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New York City is the capital of the world it is also
the dating capital of the world there are millions of millions of single guys
and girls who live here which makes New York the perfect territory for dating
that’s why in today’s video I decided to stop and ask some girls about what they
think is the most attractive thing about a guy so I just hope you enjoy the video
and find it useful and let’s get this show on the road all right so I’m right here with Rachel Annika Kylie so what’s the most attractive thing about a guy? so what’s the most attractive thing
about a guy? answer, don’t think don’t overthink you also think that
confidence is important? important not necessary you don’t have to be overly confident I
don’t think that’s attractive at all okay that’s nice
so I guess there was one more right ….. what’s that one thing that you find the
most attractive about a guy ? like physically or attributes? everything
first thing that comes to your mind I see him interacting with those around
him with his friends with his siblings with his parents um he treats them well
we treat other people with respect so relationships with other people
yeah because if I see how he treats other people then that’s an indication
of how he’s gonna treat me so right here in Central Park with Kelsie Kayla hey nice to meet
you! so my question for you today is what’s the most (single most)
attractive thing about a guy? don’t overthink so first of all you’ll be more specific… finding out more about me like you smell good
oh yeah it just shows me that like you take care of yourself okay so you feel
like you know dating a guy that smells great but it has like sh*** personality?
so personality is like more important right oh yeah that’s just like a first
like an initial thing, is smell you had to choose like one thing that is
the most attractive thing about a guy ahh… with it you don’t overthink. okay
I don’t know why but wait you just said what’s
one thing you not like one thing in general it could be like something like… okay you also agree with humor? and why do
you say about hands? um they have to be soft! I don’t
know why but I always like good hands I’m like no it was really funny I mean
it’s like your nails are like huge fingernails like if they’re like I think
that’s the only part of the hand that I’m like ooh I don’t know if I guess not
the first thing but like no that’s interesting that’s very interesting but
you said something about fingernails I just heard something that if hey guys
fingernails are like too perfect that’s like not good for girls. like one it’s like a
perfect medium okay alright but I’m not like a physical… it’s all about those are the things the girls find the
most attractive about a guy for my point of view one of the most important things
about this video is confidence guys confidence is everything there’s
also a fine line between confidence and arrogance most of the girls don’t like a
guy that is too cocky but definitely guys confidence is the major key and
every girl loves a confident man one more thing that I learned from the video
is the most of the girls take into account your other relationships with
other females your family your friends alright so they judge you by them it’s
important to take that into account. about the physical part, the most
positive thing that I learned from the video is that almost every other thing
the girls find attractive about guys are things that you can always get better on,
you can always improve, you can always always change! such as a nice smile a
nice breath a nice scent. you can always get a new cologne, you can always get a
new fresh haircut, and that way you’ll look better you’ll feel better about
yourself and girls will find you more attractive! that wraps it up guys! I just
had a great time making this video for you I just hope you had a great time
watching it let me know in the comments about other areas and other subjects you
want me to focus on on my next YouTube videos and always, ALWAYS


  1. cool video. very interesting. thanks for the support on my channel. just hit the red button at 27 and like 24! look forward to your next vids!!

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