What to Eat in Borough Market, London

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Borough Market is London’s most famous market so I’m going to tell you what you need to know before you go and some of my favourite foods to try while you’re there. Okay, so the market isn’t open on Sundays and Saturdays can get absolutely manic so I recommend trying to visit on a weekday, of course between about 10:00 and 2:00 o’clock is when it’s going to be the busiest, so if you can work around that that’s even better. There are two main parts of the market that are separated by a road, make sure you check out both sides because there’s loads on each side of it. And finally if you’re visiting in a group
I think a great way to experience the market is for everybody to pick one dish and then for all of you to kind of like have bits and pieces of each other’s food so you can try everything and not just one thing. So here are some foods that I recommend trying in borough market: if you like chorizo then pop over to Brindisa chorizos grill and get one of their chorizo rolls. They’re pretty popular and in the sandwich you get spicy Chorizo, piquillo peppers, rocket and it’s all served on a warm Challah bread. ‘Comptoir Gourmand’ has a lot of instagram-worthy sweet treats, and they taste pretty good too, you might remember seeing this on my instagram they have these enormous meringues that they’re really known for but they’re macarons are really popular and I can say myself that they taste pretty good too, they’re not just pretty! And even for you kiwis and aussies they had some pretty juicy looking Lamingtons last time I was there. ‘Kappacasein’ (which I don’t know if I’m saying that right) is a French Terry shop, this is a place to go to get a really good cheese toastie or as us Americans call it grilled cheese sandwich, it’s made with a few different types
of cheese, it also has leeks and onions on it and it’s going to cost about six pounds but it’s pretty damn good if you’re achieved lover! Just a tip if you’re not really into burnt crust just let them know beforehand and ask for a shorter toast time. Mine was a little crispy on the edge last I was there. ‘Bread Ahead’ makes warm fresh bread
and pastries at their shop around the corner and then they sell them at their stall in borough market. Their doughnuts are really good but if you’re staying in like an Air Bnb, and you have to make yourself breakfast this is a really good spot to get some really fresh bread and then pick up some jam at one of the stalls nearby. They’re also really known for their cheese and olive sticks, but they definitely taste better when they’re warm. So either ask whoever is standing at the stall when the next warm batch is going to come out which is rumoured to be around 2:30pm. Or pick it up while you’re there, bring it home and warm it up in the microwave or the oven if you have one. So this is not technically in borough market, but right next door is ‘Monmouth’ coffee and this is the place to go if you love coffee. There is constantly a line out the door trying to get into this shop, you will definitely have to queue, but if you go on the takeaway line and you don’t (like) want to sit inside it will go a lot faster, and I’ve just heard that it’s worth the wait anyway. For another sandwich spot in the market
‘Gastronomica’ is a good choice. It has Italian sandwiches and piadina that are like thick doey wraps of sandwiches that come from Bologna whenever I need my piadina fills
this where I would go to get it. They also have some other options for lunch things for Italian and then even if you’re not into anything they have right across the way is lead to a pasta which has lots of fresh pasta that you can either buy there and eat there or you can take away
and bring home for dinner. Okay, these aren’t the only good spots in borough market for food they happen to be some my favourites and what I recommend but I’m going to
keep updating list down the description box of other places that I recommend that you try when you’re in borough market and let me know what you end up trying when you go. For more London tips make sure you subscribe to my channel by clicking my head popping up here and watch this video next…

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