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Cheers (whatever language that was) I think it’s gonna be a lame vlog Okay, so we checked in our hotel and we didn’t
make a vlog yesterday because we were so exhausted, sosososo exhausted after the trip. Aaaand we’re staying at Ludlow Hotel which
is pretty cool so far. For example (how to change it) Okay… So I’ll change camera now manually. We have kingsize bed which is great but
it’s not the best part of this apartment, this room. And mm that’s the best part of this room,
that’s the best part, yeah, that’s the view. Ooooo OMG, it’s so cool. Okay, so now really the best part is the bathrooooooom. Yeah, it’s the best part because it’s golden
n white. That’s the first thing. Second thing is that, that… just look at
this. WOW. WOW, it’s soo.. Omg, I just can’t take it all in one shot. Oh, I forgot about one very important thing. Raimonds is reminding me. There is a minibar and complimentary nespresso
machine. Oh yeah, there is coffee in the closet. That’s all I showed you where we’re staying
for now and yeah, we’ll keep you updated. Hi, we arrived to Times Square, it’s soso
shiny here and so many lights flashing around. It’s cool, it’s not overwhelming, right? Yeah. Yeah. Look at those monster cookies, they look so
good. We got sightseeing passes and we’re on our
way til The ride. I am not sure when it departures cause they
didn’t tell us and they don’t give that much information, they just print out papers, so
you would read it yourself. That is how it looks like. It’s whole stack but I hope we’re gonna use
it well today because it’s unlimited New York pass so we can see as many attractions as
we want. I think we’re pretty slow so we won’t see
too much. We didn’t get the tickets for the ride because
they’re all sold out. Apparently you need to wait in the line an
hour before. Before they open. Like at 8 in the morning. So we didn’t get it. They had tickets for The Tour that is more
educational, so we took them because what else we could do. And Paulina is very upset about not getting
to The Ride. Noo. Not really. THE TOUR Prices are higher than anywhere else in Manhattan. That’s why we don’t go there. If you live here in New York city, you’ll
avoid Times Square. You’re gonna meet 2 types of people on Times
Square. People that are visiting New York and people
trying to make a buck out of people visiting New York. We got off the bus ride. It was pretty cool and now we’re going to
grab sth to eat. We landed in Planet Hollywood. I think it’s a tourist trap but let’s try
it. We’re recording our food for the first time. That looks good, huh? But guyyys, it’s vegetarian. So don’t expect meat from us. Ah, we’re vegetarians, right. So fat but so good. How is fatty doing? Full already? Okay, I’ll check on you in 2 min. So, how is it? It was good, I’m pretty fool now. It always takes him time. We’re at Gulliver’s Gate I think so. Yeah. It started raining so we got in. So we’re like yeah, we’re gonna go for this
attraction and we got such keys that are supposed to open interactive attractions. And they’re ours to keep. Let’s see what’s here. Can you put the key in it? WHAT HAPPENED? We left Gulliver’s Gate and it was so so. It’s really not worth the price if you don’t
have the pass. We’re going to Encounter Ocean Odyssey. Let’s go. Wow. Look, we’re here and there are puzzles! It’s perfect for us. We’re couple of puzzles so I’m just gonna
write our name here. And we got our message. We went to this National Geographic Odyssey
thingie and we expected real animals and it was just interactive videos. We barely managed to the hop on bus and off. And right now we’re going in the rush hour
through New York. It’s fun. There is Times Square. We almost didn’t make it to this bus. We were running cause we saw it passing, we
kinda caught it so it’s really hop on. Yeah, literally hop on. Right now we’re going either to Empire State
Building or One Deck Observatory. We got out from the bus and I’m so freezing,
it’s super cold and right now we’re going to One Deck Observatory and it looks amazing,
look at this. We’re here. It’s just insane. Omg, my phone is gonna drop on my forehead. We’re at One Deck Observatory and it’s totally
worth it. Guys, it’s a must-see in New York. You really have to come here. Hey, good morning. We got up with the thought that we’re gonna
see the statue of liberty today but we saw the line that goes to the ferry and it’s like
500 people maybe. Moore. So you’re welcome, I warned you. That’s the line. Okay, it goes from further there but it’s
like that. Our way how to solve this situation is to
go for Staten Island Ferry and it will get us bit closer to the statue of liberty. Other fact is that it’s for free. So we got onto ferry, we recommend that way. Much cheaper and faster. So apparently a lot of people do it like us,
they are just taking this ferry to go there and back to see the statue. But the best part is that it’s like you go
out. You can’t stay at the same ferry because it
doesn’t leave right away. So you need to get ou and run for another
ferry. We had one minute before departure. No, 2 minutes. And we had to run and there’s s many people
running and it’s like such a crowd, you know, so funny, like there is sth like iPhones for
free or whatever. Black Friday or sth. Yeah, Black Friday. We made it in the last moment before they
closed the gate. Many people were left behind. Yeah, that was funny. I felt like an animal. But we need to get back to Manhattan. Right now we’re in China Town. Snoooooooow, do you see? Oh, it’s here. That’s the Chinatown subway, can you hear
it? We’re enjoying life as always on the rooftop
of Mariott Hotel. Skyroom. Yeah, very nice service and drinks. Cheers. I think it’s gonna be a lame vlog. (We don’t remember why Paulina tried to look mad.) So we’re going to Orlando. Omg, he’s so weird. We’re picking up our car. What?


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  2. Haha I love this! I can tell you must have put a lot of work into this. (I make vids too so I know the time and effort required to make one haha) keep it up! ๐Ÿ˜€

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