What to Know Before Booking Accommodation in London

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– Welcome to the accommodation
in London series. We’re kicking it off
with 10 important things you should know before
you book any accommodation and I have a special freebie for you, so make sure you watch to the
end of the video to get it. There is no best area
to stay in, in London. It’s impossible for me to suggest one absolutely perfect area for you to stay in because there’s just no such thing. Each area in London is different. There are actually tons
of great neighborhoods but it just depends on
what you’re looking for and what your budget is as to whether that’s gonna be the best one for you. Stay within zones one or two or maybe go out to three. London’s underground
system is split into zones with the super center
of London being zone one and as you go farther outside the city, the zone number goes up. I always recommend staying
in zones one or two. Anything really beyond that, you’re gonna be spending a
lot of time taking a train into the center of London and also spending more
money on that as well. There are few exceptions
for zone three though, if you really want a
local villagy experience, places like Richmond and Wimbledon are really great for that. Hotels are not your only
option for accommodation when it comes to staying in London. If you’re on a budget, you can
consider staying in hostels, where you can just pay for a
bed as opposed to a whole room. There are also loads of great
Airbnb’s all around London and we even have lots of
options for serviced apartments which is like staying in an apartment but it gets treated like a hotel room. If you’ve never used Airbnb before, I have a series about how to use it and how to find the best places on Airbnb when you’re traveling. So, click the cart popping
up here to watch that before you book anything. Pick a place close to a tube station. If you’re planning on using public transportation to get around, as a rule of thumb, don’t pick any accommodation
that is further than 10 minutes walking
distance to a tube station. Anything farther than that, then you’re probably gonna get
really tired of walking back and forth to the tube station every time you wanna go some place. Don’t rely on the hotel or the Airbnb to tell you what the walking distance
is to the tube station. Actually put it into Google Maps to see what the true time is. If you’ll be partying, choose somewhere close to
a stop on the night tube. As I’m filming this, select lines and select
stops on the underground are open all night on Friday and Saturday nights. If you’re gonna be partying and you don’t wanna pay for Ubers or taxis to get you home, then you wanna stay someplace that is close to a tube station that’s actually gonna be running at night. As I’m recording this video, they keep adding new lines and new stops to the night tube systems. So, I have a link down the description box that let’s you know the
most up-to-date information on the availability of the service. Consider the distance from the airport when choosing a place to stay. All but one of London’s
airports are located fairly far outside of London. So, if you’re only coming
here for a couple of day, you wanna take that into consideration. Also if you’re planning on
taking public transportation, to get to and from the airport, you wanna double check
on Google Maps to see, how long it’s gonna take you
to get public transportation to your hotel and also, how many time
you gonna have to change. If you have to take three
separate underground lines and you’re carting around
all of your luggage, that is gonna be a struggle. For a short stay I recommend
staying in an airport hub area. I consider an area to be an
airport hub if it’s really easy to get to via public
transport from the airport. So, for Heathrow airport
Paddington is a hub because the Heathrow connect and Heathrow express goes
directly to the Padington station. For Gatwick staying
near Victoria is ideal, as that’s where the Gatwick
express will take you to. If you’re flying into Stansted stay near Liverpool street station. If you’re planning on
taking the Stansted express and if you’re flying into Luton, I’d stay around King’s Cross
for easy access to get to and fro the airport. Choose you’re location depending on what you wanna get out of your trip. If you’re keen to see all the major sites and don’t wanna have to hop on public transportation all the time, then staying in zone one is a must. If you want more of a
local London experience then you can definitely get
away with going to zone two and maybe some places in zone three. Will not get that local
experience in zone one pretty much no one lives in zone one unless you’re a Bugilionaire. Some of the world’s best
hotels are in London. So, even if you can’t
afford to stay at the Savoy every night of the trip, consider like a romantic
evening to spend one night at one of the really luxurious
high-end hotels in London. If you pick a date off-peak, say during the week, you might be able to
get a really great deal. If you have a hotel in mind for this, sign up for their newsletter and keep an eye to see if they
send you any special offers for booking. If you want a selection
of great accommodation handed to you on a silver platter, then you need to download my free, “where to stay in London” guide. It will tell you the best
areas to stay while in London and also have a lot of great
recommendations of hotels and Airbnb’s to stay in while you’re here. Click the cart popping
up here to get that guide and then watch this video next.


  1. Do you know the best hostel or apartment in London to stay for 2 weeks? And also affordable. Im still looking btw 😅 Thank you 💛

  2. so true! make sure to check the speed of trains! Richmond for example is a 16 min away from London – much closer than some Zone 2 areas! AIRBNB IS AWESOME

  3. Awesome video! Airbnb is amazing in London and I would recommend it to everyone and anyone. Hotels in Central London are atrociously expensive, therefore we opted for Airbnb and are so glad we did. We could cook our own breakfasts and have food on hand – plus, it felt like we were living in London during our stay which was cool 🙂

  4. I'm an old school hotel kinda guy but I really want to try AirBNB next time, but I'm a little leery. What kind of background checks do they do on these people?

  5. Last time I went to London I took the Tube in from Heathrow (with an Oyster Card, of course) and stayed in Earl's Court. The time before that Heathrow Express then Paddington. Almost sounds like I know what I'm doing. 🙂

  6. Another little tip is that some of the Universities hire their dorms out during the summer months after their school year ends. A couple of years ago I paid £40 per night for one in Bloomsbury with Breakfast and Wi-Fi included, which is less than half the price of a budget hotel room in Central London.

  7. Hi Jess! What about North Greenwich? It is our first trip to London and there will be 6 of us, my 4 teen sons and husband. It looks like a great place to get out of the city at the end of the day. The North Greenwich underground is a 20 minute bus ride away from the cottage we are considering, then 8 minutes to Westminster.

  8. I'll be there next week! I fly into Gatwick and stay in Crawley, but I want to take a trip or two down into Central London. Is there any way to do that? Do Oyster cards work outside of London?

  9. what are the best one day trips that i can take from london?
    is lake district worth visiting and if yes for how long ?

  10. Hello Jess! Good evening. How are you today? I hope all is well.

    Would you say the "DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London" at the West End, a high-end hotel, as that is the area where I want to stay at for 2 weeks?

  11. Thanks for the info but I don't even know the difference between zone 1 and zone 2 – would be very helpful if you showed a map of the zones you are talking about at the beginning

  12. These are really great tips. The idea of focusing on areas is really helpful. It's always hard to give people advice about accommodations because we don't often stay in hotels in the city where we live!

  13. I always use Travelodge, I book well in advance and use the super saver deals ad get it as cheap as possible. I alternate between my favourite Travelodge on City Road and the Walthamstow one even though its out on Zone 3.  Because I am subscribed to Travelodge, every time the do a special offer for really cheap rooms I get sent an email. The Walthamstow one id always cheap before any special deals , and I stayed there in January using a Back Friday deal for 3 nights for £73, where as the one on City Road was going to cost me £219 for 3 nights also using the Black Friday deals.  I have also had great deals for the Travelodge on City Road, its just a question of timing. I don't look for anything to fancy in my accommodation, just a bed, a shower and a place to keep my stuff, and Travelodge does me just fine.

  14. Jess, I'm a journalist in the US. I'm making my first trip to London at the end of June, and I'm loving your blogs and videos. As I search for accommodations, I'm finding rooms booked on Wednesday, June  28, which is in the middle of my weeklong stay. Is that attributable to a big concert in Zone 1?

  15. I am going to London in December and i was told there is no public transportation on Christmas day. What are my options? What are places i can go to on Christmas day? Can you make a video? 🙂 I do arrive here at 6:50 am

  16. UK supermarkets have a lot more good quality ready meals and meal kits with all the ingredients included, than you will find in the US. Useful, if you are in Air bnb and don't want to eat out all the time…

  17. I am staying in London just for a couple of days and need to go to the airport after a short trip. Would you recommend staying in a hotel near Heathrow airport?

  18. Hi Jess, thanks a lot for one more amazing video 🙂 I'll be in London in July and your channel is really helping me plan my trip… I'll stay in Soho. Do you think it's the best area for pubs and a more hectic nightlife?

  19. I usually try to stay somewhere on the Piccadilly line as it's easy to go the airport and also goes to most tourist sights.

  20. I'm going to London next week. We are landing at Gatwick and staying at Royal Horseguards. Should I take an Uber or Gatwick Express?

  21. Hi Jess, great video!
    Would SOHO/Covent Garden be close to zone 1 or 2? I'm deciding on 2 Airbnb around those areas and I am still confused about location. Also is LGW airport the best airport for Covent Gardens?

  22. Hey I have a question, I am landing in stansted But we Will be a lot in the city, like big ben and to shop, where is the best place to have my hotel? Love ❤

  23. I've been neglecting your channel ever since I subscribed, and am now kicking myself for it. Very good advice, even for someone like me who's visited London often.

  24. Ok, I requested your accomodations guide. I'll be in London in May to see a show at the Dominion Theatre. So far you've taught me 1)stay in Zone 1 and 2)stay by a Tube station!

  25. Hi, I'm new to tour channel. I watched a few days and I live it. I'm going to London next week and will spend 2 weeks there. I was wondering if Airbnb are safe for women traveling alone. That's my main concern.

  26. How late does the Tube run? I ask because my flight gets into Heathrow at about 10:30 p.m. and I am staying in one of the Docklands area hotels which had really cheap rates when my wife booked it for me a few months ago. I've also heard there is transportation on the Thames. Any suggestions? Also, I'm leaving from St. Pancras International after 5 days there. Maybe I should re-book to be closer on the day of my departure to St. Pancras. Any thoughts on that would be greatly appreciated- thanks for your youtube channel, I enjoy it!

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