What I Spend in a WEEK as a Millionaire Living in NYC

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this is how much money I spent in a week
as a millionaire living in New York City it’s no secret New York City is
expensive now if you’re already subscribed you know that on my channel
we tour some of the most expensive luxury properties around the world and
recently on YouTube there is a personal finance trend that’s been going around
where people document and share their weekly spendings in the city that they
live in and when I added up the costs at the end of this week I was actually a
bit shocked at how much I can spend in a given week so in this video I’m going to
share with you exactly how much I spend in a typical week as a 30 year old
living in one of the most expensive cities in America Monday morning usually
starts around 5 a.m. Hannah and I will wake up take our time getting out of bed
put on our shoes in the morning I don’t even grab my wallet when I walk
out the door just because I know I won’t be spending any money the wallet stays
at home and we biked to the gym I’ve had this bike for 15 years biking is a great
way to get around the city – the upfront costs of buying a bike it will pay for
itself pretty much instantly compared to other ways of getting around the city
now my gym membership is pretty pricey it comes out to just around 8 dollars
and 60 cents per day they have locations everywhere on the city and all in all
it’s just a nice gym and something like health you can’t really put a price on
that post-workout I will have coffee and
coffee will cost me just about 25 cents coffee is something I will never pay for
it’ll be a very rare occasion that I actually go out and get coffee most
mornings for breakfast I will have a massive protein shake I’m talking this
thing has close to 1,500 calories in one shake I work from home and I film the
majority of these videos at home so for the rest of the day I filmed a video
that’s going up on our second channel then for lunch I had to Trader Joe’s and
veggie burgers with lentils spinach and a protein shake the shake costs two
dollars and seventy-five cents and the total for this lunch comes out to six
dollars and 77 cents then the rest of the day I spent working on our brand
Hannah and I are actually launching our first company which is just I mean
you’ll find out a bit more about it later and we are super excited for that
then on to dinner the total cost of this dinner is two
dollars and 89 cents which is pretty damn good for living in New York City
the total cost for Monday comes out through twenty five dollars and eighty
one cents and as we go throughout this video you’ll actually see that Monday is
the most cost effective day of the entire week Tuesday morning started off
a bit later than Monday for breakfast I had a bowl of cereal for 87 cents and a
pot of coffee for 25 cents we don’t believe in single-use plastic in this
household so we have a pure water filter so water is 100 percent free Tuesday was
my busiest day of the week tons of meetings lined up so instead of going to
equal acts I worked out in the basement in my apartment for free but because
equinox is paid by the month I still paid the eight dollars in sixty cents
for the gym even though I did not go after the workout I had my typical
protein shake for seven dollars and thirty cents then I jumped on the subway
for two dollars and 75 cents head to my first meeting of the day with
Kevin O’Leary from shark tank very ironic that I was filming what I spend
it in a week video when I’m meeting up with a man who was easily worth in the
hundreds of millions of dollars after the interview with Kevin I went and
grabbed some lunch at sweet green normally I never do this like I said I
like to cook all my meals here in the apartment but on days where I am busy
and I’m running around the city it’s just more convenient to grab food on the
go after lunch I jumped on the subway and headed uptown to Madison Avenue
where I had a pretty big meeting with a real-estate brokerage after the meeting
I walked back to the subway jumped on the train for another two dollars and 75
cents it was late at night I wasn’t really feeling too hungry so for dinner
I just had a protein shake for two dollars and 75 cents
bringing the total for Tuesday’s spendings to 45 dollars and 66 cents
Wednesday morning I woke up with the Sun not quite as early as the 5:00 AMS I did
some work on my computer from the couch and had my 25-cent coffee after coffee
biked to the gym with Hannah and we got in a killer workout for eight dollars
and sixty cents post-workout I had my usual protein shake for seven dollars
and thirty cents and then I had a pretty large spending YouTube is a business and
I booked my first travel trip for 2020 which ended up costing me one thousand
of four hundred and one dollars and ninety cents now this is a business
expense you have to spend money to make money now for lunch I am literally the
luckiest guy in the world because Hannah is the best cook and for lunch on
Wednesday she made a vegan pizza which was just look at look at the clips look
at these clips look how good this thing looks to make this pizza comes out to
just around $6 after a late lunch Hannah and I jumped on the subway for two
dollars and 75 cents and headed down to the West Village for an event with the
Tourism Board they actually had a good amount of food there so dinner is
technically free and after that we headed back home on the subway for
another two dollars and 75 cents bringing the total spendings of
wednesday to one thousand four hundred thirty two dollars and thirty cents on
to Thursday creature of habit we woke up bike to the gym for free and gotten a
workout at the gym for eight dollars and sixty cents post-workout I made a French
press pot of coffee for 25 cents and of course my protein shake for seven
dollars and thirty cents Thursday again I was working from home on the new
company and the day kind of just flew by and for lunch I had two tempeh
sandwiches for six dollars and 77 cents after lunch got back to work didn’t
really feel much of that just because it was me sitting in front of my computer
dinner on Thursday was pretty light I just had one of those small protein
shakes for two dollars and 75 cents then Thursday night there was another
expenditure that isn’t in the typical week of what we would spend we took an
uber for $34 and 16 cents to a potential apartment that we might be filming and
then took an uber back up town for $20 bringing the total spendings on Thursday
to 82 dollars and 72 it’s Friday I was feeling a bit under
the weather I woke up early and got my workout in for 8 dollars and 60 cents
everyone has these days from time to time the rest of the day I just stayed
inside and worked from home I had my coffee for $0.25 my protein shake for 30
cents as a creature of habit for lunch I had the two tempeh sandwiches from the
day before for dinner I had my protein shake again bringing the total spendings
on Friday to $28 and 56 cents I thought I felt bad on Friday Saturday was even
worse even though I didn’t go to the gym I still spend my eight dollars and sixty
cents bringing the total of Saturday to the exact amount is Friday twenty-eight
dollars and fifty six cents Sunday I was actually feeling a lot better and it
happened that my mom was in town visiting from New Jersey and whenever I
have friends or family in town I feel like it’s an obligation as a host to
treat the people that are staying with you Hannah my mom and myself jumped on
the subway for $8.25 we went downtown to one of my favorite breakfast spots to
ends and with that said eating out in New
York City can be I mean saying it’s expensive is an understatement
it’s literally double than anywhere else in the entire world unless you are in
another major city and the grand total for breakfast came out to eighty eight
dollars and twenty-nine cents but for three people it’s really not that bad
after breakfast we all jumped on the subway and I treated for $8.25 then we
all walked over to Hudson Yards which was 100% free Hudson Yards is the newest
tourist attraction in New York City and I highly recommend if you are visiting
to take the time and check it out after exploring Hudson Yards we all jumped in
a taxi normally we would have taken the subway by Hudson Yards is pretty far out
of the way so we took a taxi for twenty dollars and 15 cents when you are
visiting New York City the main things to do are shopping and eating and
walking two of those things cost a lot of money so of course with family in
town we all went out to lunch to my favorite vegan Mexican restaurants
called jaar jaar jaar the grand total at jaja came out to a pretty expensive
ninety eight dollars and seven three cents and of course after that all
three of us back on the subway for $8.25 after my mom and my sister left I had my
typical protein shake at home for seven dollars and thirty cents bringing the
grand total spending on Sunday to two hundred thirty nine dollars and 22 cents
looking at this number it’s kind of a bit disbelief at the same time you know
living in a city does add up pretty quick with all of that said the grand
total for the week comes out to 1882 dollars and 58 cents that amount right
there it’s a lot of money but that is not the true amount that I spend in a
typical week now we have to take into account the recurrent upfront monthly
costs of living and running my business in New York City which can add up faster
than I could ever imagine doing this exercise first up is housing I currently
still rent my apartment in the city with the big goal of Hannah and I buying an
apartment at the end of the year and the monthly rent for our one bedroom
apartment is three thousand and nine hundred dollars which comes out to nine
hundred and seventy five dollars per week next up health insurance it’s a
mess and I pay one thousand and three hundred dollars per month for health
insurance and you’re probably thinking that is a massive amount to be paying
but in 2019 I had some pretty big health scares but my health insurance at the
time didn’t cover out-of-network costs so I had to pay out of pocket with all
that said I’m paying for one of the premium levels of health insurance that
you can have in America just because of what happened last year Internet is
eighty dollars per month even this amount may seem high but I work from
home and I need fast internet and then rather than going through every single
individual reoccurring cost I’ve compiled this list right here and these
are things that I use every single day almost to run my business
leaving the total RIA current cost per week at one thousand three hundred
eighty two dollars and fifty seven cents with everything added up the total
amount of what I spend in a week in New York City
out to 3200 and $10.99 I highly recommend anyone watching this video to
do this exercise it’s a great way to keep yourself accountable with your
finances hopefully you might be a bit impressed at how much you save or you
might have to realize hey I need to get my feather and start organizing my
finances a lot more either way I highly recommend doing this comment down below
if you’d like to see more videos like this one on my channel again a massive
thank you for taking the time to watch this video and with that I will see you
in the next one


  1. I like your contents. I wonder why you didn’t buy a car if you’re a millionaire? Isn’t that a pre requisite coz you got millions?

  2. I thought you should be calculating what you actually are SPENDING in that day not putting the price on what you already have

  3. 7 dollars for a protein shake made at home, what do you put in it? Liquid gold?! Also if you have a gym in your basement why pay for another?

  4. Not everybody spend that much in a week in NYC Erik.
    Not everybody situation is similar as you , so the spending is different .
    Manhattan is the most expensive borough in NYC . I live in the borough of Queens and I don't spend that much in a week , I am able to save and I have a COMFORTABLE life.

  5. The best thing about sweden is that we don’t tip! I’ll only do it if the staff adjust to a special order or are overly attentive and nice but it is not expected/obligatory and most students definitely refrain from tipping

  6. Stop being jealous over him being a millionaire, it's not random thing that he end up a millionaire
    I'm glad that he shared with us his lifestyle even if it's looks expensive for some ( including me )
    We should be glad for this content and I think even though he is a millionaire, he still spend money on basic needs like everyone it's just more premium, thank you sir for sharing this
    I wish you sir becoming a trillionaire!

  7. Hi Erik, it would be an inspiring video if you make a video going over your sources of income like Graham Stephan. I am unsure to get into content creation because I fear not being able to pay the bills

  8. "You can't put a price on health".
    That'll be $3,139 per year please not including inflation rates and or decisions to buy a home gym around $5-10k investment.

    Yup there's a price and some aren't willing to pay for it.

  9. You've came along way since the 200 sq.ft apt. for $1,400 a month. I will assume you have better neighbors now then you did back then, Lol. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your success with us. It's been inspiring, motivational and very educational. I hope you still ride your skateboard, workout in the park, journaling while watching the sunrise and shop at tar-jay.

  10. Erik, just a quick tip on calculating personal finances. The trip you booked is not a recurring cost therefore, you divide the cost of the trip ($1400) by 52, bc there are 52 weeks in a year. The result, $27, will be added to your weekly spending. So, in reality, you actually spent $1837 in a week, NOT $3210.

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    its nice to watch a realistic video and funny thing your always around the wealthy.
    Thank you ❤😇❤.

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