What Factors Can Determine How Much an Accident Case Is Worth? — NY Attorney Dallin Fuchs explains

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You just had a serious accident in the state
of New York, and you want to know how much is your case worth? That’s a frequently asked
question that I am asked. My name is Dallin Fuchs, and I’m a trial attorney practicing
personal injury trial law in the state of New York, and that’s a question I’m asked
all the time. And the answer depends upon a variety of factors. In any kind of negligence
case or personal injury case, there’s really at least two major aspects to the case. One
is proving liability or fault of the party that caused your accident. And the other is,
what damages did you suffer? What injuries or pain and suffering did you go through?
In answering the question, “How much is my case worth”, there’s so many factors that
go into answering the question. Number one, of course you have to consider the facts that
led to the accident. But I really want to talk to you about the damages or the injuries
part. We have to evaluate your injuries. Did you have surgery? What was the extent of the
surgery? If you had surgery or some type of serious injury, does it require future medical
treatment? What was your recovery from your injury? Did you have a good recovery or did
you have a not so good recovery? Or did you have a type of injury that is going to be
permanent and cause you problems for the rest of your life? And sometimes, even most importantly,
what effect does your injury have on your ability to make a living for the rest of your
life? You may have been earning a certain amount of money prior to the injury, and now
you can’t work at all. That would result in very significant damages for monetary or economic
loss, or perhaps you can go back to work at a job that makes less money. Also, you may
have the same injury as another person and it may affect you in a different way. For
example, a baseball player or a construction worker that has a significant injury to their
let’s say arm may have a very serious impact on their ability to make money. If you’re
someone who’s an accountant or someone who sits at a desk, that’s something won’t have
the same effect on your earning capacity. So it really depends upon the facts of your
specific case. So if you have any questions about your accident, here’s what I want you
to do next: pick up the phone and call me. This is what we do all day at our firm. Answer
questions for accidents for people like you and I’d be happy to help. Thanks for listening.
I’m Dallin Fuchs. If you have any questions at all, give me a call. Have a great day!

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