Who Will Remember Our Work After We’re Gone? – Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

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– Come on, guys.
Gather around. Who’s going to remember us? It’s a question that
all of us who do this job, we ask ourselves
at one moment or another. Who will remember our work
after we’re gone? Brian Zvonecek. He was our brother,
he was a friend, he was a hell
of a firefighter. He was smart,
he was funny, he was kind, he was unselfish,
and he was loyal. So… If you see someone… a fellow firefighter,
citizen, friend standing looking
at this memorial, I want you to come down
this apron and you tell them about Brian. You tell them the story
about who Brian was, the kind of man he was. That way, you will bring
this memorial to life. ♪ [speaks Russian] Yeah, I looked it up. Those were Brian’s last words
and they mean, “Brother,
I will be with you always.” – [sobs] ♪ I can’t think of a better way
to remember Brian. ♪ So from this day forward… this memorial site
is sacred ground. ♪

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