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One of Donald Trump’s
loyal defenders — “I will do anything to
protect Mr. Trump.” — flipped. “I am ashamed because I know
what Mr. Trump is. He is a racist. He is a con man. And he is a cheat.” President Trump’s
former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, has
become a central figure in investigations related
to the 2016 election. So how did this happen? Cohen began working
for the Trump Organization in 2007. His job: to make
problems go away. Part fixer. “They say I’m Mr. Trump’s pitbull.
His right hand man.” Part lawyer. Two of those problems? Trump’s alleged affairs
with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. Cohen says Trump directed him
to arrange payments to keep them quiet. Cohen: “When it comes time
for the financing, which will be —”
[Unclear] Trump: “What financing?” Cohen: “Well, I have to pay …
[Unclear] No no, no, no. I got — no, no no.” This deal, among other things,
caught the attention of Special Counsel
Robert Mueller and in April of 2018 — “The New York Times —” “— just reported
that the F.B.I. —” “— raided the home
and office of —“ “Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer,
Michael Cohen.” At the time, Trump
stood by him. “Good man.
It’s a total witch hunt.” But things changed
after Cohen agreed to cooperate with
Mueller’s investigators. “Mr. Cohen will continue
to cooperate.” “ —because he’s a weak person, and not a very smart person.” Both men say the
other is lying. “The man doesn’t
tell the truth.” “He’s lying, very simply, to get a
reduced sentence.” In 2018, Cohen faced multiple charges
in two different cases. Federal prosecutors
in New York charged him with campaign
finance violations for the hush money payments. They also found
evidence of tax evasion and that Cohen
lied to a bank. Mueller’s team
then charged Cohen with lying to Congress
about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, a project which
involved President Trump and extended into
the 2016 election. Cohen pleaded guilty
on all counts. So what’s next? Cohen was sentenced to
just over three years in prison, which he’ll
start serving in May. He’s continued to
cooperate with prosecutors and testified before Congress. “I have fixed things, but I am no longer
your fixer, Mr. Trump.” “Michael Cohen!”


  1. He called him everything Cohen is. HE is going to jail for lying to Congress and cheating on his taxes! THEN he said to Congress that Trump NEVER colluded with Russia! lmao

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  3. Knowingly falsifies applications to get questionable bank loans.
    Lies to Congress.
    Is a tax cheat.
    Disgraced among his own professional peers.
    Proves himself untrustworthy on most occasions.
    Rubs elbows with the mob.
    Why Michael Cohen Is a Key Witness?
    Good question……………….sounds more like Presidential material.

  4. Michael Cohen a Key Witness ( A CONVICTED LIAR ) Charles Manson a Key Witness ( A CULT LEADER ) I DON'T SEE THE DIFFRENCE 🙁

  5. Man !, it is becoming so obvious that Trump is using his genius level reptile brain so much / so long  that I don't think he's human anymore .  Trolls can now go nuts .

  6. I would have asked him if anyone was bribing or pressuring him to give false statements. That's how every hearing should start off. I would also ask it in a way that sounds like I know something.

  7. Why did key Democrats meet with Cohen before the hearing? If Republican's had met with a favorable witness the media would be all over it and calling it witness tampering , but no just silence.

  8. Why? Because the NYT needs anything at this point to slow down Trump ahead of 2020…they already made MAGA a racist term not to be used…now gotta get the house to file impeachment to make him look bad

  9. No way! Even if he is telling the truth, it's Trump we are talking about. I'm surprised he doesn't have a love child or two. We know Trump is Trump, nothing new here. And I'll vote for him again.

  10. . . . . . Because the Dems want him to be?

    I have no delusions about Trump. He is no "BoyScout" but I don't believe he ran for president to make personal financial deals with Russia . . lol . . . He's a pragmatist. He's a business man who loves this country and wants the best for the USA ~Period. The Democrats, on the other hand, are filling up with Socialists and worse. I'm so sick of the 'Identity Politics" from them!
    Michael Cohn made a lot of noise but said nothing that will lead to impeachment IMHO or change the minds of voters who support the president. Will DJT win in 2020? I don't know but I haven't seen anyone enter the race that I would vote for instead of him. I do not like Republicans in general or any politicians that are beholden to lobby special interests or Globalists. The Democrats (my previous party) are in a word CRAZY! I will never vote for that party again!

    The NYT is a propaganda arm for the Democrats so I no longer expect any kind of objectivity or real journalism coming from them.

  11. Maybe we should start using the word "whistleblower" to describe Cohen. Otherwise, people get confused about who was paying him when he was actually lying.

    Also, it's beautiful that you fools resort to attacking the source of the information because the information itself is too damaging to address directly.

  12. A snake knows how to imply things so that their patsies do their dirty work. The paper trail speaks for itself. Read the presidential letters from one president to the other.

  13. "Let me me clear. I have no proof of collusion." Key witness? The guy who is about to be passed around in prison for a pack of smokes?

  14. They treated Michael Cohen rude, a murderer in court is treated better. Non of them asked relevant questions. Shame on them.

  15. Oooooo, Cohen's publicly telling the truth about having lied to protect DUHnocchio is scaring the Dickens out of Trumplodyte trolls and Russian shills.

  16. Because of Cohen 's exposure, he killed three people. Trump, Kim Jung Eun, Moon Jae In! ,. One proverb in the Republic of Korea is called ,. 3 cushion effect in billiards ,.

  17. Why would Donald Trump defend Michael Cohen when he got arrested, but then attack him as soon as he flipped? Seems like what an innocent person would do! ?

  18. Even though Cohen is always carrying the expression of a trapped rat looking up out of a toilet
    Trump always makes him look better.

  19. New York State, the NYAG, and the people of the Empire State, via the NEW State Courts, make be the people who take Trump down. #TrumpForPrison2020

  20. It’s not Cohen is the key witness, it’s because he is the only witness Dems can get after two years investigation. What a sad story. Prepare your tear for 2020

  21. He is an unreliable witness for Mueller, unless he can corroborate with anything he says with real evidence. Plain and simple.

  22. Cohen makes a complete 180 on Trump. All of his accusations sound like they came directly from the Clinton play book. To me, this looks like the dems must have something very very big on him. Maybe some kind of threat against his wife?

  23. What stood out for me during the Cohen hearing was the vicious, partisan attempts to discredit him by Repubs. I hope voters will remember that tableau. Thank you for your coverage.

  24. Guy looks like a rat, smells like a rat and the Democrats LOVE it! He represents all that these democrats really are… LIARS!


  26. Good question why is he a witness ? First and foremost, he was a lawyer who went let's say 8 years of college. He is " sworn" in to become an attorney and says. I'm not gonna tell anyone what is said. He lied !!! He lied again to congress. If he would've just kept his mouth shut and plead the 5 th. He wouldn't be going to prison for years !!!! Anytime a question that he didn't want to answer he said I promised I wouldn't discuss this. You have a $35,000 check. Did you save it ??? Did the Feds find it when they raided your house ??? I mean come on man !!!! Do I need to go on ???

  27. nobody's saying cohen is squeaky clean, but there's only one kind of person who can tell you what it really looks like inside a rat's nest.

  28. Hah you degenerates think this will get anywhere? It's like you dont even read. Liberals live in a fantasy world, always will.

  29. Cohen is not even being called as a witness for Mueller or NY. Instead he's going to jail. Little fish.

  30. https://www.elmostrador.cl/destacado/2019/03/05/la-millonaria-garantia-que-pinera-pago-misteriosamente-fuera-de-norma-en-la-polemica-transaccion-de-lan/

  31. The issue should not be solely about him lying.
    The issue is that he was convicted of lying about the Trump Tower-Russia negotiations.
    So, when people want to discredit him for lying, also remember what he lied about that got him convicted.

  32. everybody knows he lies but dims will bring him out because stupid people will believe what they want whether it's a lie or not

  33. Is he key witness ? Really? Shame New York Times! You are reactionary neoliberal stooges. That’s all what you are.

  34. It's all interesting and cute, but shouldn't the bigger story be about why Robert Muller is still not in prison for lying to congress about WMD in Iraq??

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