Why does the US have 800 military bases around the world?

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“Early in the history of warfare, man
learned that the best formula for victory was compounded in striking power,
mobility, and self-protection.” The US is easily the most powerful
country to have ever existed. And it certainly spends more on its
military budget and any other country does today. That’s all pretty well-known, but less well-known is the fact that the
US has around 800 military bases around the globe. This map can’t even show that many dots. These are just 200 or so dots to give you
an idea of where these bases are clustered. These bases are everything from massive military compounds to small airstrips in the middle of the ocean. If you combined all the foreign bases that every other nation has outside of its own borders, you get a total of about thirty. There’s never been a country with such a massive global presence. And the big question is: how did these bases
get there the first place? And how much is it costing US taxpayers
to keep them open? Most to these bases cropped up after
WWII, when the US set up in places like Germany and Japan to help maintain peace, after an era of intense global war. “But we cannot expect these people to
discard Nazi ideas with the casual air with which they
abandoned their uniform. Slowly, steadily. they must be taught the
fundamentals of democracy. Our task is to supervise this training in
democracy.” Even though these countries are now stable, robust democracies, and allies, US still has 50,000 troops in
Japan and 54,000 in Germany. The Korean War brought an influx of American military infrastructure to the Korean Peninsula, where we now have 28,500 troops
stationed. The Cold War made the US expansion
to every corner of the globe imperative to US strategic goals. “Here, in Russia, you see the reason why we are spending billions of dollars in military production and why your family is paying the highest taxes in our history.” But even now that the Cold War’s over there’s not a place on Earth that’s not still
covered by US military influence. This includes everything from naval
compounds like those in Guantanamo Bay, to small drone
bases like those in the Horn of Africa, to little-known posts in the middle and
the Indian Ocean like that of Diego Garcia. And it’s not cheap. Keeping the US
foreign bases open, costs taxpayers between 70 and 100
billion dollars per year. That’s more than any other government
agency receives in taxpayer money, besides of course the
Department of Defense itself. Taxpayers pay between ten and forty thousand dollars more per soldier stationed abroad than they do for those stationed here
domestically. But this cost seems to be worth it to most lawmakers. The idea that US military leadership
provides an indispensable stability to the globe is now a fixture of our global strategy
and our foreign policy. “In an uncertain world full of breathtaking
change, the one constant is American leadership.” “You can’t have stability without American
leadership there’s only one nation in the world capable of rallying the freedom-loving people
of this planet to confront evil.” “American leadership is not just
respected it is required.” So over the past seven years the
US has set up bases all over the world in response to
threats and then they just never left. These eight hundred bases around the
world represent a massive system of military power that isn’t often talked
about, and it’s us, the American taxpayers, that are
financially supporting this. We’ve all decided that it’s worth it to
pump a hundred billion dollars out of our economy, to keep these bases open on
the far corners of our globe.


  1. VOX: We have no idea about modern geo-political threats.
    VOX They had bases after the greatest war in human history to maintain peace

    VOX…..also not smart enough to realize the bases literally surround global threats: Iran, China, Russia. As well as operations to counter terrorism in Africa/Middle East/SE Asia. But according to VOX it's all about $$$$$$ Not to mention the presence of the US deters threats that otherwise may attack and overwhelm other countries(creating more war) . Let us NOT forget that since WW2 we have had less death from wars and less wars around the globe….simultaneously the US presence grew in the majority of the world leading to LESS WAR GLOBALLY AND LESS DEATHS FROM WAR. Weird. But we are still the bad guys.

  2. 800 bases is 800 times the world has been told. If the world needs more telling I'm sure the US could add a couple of shiners also lol

  3. Respond to ur question is……………………oil and nothing else, keep ur democracy and freedom for yourselves and just leave + stop supporting ISIS.

    Greetings from IRAQ and goodbye

  4. When I was in Spain there were Spanish civilians who would walk up to American military members and thank them for their service.

  5. "There's never been a country with such a massive global presence"
    British Empire owned over 1/4 of the world, and has invaded all but 13 (idk the actual number but it's close) countries, yet the us has more global presence. . Hm

  6. BECAUSE…we need to destroy EVIL is 30 minutes or less.
    VOX communism begs US to stop defeating kkkommunism.

    AMERICA can RESPOND in 30 minutes or less.
    We Are The World

  8. In the name of peace , spending recklessly huge amount of tax payers money is never a wise idea…

    World's powerful economies must work together to bring the peace and development.

  9. I say cut half the bases then cut another 20% in military spending then put that total half of it towards paying off our debt and the other half split between education and clean energy initiaves like fusion or solar etc.

  10. I am Bulgarian and I wish America will get lost and never come back. America will destroy my country and I want them gone! Get out and stay out.

  11. This is why it's imperative to pursue a good relationship with the opposition now more than ever.

    The threat of the 3rd world war is looming just around the corner and situations are getting worse each day.

    Nobody wins in a war, everyone loses. It is important to set aside your own interests and ideals for peace.

    After all, regardless if you're pro democracy or pro communism, war will always be horrible.

  12. I agree it is way to much money to keep these bases open. But there right if we stay as Global leadership we need those bases but not just for that we need to protect what we have here at home. It's like a Home security system pay for protection so we pay the government for protection. Just a thought

  13. If Pentagon ready to sell those bases at installments will purchase for Khalid bin walid.I will Alhamduallah manage the host Country..

  14. Why, instead of defending individual liberty, we could be using that money to buy the homeless more syringes, and pay to abort more minority babies! Just imagine what the Left would spend that cash on!!!!

  15. This is not a secret, it called the MIC. The Military Industrial Complex. And we have been warned that it was going to happened for a very long time. Read this book, War is a racket.. By general Smedley Butler. Written in 1935, very short and to the point. One of the most Decorated soldier in the history of war. Also, listen to President Dwight D. Eisenhower's farewell address, known for its warnings about the growing power of the "military-industrial complex, he just happen to be a five-star general in the Army and served as Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe during WW2..

  16. To waste taxpayer money! America is guilty of misusing tax money on wasteful things, one of them is the military. Everything can be decided with missiles these days yet we've got all these bases and armies. Another wasteful tax expense, gasoline, and only the Middle East profits!

  17. Ask yourself, why has there not been WW3? Prager U has a good video on making the case that the US Navy should win the Nobel peace prize for maintaining free trade and stability since WW2. Has any other nation gone to such lengths to maintain the freedom and sovereignty of foreign nations at their own expense? The answer is resoundingly no. In place of empire building, the USA has dedicated its military and its vast resources to preserving liberty and opportunity for its citizens as well as citizens the world over.

  18. They spend Trillions off Dollars on Instruments of Death and War. Yet they are unable to have Universal Healthcare. They cannot Afford to Sustain, Promote, and Preserve Life. They always find ways to Destroy Life.😂😂😂😂😂

  19. can we get an update on how many bases other countries have combines outside its borders? I'm sure 5 years later that number must be way up past 30.

  20. It's the reason why the world has been and will always be in wars, destruction, fear, chaos.
    Fact $30 billion would end world hunger for 1 year. 50 million Americans live in poverty. Millions more on the brink if and when we are hit by another collapse like the 2008 financial crisis. Economists are expecting worse collapse then the 2008 if and when it does happen.
    The government isn't working for the people but for the elite and their interests.
    Health care is a scam and should be free, considering Canada, Finland, Sweden, Swiss, Russia, Iran and so many more have free health care. Yet they tell us it's impossible. America rated 38 in the world for worse health care.
    This empire most experts around the world say is following the same path as the Romans did. Right now it's not far from collapse and most can't deny it either, even if they don't agree that we are not in any way like Roman Empire.

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