment. I think it’s really important to
understand the importance of luxury bags
because they are definitely investment pieces
when you’re buying the right ones. If you do intend to buy and
sell, I would stick with more established brands, like
Chanel, Louis Vuitton because they raise their prices
every year so you know that you’re
guaranteed to make a profit if you do intend
to sell in the future and their designs typically
don’t change. My bathroom is definitely
on the smaller side. I definitely want more space
in my next bathroom. I want a soaking tub
because it would be nice to be able to take a nice
comfortable bath. But they did update it, so it
is at least nice with the size. But there isn’t much I can do
to expand on space. And right through here is my
bedroom. For my bedroom I wanted to
keep it as simple as possible because I didn’t have
a lot of room to work with. I didn’t want to sacrifice on the
size of the bed, so I definitely took up a lot of the
space with a queen size mattress. But I keep the linens white,
so it feels really serene and hotel-like. For the art that I have in this
space, because it’s pretty much stark white in
here, I did want to play around with some of the
similar notes that I have in the other areas of
the house. I have a Murakami piece
above my bed, kind of like a headboard. And I have some Fornasetti
art on the walls as well that came with the plates
that I bought in the living room. I wanted to keep the entire
apartment cohesive by keeping the artists
the same. In this apartment I only have
one closet. It’s pretty large and I maximize
the space as much as possible, but it doesn’t hold
everything so I do have shoes and books
in the TV stand and I have storage bins
underneath my bed. Because I got a platform bed,
it’s about 16 inches off the ground, I was able to fit
a lot of storage bins underneath. It allows me to fit transitional
clothes, shoes that I don’t really wear,
linens, towels, things like that, so they don’t
have to be out and in your face. I definitely feel like my adult
life is kind of on the track that I imagined it
would be. I definitely only saw
myself being in New York City. I’ve created a space that
I feel comfortable in and I can also welcome other
people into but it’s really my own
space. I think that this space is
something that I really love to call home. And I don’t really see myself
moving anytime soon. Thank you so much for
coming to my sweet digs. To watch more videos,
click here. To subscribe, click here. Bye, guys!


  1. What reoccurring themes do you like to repeat throughout your home? Share your design ideas with us below!

  2. Place is a steal for the area AND she's not one of those morons with the "New Yorker's don't cook" excuse. Living well.

  3. It’s really cool to see all the different homes and especially how people decorate?

    would it be possible to feature someone who isn’t able bodied?

    I would just love to see more diversity within the people featured not just racially but in all forms like more Asian women, more non gender conforming people, trans people, people with disabilities, hijabi women, different body sizes, just overall more of a variety of people. So far it’s good but just want more?

  4. I live in Yonkers, I have a two bedroom waterfront apartment with my own balcony with clear view of the Hudson and the cliffs of Jersey for 1600. And we also have our car in our indoor garage for an extra 100 month.
    You can get so much more for less living out the boroughs, this is just stupid and not at all fiscally responsible, she mentioned investing your money on bags while living in a box, I would say it’s probably her age that makes this glib but I’m twenty eight and my husband is 29 and we would never make a foolish buy like this, and I don’t suggest anyone following what this woman has done. Staring at a wall while you dine is idiotic.

    Pretentious fools buy Takashi Murakami

  5. I wish we could compare the cheapest NYC apartment and compare it at the same price in somewhere like Atlanta just to see if you get any more bang for your buck.

  6. How do you dine in a shady corner with semi-blank white walls? Idk, seems depressing to stare at them when not looking at your food

  7. Did someone find her blog? I think she‘s beautifull and I really wanted to read her blog, but couldn‘t find it when I looked it up!

  8. this is such a cute minimal space! LOVE that she's really into contemporary art, fashion, and design like me. i live in brooklyn too – let's be friends girl ???

  9. I'd rather they said "before you come in, press the bell button below". That woulda given me the feeling I'm ringing her doorbell but oh…

  10. Nice place. Love to see black woman on Refinery showing off their style and grace. Someone should gift her a dehumidifier!

  11. You sound like a robot no thank you won't pay that much in NY besides that city is so ugly it's a bankers utopia I get minimizing your self but wtf paying that much for a little appartment no no. Love my state Nm it's not ot cheap but not that costly either!

  12. The only con is I recommend better artwork preferably some black artist art. That in her bedroom alone would make the room more appealing. Just my opinion! Beautiful home ♥️

  13. When she mentioned the Japanese art, I said Ahhhh it clicked her whole look is Japanese in NY. Love the skateboard.

  14. What a coincidence — I was just watching Justine Leconte's video on bags as investment pieces and Rayne here talks about it too! A very well-thought out space, too. Those plates are lovely.

  15. Lol. She does the speaking with the speech pattern where she ends the sentence as if she's asking a question.

  16. I love the apartment its absolutely it's perfect for one person she has great styleand the price is ok for NY I guess , the payments are higher in NYC as well ..

  17. Oh wow! Never grew up in NY but kudos to her for standing her ground and staying put. This young lady has power more than most people have. She has literally stood the test of time. Us black women are magnificient and very powerful and it runs through our veins down from our ancestors.

  18. I realize this series is all about your personality and not necessarily your apartment because this place isn’t doing it for me but she is a while vibe

  19. Wow it amazes me the rent prices in different areas of the country.
    I live in a big city in Wisconsin and $1150 gets me four bedrooms, 1 full bath 1half bath it’s about 1400 square feet. In this city that’s considered expensive.

  20. Sis is beautiful but i hate how our generation talks as they are asking questions! What is this way of speaking!?

  21. I like NYC, but that little apartment is not enough. I need at least 2000 sqft. I can get a 5 or 6 ?️ house with a yard and fenced for that price. I'll just keep visiting NYC for now ☺️

  22. I’m getting my first official grown girl apartment in the New Year & this is almost exactly how I want to style it. Timely.

  23. Ouch NYC…1500+ dollars where I'm from can get you a real nice home…at least 3-4 Br and 3-3.5 Bm …but overall it's a nice place especially how it's decorated to her own style!!!

  24. So, does anybody have a tip on how to prevent the walls getting moist and windows fogging up? I suspect your kitchen was renovated bcause of some problem fr. dampness, etc. It's important to hv it fixed or wall paint will start chipping.

  25. It's you have moisture on walls & window fogging, it's bcause there's no air flow /vents.
    It may lead to a health problem later on.

  26. So cute, you did well with the space.
    I was the first in my newly built apartment, such a great feeling. I love pasta too!

  27. Her taste is so amazing ranging to her artists, fashion, furniture is just chef’s kiss perfect

  28. Yes! That’s real Black Girl Magic . She seem totally put together with a really chic style. Love the flat and her skin.

  29. I like her space and minimalist design, Though i probably would add some curtains and color if it were my space. Great price for Bk… but these prices do exist… I lived in her area for sometime as well and paid $1400 for a studio. . Only other comment I have is why are so many commenters stating “It’s great to see a black woman with her own apt” etc etc? I have tons of Black girl friends who have their own space and not only that but some have bought their place in the city. They’re all young successful black women. It’s kind of sad to hear these comments. It states to me perhaps this is not the norm in the commenters’ surroundings. I would say break the stereotype and get out more…see beyond your surroundings and network. You might surprise yourself Young black successful women exist! We should be commenting on her space not that you’re happy to see a black girl have her own space.

  30. Shes cool, black, wears cornrows, born and raised in Brooklyn, a savvy shopper AND a luxury bag connoisseur?! Where do I sign up to stan forever?

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