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Asia’s ‘Quad’ is back for
the first time since 2007. Senior officials from the United States, Japan,
India, and Australia met in Manila on Saturday—on the sidelines of the Association of Southeast
Asian Nations and East Asia Summits—to discuss regional and global cooperation. The meeting in Manila was primarily the result
of renewed interest in Tokyo and reciprocal interest in New Delhi, Canberra, and Washington,
with the Japanese delegation chairing the first meeting. In this video Defense Updates analyzes WHY
minister, lobbied for Asia’s democracies to come together. While this quadrilateral grouping had first
met in 2007, it was unable to sustain momentum as China expressed concerns about what it
saw as an attempt at containment by like-minded democracies in the Asia-Pacific. And so soon after Shinzo Abe’s landslide
victory in the Japanese elections recently, his foreign minister, Taro Kono, said that
Japan will propose a “top-level dialogue with the U.S., India, and Australia” to
promote free trade and defense cooperation across the Indian Ocean – from South China
Sea to Africa. The proposal is to countervail China’s Belt
and Road Initiative, which “would cement a sphere of influence for Beijing well beyond
Asia.” Abe had also articulated a need for such a
new security architecture in 2012 when he had suggested “a strategy whereby Australia,
India, Japan, and the U.S. state of Hawaii form a diamond to safeguard the maritime commons
stretching from the Indian Ocean region to the western Pacific.” The rise of China and its increasingly assertive
behavior is unnerving key Asian states. Even when all these states have benefited
enormously from China’s economic rise and continue to do so, cumulatively they have
also contributed to China’s relative growth and its military capabilities. If until recently China’s peaceful rise
was a collective good for the Asian states, it has now turned into a collective military
and security hazard. No one now buys the peaceful rise of China
argument anymore. Regional economic growth is dependent on freedom
of navigation in the Indo-Pacific – from the South China Sea to Straits of Malacca
to the Indian Ocean. 25 percent of all traded goods pass through
the Straits of Malacca. Asia has benefited from the post-Cold War
security order underlined by U.S. primacy and now America’s relative decline is leading
to growing concerns over the future of this liberal order and Washington’s capability
and intention to defend the same. Convened around the theme of a “free and
open Indo-Pacific,” the first quadrilateral meeting addressed seven core themes: the rules-based
order in Asia, freedom of navigation and overflight in the maritime commons, respect for international
law, enhancing connectivity, maritime security, the North Korean threat and nonproliferation,
and terrorism. Following the meeting, the U.S. Department
of State, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, the Australian Department of Foreign
Affairs and Trade, and the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs each released statements
outlining what was discussed. All four statements emphasized that the convergence
of visions and shared interests underpinned the quadrilateral. Skirting any direct response to the first
quadrilateral meeting of India, US, Japan and Australia, China on Monday questioned
its exclusion from the group and expressed hope that the new concept of “Indo-Pacific”
is not directed against it. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang
said at a media briefing: “The relevant proposals should be open and
inclusive and should be conducive to win-win cooperation and avoid politicizing or excluding
the relevant parties,” Asked whether he meant “exclusion of the
relevant parties” referred to omission of China, Geng said China welcomes the development
of friendly cooperation between relevant countries. He added ,“We hope this kind of relations
will not be directed at a third party and conducive to the regional peace and stability”. The Chinese reaction clearly signals Beijing
uneasiness about the Asia’s ‘Quad’.


  1. Quad: let's do a meet up.
    China: Why you excluding me? 4:25
    lmao…funny moments.
    China has already created many internal security issues for all of the Quad Countries . So yeah, nothing is gonna stop them from getting together this time.

  2. The US knocking Trolls can’t be out of bed yet.
    But wait for it, “is that a clip clopping on their bridge”?
    Let’s see what angle they’ll approach from on this issue.

  3. For 30 years China In Cahoots with multinational corporations and crooked government cronies made fat with kickbacks has decimated Industries in America. American citizens were sold on the ideal China would be a great Ally and benefit America with jobs and trade with access to their markets and a major job creator. Instead with all things the government claims to be in our best interest always ends up turning to shit. I respect India Japan and most definitely the Australians but I have grown fearful that again American working class citizens will be screwed over some more. Instead of jobs coming home we literally end up building up other economies in other countries at the expense of the average Joe only to have friendly countries challenging us in the future like China is doing now . I definitely no it's all about the almighty dollars for corporations and bankers now that China has become too expensive to produce in now they are looking for some other source of cheap labor that will keep their bottom line and profit margins in their favor.

  4. China respects America now. Obama stepped on to Chinese soil via back of plane… Trump received the red carpet off Air Force One and was the 1st western leader to dine in The Forbidden City in 50 year+… Or ever (can't remember exactly). Is Trump a cruel hoax? Or for real… You decide.

  5. This "quad" has a significance strategic implication in that if war breaks out with China the US would have various locations in which to deploy its forces to counter China and not risking to concentrate too much valuable military assets in one or two locations (Japan or Guam).

  6. stop buying cheap chinese crap…boycott them and get off of Russian oil; Fortify Japan and Taiwan…TPP needs to die as China moves in to take it over. Give the middle kingdom the middle finger, RIGHT NOW!

  7. Can you list China's allies? There are none. For good reason. They are pricks. They want to dominate not partner or tolerate. China wants to dominate and not be a silent partner in the quad and to see what they are up to. They are a dangerous untrustworthy state.

  8. With money minded people incharge it so happens that a growth is just in digits and not in the hearts of people. VaChina is a growing economy with the mindset of 1800 like the Britishers. They are already doomed. Just like the Brits. To put nail in the hammer you have an arrogant cluster of people who think of dominating the world rather than a peaceful relationship. The communist party needs to be thrown away but its too late now as they have a billion people mindwashed and suppressed thanks to American dollars. Well good if they've realised it. Obama was a sellout here but Trump is adamant. Good going US. Lets bring the peaceful order back

  9. China will fall soon . The 20th century is not for china its for ALL democratic countries raising and living peacefully without any intension of becoming a superpower .

  10. China started all this by unilaterally militarizing and island building in international waters in the worlds most important shipping lanes. They did the same with international airspace. The crazy thing is when bullets start flying, it is China that will have cut off its own trade routes.

  11. Australia is sick to fuckin' death of China, but we need to vote in One Nation to really defeat the cunts where it counts the most.

  12. The largest mouth democracy country can not find other blowing thing, now like to compare how many meetings they are joining.

  13. yo …. nobody in the world believes the u.s. is a force for good …. and sees the u.s. as a provocative force for WW3 …. only Russia and China can prevent this


  15. China is backstabbing china don't have policy comminesem one men show Chinese don't have democracy don't have internet to communicate outside world what comminest military government to teach a lesson boycott all Chinese products strick economy sensation and bring democracy

  16. historical foreign relationships and the current status between the involving parties should be explained more thoroughly.

  17. The "Quad" grouping of USA, Japan, Australia and India is very much important for upholding Peace in South China Sea. China's Bullying,Arrogance & Expansionist design with all it's neighbors and recently China did not honor the ruling of UN Court Ruling of Sea Law. This Quad to stop China's Bullying smaller Nation's in the Region's neighbors to stop or China will have it's downfall. Trade should pass through SCS international Sea lanes with full freedom for all Countries to do Business. If China goes to war it will be defeated by India alone. Japan,USA with Australia will put an end to Chinese domination and Bullying smaller Nation's in the region. It is in larger interest of the world that Peace will come in the region with Quad playing important role for security of the Region and stop China from claiming neighbors land in the region.

  18. 1:12 the australian minister asks narendra modi how much longer do they have wear that stupid shirt. modi tells him to bear it for a while just for the press and cameras also telling him to watch and learn how cool donald trump and the japanese minister is

  19. USA likewise Soviet had bet on base coin (india), let them play this card and see how they get in return? anyhow for indians this is the reaping time as they did from soviets against socialism(today they enjoy it with all its fruits) and now from USA in the name of Chinese ghost. sympathies for USA tax payers.

  20. excuse me, Mr hiding all the facts, and pushing the "China hates the US" agenda.

    Trump gained support from China after his offer for a diplomatic resolution to the hostilities in North Korea. Believe me, no one wants war in that nation. It's already a slum, and war would benefit neither side.

  21. China can never be a super power like USA. They[chinese] preach peace to the world but never stop making false claims on land and sea.Tibet was never their land. Obama made big mistake not taking the cinese to task.

  22. PLA is a backstabbing bitch. It is very stupid that western countries believed PLA's story. What they did to KMT they will do too to USA and other countries.

  23. Australians ditched in 2007, so they must be kept aside for now, until Quad become too strong to be disbanded. It could be indo-pacifi, SCO kind of organisation. India, japan, US & S Korea should form the quad. Australians are weak and are ready to sell themselves to china for petty business gains (as kevin Rudd did in 2007).

  24. Americas decline is causing china to worry about safety of trade, oh please, Where did you hear that china state run TV?

  25. only way to stop China is stop buying their products and start investing in India, we have enough work force and we can manufacture these goods too, that will deplete their money power and that will spell its doom.

  26. Why do I get the feeling Trump's thinking…. if it was up to him he would rather be with China and Russia!!

  27. LOL yep, a message that those four are piss in their pants scared. Even india's navy chief knows better:
    "Quad Partners Will Not Defend India Against China"

    "We have to be cognizant of the fact that among the Quad members we are the only one who has the land border with China. Can we expect any members of the Quad, in case there is a difference of opinion and conflict on our northern border, to come to our RESCUE? Nobody will come and hold your hand," Admiral Lanba pointed out. – 5/25/2018

    And he is right, no one has the bxllz to take on the Chinese in their backyard, especially for india.

    "China already controls the South China Sea": US Pacific Command chief Davidson

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