1. Who is your mom's favorite child?  Also, be sure to check out me on LAUGHING GAS AGAIN in this week's CGH "Behind The Braids" vlog! https://youtu.be/kKA4n26LwBA  ❤️'s -Bailey

  2. Clicks on Video
    Me: Their triplets?!?
    Brooklyn and Bailey: Hey guys it's Brooklyn and Bailey and today we are here with our mom.
    My Brain: Confusion
    My Jaw: Drops

  3. Omg I think Brooklyn and Bailey live right by me!!! I live near all of those food places!! I know we live in the same state but… I don’t know if it’s the same city. Well, I do know about the shooting that recently happened down here and I would just like to memorialize all who died. I also know about the HEAT🥵🥵!! Stay safe from both Brooklyn and Bailey!!!!

  4. Brooklyn and Bailey you two are awesome twins for sure on YouTube. Love you love your whole family. Always fun to watch very entertaining and very pleasant. Thanks so much for all your videos. 🙂

  5. i love you guys so much but i always feel like bailey is trying to team up with someone on brooklyn and it kinda makes me mad but i may be wrong!!

  6. You guys should recreate your childhood photos I don't know if you guys did that or not but if you guys haven't than you guys should

  7. If you lose your sense of smell you can’t taste either you can still tell the difference between salty sweet sour and bitter but there’s no flavor

  8. I see that Brooklyn looks like her mom more than bailey does but I still love you both 🥰🥺😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Bailey’s shirt said I am the favorites child but Brooklyn shirt said favorite daughter Brooklyn won to me a dang Brooklyn you are so pretty

  10. What is that white thing Brooklyn has close to the eyes?Is this the episode where they test if the viewer would tell about an awful makeup?

  11. Brooklyn. I love you Brooklyn and Bailey. And let me just say something. Your beautiful mom looks exactly like you. I know your ovbisously not a triplet but it sure does look like it.

  12. I’m my mums favourite child 😂 and my mum knows Thor’s stunt dobble also you guys are like my fav YouTubers 💙💙💙

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