What am I doing in New York City? (First Vlog Ever)

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So fancy. No Funneh five dollars What do you want? Welcome to my room tour in New York Allen if it is your room then why on this tag right here, its blank It says it says my channel name. We got to open up this beautiful YouTube box look at it.It says my channel name on it But wait First we need to check out the view. Okay, fine. We’ll go to the view This is the beautiful Brooklyn view and we also have a balcony view open that door up Allen ow, is it a crank door or somthing Look at that gorgeous view look at this. look we are the queens of the world Wait you want if you want to be a queen, I’m scared i am gonna drop the camera but this is the view It’s just like in the movies guys, I don’t see Statue of Liberty, but this city is honestly so beautiful Oh my God look there is actually water . Water water I love presents so much and this This makes a girl happy there’s this awesome Thank you letter and there’s also a schedule of what we will be doing at creator summit Well, let’s well you be doing I’m so oh, oh, yeah. This is pretty awkward So I was invited I got this cool media badge, but the crew became as the Power Ranger. Yeah, I’m kidding. I Yeah (music plays) (music plays) Look at that # oh ok we are struggling with this But in here oh my God Dude Wanted a banny pack and not any bannypack bannypack with my name on it. Nothing better than your own banny pack because you’re a babe This is for the Google pixel oh, I don’t want I do not have a Google pixel and then we got this YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube Sweatshirts pretty dope that’s pretty cool guys. I’m kind of crouching cuz I need to get to the camera A free Google pixel for this . I can’t wait to walk around with this phone case. Look at this I’ll be like yeah, my name’s babe rainbow tried on the sweater It is we’re repping the YouTube merch look at that YouTube merch is beautiful and Draco will love the new Merch Youtube thanks . There’s also some cool places that we can see here as you can see there’s a map of cool things We should try they got tacos coffee ice cream. Oh my god. There’s so much stuff. And what’s this? It’s salt water taffy and it says Bergamot the Earl Grey lovers favorites dudes, and you don’t know I love Earl Grey. We haven’t eaten spore a.m. You guys were starving Randall’s all about Randy Earl Grey No, this is what the taffy looks like that’s pretty good here it is everyone I Would still rather have like chocolate, oh, they’re both toppings chocolate in the washroom I love how it’s the top like this. We’re really nice, you know guys after not eating since of 4 a.m And flying all the way here tastes pretty good. Not bad I give this 5/5 flower heads we stayed awake for 24 hours. Oh, yeah, we didn’t get no sleep either. So Sophie look ok It’s probably because we’re okay No Charge you it’ll charge you but dude, I knew water. I’m gonna I’m gonna dehydrate there’s your water funny water for day I don’t think you’re allowed to drink that water Wait, what are all beautifully oh Wait, I made this one orange cream my favorite type of ice cream. I my favorite kind of Quibbler It’s my dream Morning guys, look at the beautiful Brooklyn view right here. It’s so nice, but it’s really hot right now But anyways, I just went downstairs in the lobby and picked up my Google pixel. I’m actually very excited to use this So thank you team pixel. This is the Google pixel phone. It looks so cool. I mean look at this half bar side I really like it. Goodbye phone drop test will look great. Oh My god, I can’t even see it Don’t worry guys. It was just clickbait. I still have my phone. We didn’t we didn’t actually drop it Obviously we have the phone and this is the babe came from our tech Channel So we’re gonna try this thing out a selfie with sin a selfie. Oh Because it’s good light I’m gonna show you guys the hotel room because it’s insanely messy right now You ready for this only three people are in this hotel room, but it’s already a big mess It’s officially been 24 hours in the airport If we look like garbage, it’s because we feels like garbage. Hello hey, I feel like okay guys, so we found this machine right here for Entertainment purposes this vending machine will keep us amused for the next eight hours. Look at all of that variety guys We got chips. We got crunch bars and most importantly didn’t sink in Friskin’s lunar bought this from Rhys Cup world. She’s very excited to get her first Reese’s look at rain below There’s even zoo animal crackers. Would you like some Ally I want plantain crunching These are plantain chips. There. It is Reese’s Cup There we go, it matches her outfit exactly Look at this koala t much ice half when you press Coca Cola machines you press diet Soda pop some though. I’m getting Thank you so much YouTube providing me to create a summit

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