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(dramatic music) (upbeat music) – So I would have to say
that my personal style really has a lot to do
with any sort of like vintage vibe, a lot of comfort, I love anything that I
can kind of cozy up in. My shoes I actually got over Fashion Week, they are Stuart Weitzman,
and surprisingly, they are the most
comfortable heels that I own. They retail for I think 575 dollars, but I got them around 150 on sale. And then my pants I
actually just recently got, I love trousers because
they’re so comfortable to wear. My sweater is from Nanushka, I love the kind of like bit of
a menswear vibe that it has, it’s so soft, it’s so comfy, and honestly I really fell in love with this little pearl detailing, I love that it’s just like
a little bit of something to add more uniqueness to the sweater. My jacket is this big huge
cozy jacket from Aritzia. I love, love, love a blanket coat, anything that kind of like is big and cozy that I can just wrap myself up in makes it so much easier to walk around. For my purse, I actually got this as a Christmas present
for myself from Chanel. I had gone in looking for sneakers. I saw this, and I was just like, this is mine! I love it so much. This necklace from Logan Hollowell, it’s just like a little diamond choker, it was a gift from them, actually, but I wear it all the time. And then these earrings were also a gift and they’re from Luv Aj. And then I also have these
sunglasses from Chanel. These are like my Trinity glasses, I always feel like such a
badass when I wear them. (upbeat music) – So my personal style is probably a mix of like modern and minimal meets a little more eclectic and exotic. So the shoes are probably
my favorite pair of shoes. What drew me to them was the lucite heel, it’s super interesting. They are Mercanti Fiorentini. So this jumpsuit is probably one of my favorite pieces in my closet, it is originally from a
store called Recess LA, but I got it at a vintage trade show called A Current Affair that happens about twice a year in New York. I love it ’cause it’s one size fits all, I can wear it for the summer, I can like, throw a jacket over it, wear it in the fall, winter,
it’s super versatile. When I’m looking for vintage pieces I’m usually looking for something like really out of the box, ’cause I find the most unique pieces
when I’m shopping vintage. So my jacket is, again,
another versatile piece that I love in my closet. It retails for approximately
525 from AllSaints. I have a huge collection of sunglasses. This is one of my many, many pairs, it is CELINE, it retails for about 425. My ring is, this is like
a little gift to myself, from David Yurman, the
retail price of this is about 2300. This piece, another jewelry piece I got from St. Croix on my travels. This one is from my girlfriend’s company, her name’s Anuja Tolia Jewelry. This retails for about 65 dollars, but I wear it all the time, it’s like one of my favorite pieces. This piece is from Maria Pascual, and then this one is from CINCO store, and I actually share
this with my best friend, we both have one. My earrings are another piece from one of my good girlfriends, I’m so lucky, I have so many talented girlfriends. So these retails for about 99 dollars, and I love the little like ear jacket, the cuff on them, super unique. My bag is CELINE, and it’s probably one of my investment pieces. I literally use it every single day, on the New York subway, all over place, it gets, you know, well used, but I love it and it was
definitely worth the investment. (upbeat music) – I’m definitely a jeans
and a t-shirt kind of girl, so for me to dress up those pieces and make them versatile,
I like to kind of invest in statement jackets and
bags to really dress them up. These are my favorite boots in my closet, they’re so comfortable, they’re from a brand called Via Spiga and I am such a sucker for
a square toed anything, so these are definitely my
most worn pair of boots. Denim is an absolute staple in my closet, I wear it pretty much everyday, I couldn’t be without it, so I like to switch it up a lot, and one of my favorite brands
to wear is & Other Stories. I love an off-white or cream pair, I just think it makes everything look a little bit more elevated than a standard blue denim. I actually don’t find it that hard to wear a color like white or
cream in New York City, I think that people
are a little bit scared about getting it dirty, but
you gotta live a little. T-shirts are always something I frequently switch out also, so I just like to keep
it super affordable, Mango is one of my
favorite High Street stores for affordable basics. My bag collection is pretty minimal, and the styles I go for
are often pretty simple on the everyday, but I when
I want something statement I usually bust out my Prada. Nanushka is actually one
of my favorite brands, they’re based out of Hungary, and this jacket retails
for about 600 dollars. Any time I’m feeling a little extra, I bust out this jacket. Sunglasses are a recent
purchase from CELINE, and they retail for about 300 dollars. Most of my jewelry, including my rings, are from one of my
favorite brands, Mejuri. Definitely one of my favorite pieces is my Irish Claddagh ring, it’s basically an Irish symbol for love and loyalty and friendship. My diamond necklace was a treat to myself, so it was around 1000 dollars, but the other piece was 100 dollars. And I also always get
questions about my hoops. I always go for really
affordable ones from H&M. (upbeat music) – So my style, I would
say, is definitely inspired by where I’m at, and
like what’s around me. I find a lot of inspiration from like the styles of the seventies,
so I always love to add like a bit of a retro
flair to what I’m wearing. So my shoes are from Vagabond, they were actually like kind of my first post-grad purchase, for 160. So for some people that may not be a ton, but for me at the time, it definitely felt like an investment, and I was very excited to
finally get ahold of them. My pants are from Urban Outfitters, I am a sucker for flare pants, especially patterned pants. These are like my go-to when
I want to be a little funky. My top is thrifted, and
I actually, like 80% of what I wore throughout
high school and college was like thrifted clothing, so I always love to add an inexpensive, thrifted item to my outfits still. So this was only eight dollars, I was super excited when I found it, and I feel like it’s
just like a great basic to pair with other items. My belt is actually my
friend’s, I’m borrowing it, and I believe it was about 20 dollars. And yeah, I think just a
big like silver buckled belt like this is an awesome statement piece to kind of tie an outfit together. This coat is vintage, I’m
obsessed with the color, and the stitching, and I just think it’s, yeah, like I said, super retro and fun, which I’m always a fan of. My go-to things to thrift
are usually funkier items, I think that’s the beauty of thrifting is you can find pieces
that nobody else has. My bag is Angela Roi, I love this company, they’re super sustainable, and I think this is just a great, basic purse. So I love jewelry, definitely a big fan. This piece right here is from a company called Mejuri, it’s,
I believe, 70 dollars, and it has just this
beautiful little moon on it. This piece right here
is from a company called Elvis et Moi, it’s 120, and I think just a little coin
pendant is super gorgeous. These hoops right here
I actually picked up from like a little shop,
like randomly, in Queens, for I think 15 dollars. And then this cuff,
because I’m noncommittal to getting a cartilage piercing, is also from Mejuri, and
it’s about 70 dollars. So for my rings, I actually collect a ring everywhere I go, it’s
like my go-to souvenir. So this one right here is
from when I visited Lebanon. I got it at a little street market for roughly like 25 dollars. And then this one’s kind
of on a similar story, but I got it in Oman. And then this one in the middle is from the south of France, I believe it was 40 dollars, also got it from just
like the cutest little hole-in-the-wall store along
like the cobblestone streets. Like, so dreamy. And then these two I’m a big fan of, they are both by these
artisan, sustainable jewelry companies, which
I think is really amazing. These companies basically
employ artisan women in developing countries to
kind of give them a fair chance at having a livable wage and
like, solid work environment. So, love these both. So I’m very passionate
about sustainable fashion. I like to tell people that
it’s not about perfection, but it’s about making
little steps here and there to kind of be more
conscious of where you shop and where you buy. I also think just being aware of where your clothing is coming from, or how it is impacting people, is really good to keep in mind when you’re shopping. (upbeat music)


  1. I would be impressed walking down the street if I saw some archived jean Paul gaultier… or something along those lines. Idk. This is unimpressive

  2. If you're inspired by these people, you can thrift the same type of clothes for just a couple of dollars. Don't think that you need to spend thousands to look stylish. 😉

  3. ELENA TABER IS MY GIRL!!! Actually, she's the only one I like. I love the fact she thrifts her clothes, and the items that are more expensive, she makes clear that they are from sustainable brands. I also like the fact that she spends her time to remind people about the importance of sustainable fashion instead of being like "Look at my purse!!! It's worth thousands of dollars!! I can't live without it blah blah blah"

  4. Buying a 4300$ purse either shows that you’re super privileged (aka a “Christmas present to myself”) or straight up dumb and willing to go into debt for a purse. For many many people, that amount of money could change their life forever, allow them to start a business, pay off 6 months off a mortgage or student loans. Is any purse worth that? They have decent ones at Ross” for 100$…

  5. Love Elena's Style! I love how she's always honest about her love for sustainability thrifting and supporting local and unknown things just because she simply likes them. Even if her style isn't everyones style (definitely not something I would wear, I'm not that daring) she def rocks her look~

  6. People shoud stfu the first girl was sssooo classy and amaizing andd her outfit was so pritty i loved the first girl

  7. I could all of these girls were bougie apart from the second girl. She looks like she just left Goodwill tbh

  8. All these clothes look like the type of clothes you could buy at the second-hand store. JUST KEEPING IT REAL!

  9. Y’all… don’t forget about FAST FASHION!! Fast fashion is basically cheap clothing that aren’t sustainable and probably use labor to produce.

  10. the second lady was looking really stylish except that weird jumpsuit,a bit extravagant I must admit. Elena, the last one, is all about sustainability and I would say her chunky artisan jewelry contributed a lot to her boho style but the jewelry on the second lady anyway looked more classy (you can't fake expensive jewelry). I guess maybe that yellow jumpsuit ruined the whole look…

  11. SORRY HUNNY, this look is NOT money. You all look like a bunch of low budget bitches with no taste. You wanna see style that warrants the price tag, look at Kate Middleton. This shitty fashion featured on Bazaar is to brainwash the peasants into buying whatever overpriced crap these untalented designers churn out. No thanks!! When I leave the house my goal is to look like an attractive woman, not a crackhead that just ransacked a Goodwill.

  12. yes the last one just exudes interesting culture and taste and style and eclecticness. just goes to show that a good outfit doesn't have to be expensive, and can actually in fact be cheap!!! expensive doesn't equal fashion

  13. The commenters claiming that they dress better than these women by shopping at TJ Maxx (or equivalent) are the same people who comment on those apartment tour videos saying "I bought a mansion in Kansas for $30k and these people pay $4k A MONTH for an apartment in NYC? No thanks." That's cool Sharon and we're happy for you but honestly no one asked.

  14. “MoNeY canT bUY u STyLe” no shit — money buys u QUALITY. Good taste is what makes u stylish

  15. My insta ppl that I follow for style inspo never spend over $300 on an outfit and look like a million bucks

  16. I don’t know why people are hating because I actually find some of these styles very cute, pricey but cute.

  17. Elena's outfit was the most inexpensive yet the better/unique outfit throughout the whole video. Sad that most would spend so much to look yet so basic

  18. Elena Taber, such a nice and lovely person 🙂 The outfit is classy and chic – and stil afordable, that makes her very likeable, that she's also buying stuff from thrift shops and vintage.

  19. My mother always told me, "if opportunist people know how costly youve been wearing, youll end up going home naked"

  20. I could still understand the other looks but the 3rd one is shit. The last one was the cheapest but it really was the best look.

  21. first girl i vibe with bc everything is comfy and soft.
    2nd girl i love that jumpsuit/leather jacket combo
    3rd girl meh
    elena is top tier

  22. Nobody, but nobody gives an actual coin of what you wear nor how much time and resources you've spent on the perf outfit, no matter who you are. Life is more than this. Like, people are dying of hunger, our Earth's Lungs, the Amazon is dying because of deforestation, huge amounts of food are being produced and thrown away just that we could have this kind of contrast with ignorant people? NO, THANKS! 🙂

  23. Wanna watch something that is toptier, elegant, sophisticated, untacky, worth the 8,000$? Check out Love Marie Escudero’s channel. —she’s also known as Heart Evangelista.

  24. So basically these videos tell us just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s elegant or worth it ..

    But i do think spending more money on jewelry is smart because they never go out of style , but i would never buy shoes or bags for more than 100 !!

  25. Jessica Clements buys so many cute pieces, but genuinely has no idea how to style things!! Like learn how to put colors, patterns and textures together girl!!

  26. Elena was the best dressed among them and her outfit was the cheapest. Proof that you don't need a lots of money to look good

  27. The last one with $1100+ style looks a lot more stylish and expensive than the first 3 ladies… seems like smart and beautiful beats money here 😉

  28. I have never believed in paying top dollar for fashion items because a name brand can’t buy you style and this proves it. If I ever had an $8,000 for one outfit it’d be a statement even if it was a more everyday look.

  29. Imagine how much money these "designers" make. By saying oh its designer!! Its expensive and fancy"!!! When in reality its hideous, and people only buy it to flex on other people..come on now

  30. Each item's look doesnt match the price, see alot of pieces like that, at thrift stores for like 2.89$ girl. I dont understand some of you rich people.

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