Whatever Happened To The Women Of Flavor Of Love

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The ladies of VH1’s Flavor of Love provided
some of the wildest moments to ever grace the reality screen scene. And even a decade after Flavor Flav’s TV time
clock ran out, we still can’t forget the women who made his shows, and the spin-offs, so
unforgettable. So, what have the women of Flavor of Love
been up to lately? Let’s take a look at what became of the rapper’s
former flames. Tiffany “New York” Pollard After getting dumped not once but twice by
Flavor Flav on his shows, Tiffany “New York” Pollard became the star of her own series
of reality programs where she’d be the one breaking all the hearts. “You KNOW you love New York.” After appearing in a few series for the network,
though, Pollard’s relationship with VH1 cooled off for a spell. In recent years, however, New York has begun
making a comeback with appearances on reality shows like Famously Single and Celebrity Big
Brother: U.K. And in 2017, she even landed her own TV short
series for VH1 called Brunch with Tiffany. Brooke “Pumkin” Thompson Flavor of Love wasn’t Brooke “Pumkin” Thompson’s
last stint on the reality scene, either. She went on to star in Charm School and I
Love Money, and even appeared on a Playboy channel special before returning to her hometown
of Bakersfield, California. In 2016, she told VH1: “I have a real job now. I work for an accounting firm. Booooring!” However, Thompson also revealed that her time
away from the spotlight hasn’t necessarily been by choice. She admitted: “I would still be on reality TV if [someone
was] still doing those types of shows. Not to say that I would never do reality television
again because I would totally do it again.” Some people never learn. Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander Although her relationship with Flavor Flav
didn’t last long, Season 1 winner Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander soon found love with another famous
man: basketball icon Shaquille O’Neal. The couple started dating in 2010 and eventually
got engaged before calling it quits in 2012. She went on to date UFC fighter Ovince St.
Preux, so clearly, her affinity for athletes hasn’t wavered. On the professional side, Alexander began
her own clothing boutique in Knoxville, Tennessee and starred alongside her family in the Oxygen
reality series It Takes a Sister. London “Deelishis” Charles Flavor Flav wasn’t any better at making love
last with Season 2 winner London “Deelishis” Charles. But Charles was able to eke out an entertainment
career all her own after the showmance came to an end. She first dabbled in the recording business
but settled into a spot as morning host of a Detroit radio show. She told VH1 of her vocal career: “I am getting older … I want something in
entertainment that’s going to have longevity—and radio’s just that.” As for her personal relationships, Charles
reportedly welcomed her second child with then-husband Orlando Gordon in 2010 before
the two divorced. Charles has since been linked to rapper Wiz
Khalifa and Stevie J, and she has implied that she hooked up with Drake. Larissa “Bootz” Hodge Arguably best known for her feud with New
York, Larissa “Bootz” Hodge returned to TV on VH1’s Charm School, alongside many of her
fellow Flavor of Love alums, but her reality show days are over now. Hodge has since become a proud mother of two
and lives in Las Vegas. She told VH1 of her work status: “I am collecting my checks, going to school
to get a degree in business. What people don’t know is I was in a car accident
two and and a half years ago so I have not been able to continue my position as a reality
[personality] because of injuries and legal reasons.” In 2016, Hodge hinted that she might be able
to make a comeback eventually and that she was preparing by taking acting and voiceover
classes just in case the limelight crosses her path again. Saaphyri Windsor Although her stint on Flavor of Love didn’t
last long, Saaphyri Windsor’s quickness to fight was enough to make her popular with
fans and earn her a spot on Charm School, where she walked away with the winning prize
of $50,000. Windsor went on to launch a lip balm line
but found herself in the slammer for identity theft for a short stint before returning to
reality TV for the E! series Botched. Becky “Buckwild” Johnston If anyone was going to spill the beans about
Flavor Flav having a girlfriend during Flavor of Love Season 2, it was Becky “Buckwild”
Johnston. Even so, she was able to make some hay of
the situation by earning a spot on both Charm School and I Love Money and has been spending
her subsequent time working at Toys R Us and sharing updates with her fans online. Schatar “Hottie” Sapphira Of all the Flavor of Love success stories,
Schatar “Hottie” Sapphira’s perhaps the busiest. After Charm School, she married Maxie Collier,
a filmmaker and publisher, and together they founded New Vista Studios, co-authored a red
carpet survival book, and produced a musical film. Under the pen name Star Sugarman, Sapphira
also released the first novel in her Kinky Perfect trilogy in 2017, so clearly, she’s
not given up trying to make it to the big time. Shay “Buckeey” Johnson After appearing on Charm School, Shay “Buckeey”
Johnson returned to VH1 in 2012 with a stint on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. She then launched her own line of luxury hair
extensions called Shay J Bliss, and eventually found her way back to VH1 again in 2018 when
she joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. She’s also undergone something of a body transformation,
having lost 35-40 pounds. She revealed: “I decided to get my mind right first, get
into fitness and health—I transitioned my life to what it is now.” Of all the Flavor of Love stars, who’d have
guessed it’d be Buckeey who could make her 15 minutes of fame last the longest. Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  1. Damn I didn't know hoopz was with osp! I think they're both from Louisiana, she was the hottest girl on the show

  2. Nicole Hoops got her start on a DVD Called Raegaeton gone wild she never talks about that but I seen her Twerking her ass on that Raunchy ass DVD in 04'

  3. Who tf is Shay and why did you say she made her 15 minutes of fame lasts the longest?? I don't even watch these shows and I know who New York is Tiffany is by far the most famous one! I'm looking at the others like "who"???

  4. Yes you can make it if you want to go with your intuition and just follow your instincts no one is better than I am let all men respect me I put my scale not at zero but at hero go to hero and find me if interested

  5. Y’all asking whatever happened to the ladies of flavor of love when you should be asking whatever happened to Robot Jones?

    But seriously, nice vid

  6. My sister said Pumkin taught P.E. At her high school before The Flavor Of Love but when the school district found out she was fired.

  7. Wait are Nicki Swift joking about Shay lasted the longest? YOU MUST NOT KNOW OF MOTHER EFFIN NEW YORK POLLARD!

  8. That was the loosest interpretation of the word "ladies" I've ever seen. Didn't one of the "ladies" LITERALLY sh*t on the floor during one of the (no pun intended) elimination ceremonies? As I remember it, equally as shocking was the fact that pooping during the elimination ceremony was not
    enough to get her eliminated!!!

  9. LMAOOOOO! I still love & adore New York and the "Flavor Flav" girls to bits! They'll always be on my TV watchlist. So many memorable & iconic moments from that show that never dull or slide out of style. I wish a few more seasons were rightfully made that along with another chapter with Mo'Nique & the girls on "Charm School".

  10. New York unlike Buckeey don't talk shit about Flavor Of Love and the name Flav gave her. New ain't forgot what put her on the map like the rest of them heffers.

  11. Welp pumpkin chance is making a love show soon .. You better start sending your clip to why you deserve to be with a man like him lol

  12. People in the comments thinking memes equals currency and clout.
    I'm glad all these bitches became nothing but washed out middle aged nobodies; especially New York. Her becoming no one is the universe working right.

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