Why I’m Running for the United States Senate

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For me, politics is personal. I’m Angela Williams and I am running for the United States Senate. Growing up in rural Oklahoma, I was one of seven children. My mother was a homemaker and my dad worked at a glass manufacturing plant where he was a proud union representative for 17 years. Though grit and determination, my parents were able to put all seven of us through college, helping to achieve the American Dream. He taught us a good work ethic. They taught us how to be honest in what we do. But it wasn’t always easy. My dad faced racial discrimination at the plant. And when he found out he wasn’t making the same wage as his co-workers who did the same job, he set out to change things. He fought hard for fairness and equality. Eventually, taking his fight for equal wages all the way to the United States District Court of Oklahoma. He taught me the values of honesty, hard work and standing up for others. That’s why I’m running for U.S. Senate. To put those values to work on behalf of all Coloradans. Today, too many families in Colorado are struggling to find good paying jobs, let alone a job that could help them put seven family members through college. They are drowning under a sea of debt thanks to rising health care costs, and an economy that only works for those at the very top. Donald Trump and Cory Gardner have sought to divide Americans and rigged the system against hard working families for far too long. Here, in the Colorado State Senate, I’ve done things differently. I have passed legislation that is going to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, and expand access to healthcare. I passed legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for our state, and improve broadband internet access for rural Colorado. And I’ve led the fight to tackle income inequality by improving quality education. And helping small businesses that are the backbone of America. I want to go to Washington to bring people together, And bring about more positive change to the people of our state and our country. I hope you will join this campaign. Stand with us as we go to work for all Coloradans.

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