What is the Manhattan Project? // American Museum of Science & Energy // Oak Ridge, TN

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Hello. I’m here at the American Museum
of Science and energy in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Right now I am sitting inside of the last remaining house from the city that was built around
the Manhattan Project. Wow! Look at that. That’s an oldie. Check that out. Of the different styles of house available to Manhattan Project workers the flat tops were the simplest
and most numerous. It’s fascinating the history
behind the Manhattan Project it was a bunch of different cities
all across the United States and they were all part
of the secret project, each were in charge
of building individual parts that would then be assembled
to create the bomb. They did not know what they were building and they were
just given the instructions, Oakridge is just one of those cities. Oakridge was actually
pretty much nothing until they started
to work on this project and this built, the city
of that is now here and the house
that you saw at the beginning of the video it’s just one of the many houses that were made during the 1940s
for the workers of the project. The invisible world of ultraviolet,
let’s check it. Look. Nuclear energy offers a Faustian bargain, it offers the world
an inexhaustible source of energy. But in return
it demands a vigilance and longevity
of our social sciences to which we are quite unaccustomed. That is it for this video
I hope that you enjoyed it. I know it’s a little bit shorter than normal but I had the opportunity
to come here and I just wanted
to share this place and show you guys
that it exists because there is history here
and it is a fascinating one. So, if you get a chance
to read up a little bit on the Manhattan Project and learn about the atomic bomb and how it came to be,
and kind of the effects of it as well. If you enjoyed this video
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  1. Nice little video! That would have been cool to see that house. I bet it felt like you traveled through time, huh? One thing I can say this video did not BOMB! =)

  2. Learned about Manhattan Project in school but this stuff you didn't learn about in school books.! Greattach video and very informative.👍👍

  3. Very interesting to watch. I especially like how the house was preserved. I never knew this was in Tennessee. Thanks for sharing! 😊🙌

  4. It is very nice to know about history, but it is much more beautiful to know that you will always be here for all of us.

  5. J. Robert Oppenheimer, one of the father's of the Atom Bomb, Scientist with the Manhattan Project.
    "Now I am become death, the destroyer of world's ".

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