What If Republican and Democrat States Were Separate Countries?

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The United States has been a united country ever since the end of the Civil War in 1865. As probably most of you know the two dominant parties in Modern-day America are the Republican and Democratic parties. Each party has a varying amount of influence in each of the 50 U.S. states. So what if instead of the current reality of a unified United States there was a reality where instead all of the Republican States formed their own independent country and all of the Democrat States formed their own independent country? First let’s define which states are either Republican or Democrat states in the first place. My definition is that if a state voted for the same party in three or all four of the past four presidential elections than it belongs to that party. This definition only leaves three swing states that voted for each party equally in the past four presidential elections, but I’m going to give all three of them to the republican country because they’re state legislatures currently as of 2017 are controlled by the Republicans. So, this is what a map of the two countries would look like. The republican country is all connected together, except for Alaska up in the north. While the Democrat country is divided into five separate parts in the east, the North, the west the Southwest, and Hawaii. Both countries would have a very similar population at 154 Million Two Hundred Three thousand for the Republicans and 168 Million Nine Hundred Twenty thousand for the Democrats. The ethnic diversity in both countries would also be quite similar with the Republican Country being 75% White, 15.4% African-American, 2.4% Asian, 1% Native American, 6.2% Other, and 15.2% Hispanic or Latino of any race, while the Democrats would be 75.2% White, 11.2% African American, 7.7% Asian, 1% native American, 4.9% Other, and 18.2% Hispanic or Latino of any race. In terms of Religion the Republican Country would have significantly more Protestants and Mormons, while the Democrat country would have more Catholics, Jews and non-religious people. English would be the primary language in both new countries, and Spanish would be the second-most spoken language both as well but with slightly more people speaking it in the democratic country. The nominal GDP of the Republican country would be 7.726 Trillion U.S. dollars, But the Democrat country would have a much larger economy of 10.732 Trillion dollars. This would however, place both countries behind China who would assume the new position of having the world largest Economy. Owing to its larger economy the Democrat country would have a GDP per Capita of 63,533 dollars, Compared to the republican GDP per Capita of 50,105 dollars, placing the democrats with the 4th highest in the world and the republicans at 12th. Both very high and respectable. Both countries would be capable of fielding large and well-funded militaries as well. The Republican military would have an annual budget of 169.26 billion U.S. dollars, the third highest in the world behind China, and would start out with a size of 1,377,000 soldiers, assuming all the soldiers of each state they were originally from returned home. The democrats Meanwhile would have a larger budget of 239.17 billion us dollars, even larger than China’s but would begin with less Soldiers at 1,296,000 troops. Both countries would have a similar unemployment rate as well with 4.4% in the democrat country, and 4.6% in the Republican country. Each country would have its fair share of large cities as well with the top 5 largest in each being Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Phoenix, and Houston in the case of the Republicans and San Diego, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York in the case of the Democrats. I expect that the capital city of the republicans would become Austin since Texas would essentially become the financial and population center of the Country owing to the fact that four out of five of the largest cities are all located there. The capital for the Democrats Meanwhile would be Washington DC The current us capitol that makes the most sense for them since the neighboring states of Maryland and Virginia are also Democrat states. As much as Texas would be the most influential state in the Republican country California would be the most influential in the Democrat one, since it would boast the largest single economy and population If this ever were to become a reality however both countries would be largely Equal. The Democrats would have a larger economy and a higher GDP per capita, but they would both be nuclear-power states, and both have extremely powerful conventional militaries as well. They would be the second and third largest economies and have an almost equal population. Essentially, they would be evenly matched in most regards. It would be best if the United States stayed together of course, But it’s still fun to theorize. Please leave your comments below about what you think a world in this scenario would actually look like. What would life be like and would conflict between the two Americas be inevitable or could it be avoided? 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  1. Hey I love your videos but sometimes you probably don't have to read out all the numbers. Maybe just say ~3 first digits and we'll get the idea.

  2. Strange this. Doesn’t mention that 99% of the army are Republicans, and nearly 100% of the weapons are controlled by the Republicans today.
    Dems only have larger economy because of having ports and ocean states.

  3. Obviously cost of living in Republic areas in far lower than the giant population centers that give states like California to the Dems, so in reality the Republican average income is much higher in purchasing power.

  4. Except all reds would move out of blue states taking their income with them.
    Blue, being totalitarian, would want to conquer Red and there is the problem…don’t bring dildos to a gun fight.

  5. Next version of this: make it with the democrat country consisting of the counties that voted democrat in the 2016 election, and the republican country consisting of the countries that voted GOP. Let us see the democrat country feed itself.

  6. Had this actually happened, there would be war going on with the fall of the USA and that country dissolving into 2 chunks! Next request for a video "What if every state in the USA became an independent country"

  7. Why is this video so idiotic forgetting the fact that democrats don't usually join the military and within a few years it will be the United States again controlled by Republicans if there is a conflict

  8. People keep on saying that austin is democratic but if they split they’re would be no more democratic and republican they will have to make they’re own parties 🤔

  9. What people don't understand is there bad and good people on both sides of the party and there are things which I agree with a Democrats and also with the Republicans and also disagree as well… I live in California and California has been run by democrats for a long time and I'm not saying all Democrat people who ran California represents the whole party it doesn't but Democrats here ruined California and is the worst state in the country… I can give you a list and give you details on why but it would take too long and we just had a new governor elected name Governor Gavin Newsom and he's already talking about giving illegals medical benefits.. now God knows I wish we can help everybody and I wish that we all have equal treatment in equal opportunities.. it comes to helping everybody out but we can't some of our own citizens here feel like second-class and our middle class is leaving + 1 most beautiful cities not just in California or America I'm talking about the whole world we had San Francisco that used to own the most beautiful cities in the world is not covered with human feces…. and the way it looks like it really seems that the people who are here at claim their Democrats are telling people what they want to hear and the reason why they want illegals coming here because they know in a few years or even year year-and-a-half they can get rested so they can vote so they can stay in power and it comes down to that they want to have power they want to stay in power but they're not putting the American people first and that's a huge problem

  10. You forgot to mention one big problem with the Democrat country: they have to ship goods through international borders just to get goods to their own states whereas the Republican country doesn't. Which is especially bad news for the Democrats because the state that the country would rely on the most, California, heavily depends on goods being shipped in from other states, especially water. All the Republicans would have to do is just block off the roads and the country would collapse.

  11. Honestly, if New York state split into 2 or 3 pieces, then the section I'm in (western) would most likely be in the republican country while downstate & New York City would be in democrat country.

    The only real reason New York is a democrat state is because the population in New York City outweighs the rest of the state & many of the people there are liberals & democrats.

    Most people don't even like our current Governor (if you lived in New York state, but not downstate or New York City, you'd understand) while downstate & New York City seems to love him.

  12. The north would see a dramatic spike in gas prices due to losing most oil states. Beef would soon become a luxury meat for them too. Many other spike for the north simply because of the loss of so many agriculture states. The dramatic rise in food and gas would probably cause an at least 10 year long recession in the north. After which the south would probably be the better economy, long into the future. The south (Republican states) simply have more resources. Much more.

    The only problem I can really see in Republican states is there are many deep south states that need a lot of welfare funding. Not sure they could cover that bill.

  13. This would never happen, the republicans would just kick the democrats asses and take over the entire US, not only would the DEMs not have the number of soldiers this video claims (most soldiers are conservative and would fight for the republicans even if they lived in a democrat state) but the republicans have the territorial advantage, they can send troops from west to east coasts while the democrats would have to fight just to back up another part of their "country". The republican party not only owns and knows how to use most the guns in the US, but most the US military is conservative, and we have a huge territorial advantage in any civil war, which is what would happen, and no a foreign country wouldnt be coming to save you, no country is gonna take that chance cause if they pick the wrong side then they will now be enemies of the powerful US, the EU and other countries would sit back and watch the outcome, not to mention if the US has a civil war other big countries would be thinking of making their moves, you think Russia would just sit back and not start attacking the EU while their biggest competitor is busy with a civil war, them big countries would be trying to get as much land as possible while they can.

  14. The Civil War did not change the legal basis of sovereign statehood. A group of states fought against another group to settle an issue. The same thing could very easily happen today. States are still sovereign. John Roberts, SCOTUS.

  15. I really think you should add St.Louis and Kansas city in the biggest cities of the Republican party plz and thank you.😝😝😝

  16. Here’s the thing….the Democrats have the west coast,and they have the New England states.Although the Republicans would have more land and they have their territory more centralized places.While the Democrats are divided all over the place,so troops and stuff would be hard to get to each other.

  17. No surprise that the number of soldiers and marines in the red country far outnumbers those of the east and left coasts, despite significantly less population numbers for the red country.

  18. Republicans would invade democrat states. The first one to leave would be the dems, they would make a socialist craphole.

  19. Dream on. In reality most blue states are maybe 4-5 blue counties! If they were to depart we would just stay behind. The panhandle of Idaho would reach the cascades.

  20. Republicans would have a less "national socialized" programs which is proven to be better for it's citizens. Meaning that the quality of life would be better in Republican states, and that I would be EASIER for people to get out of poverty.

  21. actually not really the war ended in 1865 but the US wasn't completely reunited until the last state reentered the US in 1872

  22. They might be pretty equal in the beginning, but give it time and the Republican area would leave behind the poor and sick. The point in dividing would not be how they begin, but how they stand through the test of time.

  23. There will be way more homeless people in the Democrat country and many people will flee to the Republican country to seek better quality of life, until it turns blue.

  24. They wont ever be separate countries tho, but if another civil war was to happen the democrat's would be destroyed easily seeing as they are weak spirited creatures & most of them are anti gun, pro abortion, pro illegal immigration, basically anti American in general

    Trump 2020

  25. We would have our AR15’s and M16’s and The democrats would be fending us off with their hackey sacks and posters. Im from PA but id join with my political party

  26. I’m aussie so can someone explain what’s the difference between the two without being offensive and what one supports and that

  27. This is the problem, Dems would want a smaller military therefore this video doesn’t account recent presidency’s and party politics

  28. Liberals on average dont join the military. Meaning conservatives could win the war.

    Also liberals dont like the military.

  29. The fiscally conservative foundation of the democratic country’s economy would collapse under the wait of socialist policies.

  30. To be honest, the higher the population is, the more likely it is to have democrats. Austin is an example in this; more people vote democrat. Rural areas are more likely to vote Republican. That is why places like South Dakota or Montana are likely to stick to being red for… a long time.

    Look at a map of party divisions per county, rather than state. It's insane information.

  31. Of course, the borders of the states would have to be heavily re-drawn, or large groups of people would get stuck in a new country that they hated. When people are absolutely miserable living together it's time for an amicable divorce. I think we're pretty much at that stage already. Red and Blue should just go their own ways. There would need to be at least 10 years of transition, during which no major changes could be made to either nation's laws and the respective governments would facilitate the movement of people to the other new nation if desired, perhaps with financial assistance from a relocation fund. My guess is that even after instituting a Marxist political system the Red nation would soon find itself hopelessly bankrupt, but if they believe communism produces healthy economies they are welcome to give it a try — in the Blue states.

  32. If there was a war between these two “countries”, the Republicans would win because they’re the only ones who know how to use guns😂

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