What If The United States Split Up?

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One year after donald trump was elected president,
and its almost as if the united states has split up into two separate countries. One that is predominantly republican with
traditional values, and the other democrats, progressives who value social justice and
diversity. Each side does not understand the other. Republicans call liberals social justice warrior
snowflakes who push impossible utopian ideals. And liberals view republicans as bigots, racists
and hicks. A year into the presidency that divided the
nation and Each is no closer to understanding the other. As a biproduct, Its becoming increasingly
more difficult to agree on issues that require the government to act, and the united states
is not coming together as a country. The environment is being ignored, One has
to wonder, what would happen if America decided it was easier to become two separate countries. Today, life’s biggest questions asks, what
if America split up? Hello and welcome back to life’s biggest
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us know in the comments below what topics you would like to see next. Back when Abraham Lincoln was president, he
struggled with trying to unify a country who’s inhabitants felt as though they had irreconcilable
differences. Back then, If you disagreed with the government,
all you had to do was move away from Washington to the west. That is no longer an option, and now the United
States and its inhabitants are again approaching irreconcilable differences
Conservatives are traditionalists. They value family, hard work, religion, traditional
values. Progressives value humanism, socialism, diversity,
social justice, income equality and feminism. If the United States split up into two separate
countries, each nation would have a government that suits the needs of its people. There would be pros and cons to both systems
of government. The progressives would enjoy things like free,
government-funded abortions. Firearms would be banned, and owning a gun
would be a privilege reserved for authorities. Gun related crime would be a lot more uncommon
in this country. Progressives would pay far more taxes, but
receive a basic living wage, free healthcare and free post-secondary education. The government would regulate the economy,
and permit all immigrants and refugees to enter the country. Greenhouse gas emissions would be regulated,
the environment would be a top concern in this country and clean energy would be the
norm. The conservative country would enjoy a free
market. Post-secondary institutions as well as health
care would be private. Taxes would be low, most would have a higher
income. There would be no government infrastructure
provided for the poor or the sick, or if there is ever a natural disaster. Many red states are the ones that require
government aide after hurricanes. Yes, the populace would have more money, but
they would not be as healthy as the progressives. Refugees and immigrants would be expelled,
and no longer allowed in the country. Minorities would leave the red country both
by choice as well as not by choice. It is to be expected that those who represent
the far right would make it increasingly difficult for minorities in this conservative country. Furthermore, the environment would not be
a top concern in this country. There would be no government regulation of
greenhouse gases, oil, coal or gas production. Yes, there would be plenty of high paying
jobs in the energy sector, but those high paying jobs will have to pay for the health
problems that will arise from a country with heavy pollution. So what did we learn? Despite the irreconcilable differences, it’s
the balance between the conservatives and the progressives that’s necessary for the
United States to function as one country. Progressives need to be able to tax a large
body of hard workers. If those workers didn’t exist, they would
have no one to tax, and would not be able to provide a living wage or other government
funded programs. Businesses would not want to remain in a country
where the government regulated the economy. The vast majority of america’s weath is
earned in big, blue cities like new york and los Angeles but Businesses and manufacturers
would likely leave the progressive country in search of a country with a free market
system. On the flip side of things, statistics show
that red states are nearly twice as dependent on the federal government as blue states. 20 of the 26 states that were most dependent
on federal aid voted for Donald trump in the 2016 election. Many of the states that need government programs
the most, are republican states. Of course, the united states will not split
up, no matter how much each side bickers back and forth. Each side needs the other, and the sooner
that they both realize that, the sooner America can move forward as one country. What do you think would happen if America
split up? Let us know in the comments below. For now, I’m charlotte dobre and you’ve
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  1. 来自世界各地的人们一起组织反美聯盟,建造反美網站,一於將美國所做壞的事公諸於世

    People from all over the world join forces to form anti-American alliances and build anti-American websites.

  2. Considering how much I really don't like the concept of getting shot by Texan 15 yo that can snipe the wings off a fli at 1 and a half kilometers…yeah I'm fighting for the red on this one.

  3. Lol gun crimes would be a lot less common their. No they wouldn’t because most gun crimes committed now by a certain group of people would likely be in that country.

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