What’s in Disney’s future after Iger steps down as CEO?

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  1. Disney is woke and will put a Modern Feminist Woman as CEO in charge of Disney. The once FAMILY oriented business will be Led by a Hate Group. Most Americans and people in the World doesnt like Hate Groups.

  2. Disney fairy tales is mostly womanism fantasies prince charming. So, what's happening charm going out? Leaves fairies to business?

  3. The pedos are on the run JUSTICE will be coming for them . Disney were trafficking children to Epstein’s inland . Hollywood and the Democrats are the same . Trafficking, satanic rituals, pedophila, cannibalism.

  4. Disney has it's own product stores of characters on silver screen and amusement theme park is delusional cinematic studios Hollywood billions for where such Weinstein keep advantaging. Disney has hotels-resort's for couples and make become couples once entered theme park?

    Call in the mystery machine to crack Disney lala land fantasy.

  5. Its amazing how people try to take a ship on the disney name now but we both know its too late they are in the minds of us all and if they fail due to our disgusting cancel culture and socialism justice disorder, Comcast will be the Royalty of us all and I dont believe a lot of people are ready for that.

  6. when pelosi nadler and schiffs intern impeached spectacle chose the thelma and louise route instead of the old yeller confession, bobs days at disney were done. the future might hold a revival or sorts where the penguin partners up with comey and does a dance in honor of dr fords return from the amazon, but probably nothing too exciting unless the waffle can win the white house.

  7. One of the best CEO is running a business that’s guaranteed not to fail and cannot be destroyed unless they are a complete moron

  8. Disney has become a scum corrupt company. Charging $160 per ticket to enter Disney world is a ripoff and unaffordable for 90% of Americans….Oh wait…we can just put it in our credit cards and pay it off for the next couple of years. The banksters a crooks on Wall Street win again. This is America folks. The land of the haves and have nots where 10% own 90% and 90% own 10%. It is a crony ponzi scheme.

  9. Donald Trump windmills and summertime will take care of the Coronavirus press conference finish every f**body but a wake up

  10. Oh boy,it takes them this long to fire him for corruption,giving Meghan a contract and being caught doing it by tape with Harry’s pimping his wife at the red carpet? When are they going to cancel the corruption contract with Meghan to end it all ? Shame,shame shame to the three of them….

  11. No kid is safe at Disney and besides they own ABC who covered for the biggest Pedophile ring in American history ! Disney sucks and screws their own workers right in the azz!! Un American company!!!

  12. Uncle Walt will be "thawed out" from cryogenic suspension, revivified via voodoo, and placed out front alongside his bronze self. 😉

  13. I hope the filthy Pervert Child Molesting company goes down big style. Anyone who buy's into these dirt bags are equally guilty of Child Abuse. Evil! destroy's itself! !

  14. What?! What are you clown shoes talking about? Bob iger one of the best ceos?! Hahaha he turned star wars into a dumpster fire. Disney has turned a cash cow into a net loss.

  15. After disneyland does a hit or kills someone, they then offer the family trips to disneyland for free to comfort their loss

  16. Disney plus reporting huge loses? lol I mean at $7, how can you profit? They also removed home alone from Disney plus. WTF! Cutting into Blu ray & digital sales? I’m highly considering canceling it.

  17. Close for all i care then dumb ppl will stop coming to Florida and ruining our state. We're not just all about a stupid mouse..

  18. Mr chapek has to quit too I am tired of letting Disney and other traditonal companies fall under modern practices because the nation lets the poltical people distroy them , sears kresage JCP really avoid the drama , the nation should give the boards a thank you lay off and do the work for soltau and lamburt because they do not need to be attacked they knew Amazon and the liberal companies can't put out every company

  19. Disney is done! The American population doesn't support $175 per person at the gate, $50 per meal, $4 per bottle of water, political homosexuality pushed openly and subliminally. Other venues are sought that don't harm the family wallet or values!

  20. YouTube you cant erasing my post. They cant hide from the truth. I am here and I am awake nowi screenshot all of the post anyway. I will repost again and again.

  21. That CEO for disneyland is dirty and has been apart of some shady deeds with city of anaheim and orange county. Him, mayor Tom Tait from anaheim and Tony Rackauckas or whatever is last name are possible pedophiles that take little boys to lady gaga concerts and possibly molest them. They are doing this to your kids people. Listen before it's too late. Do what the lady from Idaho is doing with her kids and hide them while you can

  22. Hopefully it goes bankrupt and burns to the ground! People are totally oblivious to the amount of power and evil they hold.

  23. Disney is a bad company for many reasons. Look up some history of Disney and what they have kept out of movies and other selfish greedy actions they have done for a long long time.

  24. What's going on👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎

  25. JESUS IS COMING BACK SO VERY SOON 💯✅👍🏻❤️😁🥰🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  26. 25% higher park fees, over a REDICULOUS price already. High prices killed theme parks before. Wait till the next recession. Layoffs at Disney world.

  27. CNN's secret Mickey Mouse leakers have leaked video of Iger screwing Minnie Mouse on his Casting Couch….! Mickey Mouse Squealed on Iger and now is a Me-Too Activist……!

  28. Horrible virtue signal company, and apparently it has influenced Fox to have far more Trump haters on the air, thereby starting to ruin Fox too.

  29. Well, it's raising it's prices again, so it's future is apparently to make Disney only available to the financially privileged.

  30. Company CEOs who stepped down today:

    – Disney
    – Mastercard
    – Uber Eats
    – Salesforce
    – MGM

    Market crashing. Golden parachutes deployed, they need to leave the company before they can short sell. This is why they outsourced and hired H1Bs while cutting other costs. Executives are sociopaths.

  31. Disney, getting ready to be one of the New World Order propaganda machines. The changes in the last decade highlights their plan.

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