What Do You Need To Run For President of the United States?

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Think you got what it takes to run for President
of the most powerful nation on earth? Well, you probably do seeing as that bar has
been historically set pretty low at times, and with 2020 around the corner people around
America are even now beginning to consider their candidacy for the highest office in
the land. But just how does one get into the oval office
and a chance to push the biggest, reddest button in the world? For starters you’re going to need to make
sure that you even qualify for the job, and that means being a natural-born citizen of
the United States- with 37,000,000 million immigrants in the US that’s going to knock
out a sizable chunk of the competition. Next you have to be at least 35 years old,
which is bad news for Saira Blair of West Virginia, who at 18 was the youngest person
ever elected to state or federal office in the United States. Also not qualifying is James Tufts, who was
3 years old in 2012 when he was elected mayor of the town of Dorset, a town with a population
of 22. Next you’ll have to have made sure that you
were a resident of the United States for at least 14 years- so if you were born in the
US as a natural citizen but took off to live abroad, no dice for you. We suppose the founding fathers thought that
it might be dangerous to elect a President who was heavily influenced by a foreign, potentially
hostile, nation. Be 35 or older, a 14 year resident, and a
natural born citizen. Meet those standards and you are free to declare
your candidacy for president at any time, although once you receive campaign contributions
up to, or spend more than $5,000 you must register with the Federal Election Commission-
that’s the agency that we in the US trust to enforce campaign finance law and that helps
keep foreign money out of our political system so that candidates aren’t compromised. Of course it would be easier to simply make
elections federally funded to ensure no funny business, but think about all those poor lobbyists
who’d be out of a job. Next stop on your road to presidency is your
state primary and caucuses. Both help to narrow the pool of candidates
from each political party. A caucus and a primary works much the same
way, a group of voters each cast their vote for a nominee- however caucuses are limited
to the parties voters are registered for only, while some primaries, known as open primaries,
allow a voter of any political party to vote for the nominee they like best- however a
voter cannot go to their car, put on a disguise, and then vote in a second primary for another
political party, that would be voter fraud. Leading up to the primaries or caucuses though
you’re going to want to be on the road every single day, you want to make sure your message
reaches as many people as possible so you can drum up as much support as possible. You’re also going to need funds to run campaign
ads and finance your election team. In a common sense system those funds would
come from a federal election pool to ensure candidates weren’t compromised by lobbyists
and to ensure a true democracy where poor candidates weren’t disadvantaged by richer
candidates. Instead though candidates are free to beg,
scrape, borrow, and promise any amount of favors and influence should they win the White
House in exchange for cold, hard cash now. So you’re going to be putting in a lot of
footwork as you move from fundraiser to fundraiser and take meetings with special interest group
after special interest group! Remember to always be flexible with your principles,
or just outright discard them! All the while you’re shaking babies and kissing
hands- or is it the other way around… you’ll want to make sure your campaign manager finds
out asap- you’re going to be keeping your eye on your political party’s national convention. That’s the superbowl of party politics, and
though a clear frontrunner is typically identified early on, sometimes the national convention
serves to confirm a single nominee. At each convention- Republican and Democratic-
there are a group of delegates which must be swayed over to your side if you want a
chance at your party’s nomination. These delegates are split into two main groups:
pledged, or bound delegates are required to support the candidate that the people gave
the most votes to during their party’s primaries and caucuses. Unpledged, or unbound delegates, or also known
as superdelegates, are free to completely ignore democracy and the people’s votes both
and simply vote as they see fit. How do superdelegates fit into a democratic
system? They don’t, are an affront to the very idea
of democracy, and should be abolished immediately, but we’ll go ahead and tell you anyways: In 1972 Democratic Senator George McGovern
won the overwhelming support of Democratic voters, but in the national election faced
Senator Edmund Muskie who was the favorite of the Democratic Party establishment. McGovern however was so beloved by Democrats
that he completely trounced Muskie, and thus won the party nomination- only to go up against
President Nixon in the general election and give the Democrats one of their most humiliating
defeats in history. In the final vote, Democrats won only Massachusetts
and the District of Columbia. Incensed and determined to never suffer such
an overwhelming defeat, the leaders of the Democratic party established a VIP category
of delegates who would vote however they saw fit, completely ignoring the wishes of the
voters. These superdelegates wouldn’t even have to
be voted into their positions, they would simply be appointed by senior party leaders
and end up making up 30% of the total delegate count- ensuring some measure of control over
who wins the nomination and that democracy would be in no way served. Though Republicans also make use of superdelegates,
theirs are limited to only three per state and obliged to vote for their state’s popular
vote winner. To have a chance of winning your party’s nomination
at the national convention, you’re going to want to tow the party line and make sure you
please as many delegates as possible. However if no nominee has their party’s majority
of delegates going into the convention, this can result in a brokered or contested convention,
where delegates must vote for their candidates- pledged delegates must vote for the candidate
they are pledged to, but after the first round of voting are free to choose any candidate
if their candidate doesn’t make it past the first round. The two national conventions are pretty much
modern Thunderdomes- many men, and sometimes women, enter, but only one will exit victorious. Now you’re ready for prime time- the general
election. This is the big show, and where every single
embarrassing secret, gaff, mistake, and poor-taste tweet you have ever posted will be put on
full public display. If the national conventions are thunderdomes,
the general election is a 1 on 1 no-holds-barred deathmatch, and at stake is the ultimate prize:
presidency of the United States. But it’s not as easy as simply campaigning,
talking to people, and spreading your message- you’re going to have to be strategic about
your time and money. That’s because both are limited, and because
the Presidency is not actually decided by individual votes, but rather by a process
known as the electoral college. The electoral college is an institution held
over from an early compromise made by the founding fathers. While most supported a popular vote election,
many- most of whom already held some form of political power- insisted that while they
would grudgingly allow the peasants to vote for each party’s presidential nominees, a
bunch of ‘normals’ surely couldn’t be trusted to vote for the actual president-
that’d be preposterous! Thus they believed that only the US Congress
should vote for President, in a kinda-sorta-not-really democratic way. With a brand new nation already on the verge
of collapse and England gleefully waiting for a chance to strike should it, the founding
fathers came to a compromise- the President would be elected by an electoral college,
with each state receiving a number of electors based on how many members of Congress that
state has, and with absolutely no constitutional obligation to even vote for the person who
won their state’s popular vote! US territories on the other hand would pay
taxes but mind their own business and receive no electors, how the founding fathers missed
that bit of irony given the cause of their recent rebellion is beyond us. So with your money and time running out, you’re
going to want to prioritize which states you actually campaign in- aiming for all the states
that have the highest number of electors. States with few electors, or those that polls
show are heavily made up of the opposing political party, are going to be very low priorities
for you. Come election day all your hard work is going
to pay off, and the electoral college will do its job by ignoring the votes cast by the
people and deciding for themselves who gets to be president! Would you ever run for president? Is the electoral college and superdelegates
truly democratic? Also, check out our other video Can a US president
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  12. I want to be president someday tbh…however…I'd probably lose considering I'd shrink the military to a fraction of what it is today. 800 billion to let's say no less than 300billion in annual budget.
    I'd do my absolute best to balance the budget and reduce our debt or at least keep it from going up.
    I'd have ZERO relations with other nations, just keep the trade deals from the previous president, whether good or bad,
    focus on bringing down prices of doctor visits by making doctors a career that's cheaper to achieve…aka make at least 2 years of med school free. aka more doctors means more competition meaning hospitals wont charge an arm or leg.
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